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Hi <<First Name>>
I'm back! Have you missed me?  I hadn't realised it was so long since I last sent one of these rambling emails, but a few people have mentioned missing them, so I thought it was time I got off my bottom and put something together :)

Last time I wrote I explained that we'd been given notice to quit our rented house and were in the process of moving. That was back in February and the move went really well - and we are very happy in our new home, which comes complete with a woodburning stove, a huge decked area in the garden and a kitchen full of funky gadgets! Typically, the time of the move has coincided with a really busy time for The Proof Fairy so there was a lot of juggling boxes and emails and new furniture and client projects and really I've only just come up for air! I've also been running an ADHD parent coaching group and delivering a keynote speech at a conference at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester and planning an event in Rugby, so as you can imagine it's been a frantic old time!

It's been a time of reflection too. I've been masquerading as The Proof Fairy for over five years now and the business has grown and changed direction and I love what I do - most of the time - but it feels like something is missing. I started my ADHD Kids business last year and thought that filled the gap but that hole is still there ... My daughter turned 21 last week and my son will be 18 in October - so there's a real "empty nest" thing going on for me. And this year I've seen both my parents have health issues and emergency hospital admissions and of course that has made me realise their vulnerability - and also assess where I am in life and what I'm planning to do with the rest of it. And you know what?

I haven't got a bloody clue!!!!

Excuse the swearing there, but it's true! In fact, I've fallen into a bit of a fug in the last few weeks because I just can't work out what that missing element in my life is - or how I go about filling the void and starting to feel fully whole. I've already raised this issue on Facebook and have had some great suggestions, but I thought I'd be upfront and honest here and ask if you had any ideas I could try. Because when it comes to it, I bet there isn't a single one of us who has been stuck in a rut at some point in their lives... 
But please, no sympathy ... I want hardcore practical suggestions here!

So send me your suggestions - and you know what, I'll write a blog post about it and share your wise words with a wider audience - because as I said, I bet everyone could do with a kick up the backside now and then! 

Best wishes,


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PS I usually send something useful ..... so here it is, but it's not business-related at all! I'm not very good at staying on top of my housework but I recently discovered an app that has turned me into the Queen of the Feather Duster ... you can read my review of it here!
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