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Wondering Wednesday:

Cottage Classes


Donna Reish, of Character Ink Publishing and Raising Kids With Character parenting seminar and blog, answers a reader's questions about Character Ink's  (formerly Training for Triumph's) cottage classes for homeschoolers. Donna shares about their complete language arts programs, writing classes, social sciences for high school, science classes with labs, speech and debate, and more. She also introduces their video classes for the fall of 2015.

Check out our class offerings/schedules for Cottage Classes for Spring 2015 by clicking here.

Check back in April to find our offerings and registration forms for Fall 2015!

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We've added more books to this page!  Samples of these added books are coming soon!

The Meaningful Composition (MC) series is a multi-level writing program for students in grades two through twelve who desire to use character-based (and sometimes biblically-based) materials, themes, and subject matter, including, but not limited to, character stories, biographies, science and weather/nature topics, animal information, Bible stories, and much more.

You may see the types of papers and assignments and content by looking at the two-week samples of each book below.



New Samples Up at the Blog!

What Is CQLA?

Character Quality Language Arts, CQLA for short, is a language arts program that brings together all aspects of language arts (except for learning to read in lower grades and detailed, individual literature book studies in upper grades) in one place for students in grades two through twelve. It has all aspects of language arts woven throughout each weekly lesson, including copy work, vocabulary comprehension, spelling, editing, outlining, writing, grammar, usage, structural analysis, word studies, editing via checklists, dictation, and more. it is an all-in-one program that was written when author, Donna Reish, decided that each of the separate books her kids were using (spelling, vocabulary, grammar, editing, writing, etc.) should all be put into one program with all aspects of language arts flowing together instead of taught in a disjointed manner from multiple texts.


Recipe: Chicken Noodle Soup

Hopefully, you have enjoyed the ease of my shredded chicken method! It is so simple to put chicken in the crock pot overnight or in the morning and come up with a speedy meal when it is done cooking. There are actually times in which I put the chicken in without even knowing for sure what I will do with it the next day since I know I have so many options that I can turn to at the last minute. (Plus, having it cooked forces me to do SOMETHING with it!) If nothing else, I can pour some bottled BBQ sauce over it and have BBQ chicken sandwiches!

Did you try the Arroz Con PolloJonathan and his new bride are here for two weeks on spring break while Jonathan works at the factory and Maelynn does her junior practicum at a local middle school. I will probably be making that Arroz Con Pollo next week for them!

In addition to the BBQ chicken mentioned above,when all else fails, I know I can pull out some chicken broth, enrich it with chicken base (always!), boil some packaged noodles in the broth, and come up with a pot of chicken noodle soup in no time flat. Here is how I do that quickly.  


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