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I have been doing some podcast episodes about efficiency in the kitchen and freezer cooking. I wanted to have this as part of our back-to-school 2015 series, but I knew that auditory presentations would work better.

There are many things in the summer that you can do to set your kitchen up so that you can work more efficiently during the school year thus giving you more time for homeschooling, school activities, and heart training.

In this post I would like to share some links to those things to help you be able to go back and listen to podcast episodes and find the new posts (and old!) containing this information.

If you have been considering using our new Meaningful Composition books, you are in luck! Since we will have so many new titles—and most of the old ones are revised—we have decided to offer a MC sale for back-to-school this year! Three years of re-writing, writing new, developing new techniques, and testing books with a hundred students each week—and now we are ready!

Here is the scoop:

We have two semesters of each level of Meaningful Composition from four through ten available in August! Each MC book will be $30 during the month of August only (regular price $35)! You can call to purchase (260-450-7063) or (260-433-4365) or you can email us at (Store coming soon—but in the meantime, give us a call or shoot us an email!)


Wondering if MC is right for you? Check our blog frequently as we are going to be adding samples of all of the current books each week in the coming months. Two weeks of free lessons per book—means that you can “try before you buy” at all levels!


Here is what we will have available by mid-August (though most are ready now!)

MC 4 I: Sentences, Paragraphs, and More
MC 4 II: Put Those Paragraphs Together!
MC 5 I: Writing for Real!
MC 5 II: Creative and Clever
MC 6 I: Long and Strong
MC 6 II: Junior High Essays
MC 7 I: Reports and Essays Galore
MC 7 II: Completely Creative
MC 8 I: Bridging the Gap
MC 8 II: Junior High Research Reports
MC 9 I: Writing for High School
MC 9 II: High School Creative Writing
MC 10 I: Essays Only
MC 10 II: Four Research Reports
MC 12 II: The BIG Research Paper
MC Bonus Book: SAT Essay and Other Timed Writing


Want to see some samples right away?  Check them out here!

Donna Reish, author of four curriculum series (including Character Quality Language Arts, Meaningful Composition, and Really Writing) and co-author/co-presenter of the parenting seminar (Raising Kids With Character) tackles a reader’s question about when to give “chances”/when to take action/allow consequences to fall where they may and when to give grace—or as Donna puts it “mulligans”– to our kids. She takes a look at what some have told her is their take on “grace-based” parenting (it isn’t forgoing training or consequences altogether!) and applies this to character training. Follow Donna as she describes her family’s walleyball game and explains why they gave “mulligans” to the ones they did in that game and why others did not get “mulligans.” And finally, she applies these walleyball “mulligans” to “mulligans” in parenting.
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Revolution rolls. Oopsie buns. Cloud bread. Variations of this bread/bun/roll are all over the internet. Some have said that Dr. Atkins himself invented the original recipe, the revolution roll.

I’m not sure where the recipes originated, but I do know that when I added a little bit of my Basic Flour Mix (or finely ground almond flour, see note below), these “Not-So-Oopsie” Rolls had more structure, were less “wet” to hold as sandwiches, and tasted amazing!

I have to classify this bread as one of my low carb finds of the year. I didn’t have to tweak it for weeks and make twenty to thirty versions of it (like I did for pizza crust!). I didn’t have to figure out a way to mask some taste that I couldn’t stomach. It was “just right.”

This bread has a mild flavor—not too non-grain-flour-tasting yet not too airy. I am one of the pickiest eaters I know—seriously, we are talking three or four non-starchy vegetables, and that is it! So when I say that you need to make these every week and put them in your freezer, you can trust me!

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