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Character Ink is gearing up for its eighteenth year of Cottage Classes for the 2015-2016 school year!

We have some additions and some changes. (If you are already registered, you know about the changes, but you might want to take a look at the additions! Two Jump Start classes/two locations and a Physics class!) So….please check the schedule.

Questions?—call or text since classes start in under a week! 260-433-4365 or 260-450-7063.

Here are the details to understand the schedule:

1) If it is red, it is a full class. We could put you on a waiting list for second semester or contact you if there is an emergency and someone needs to drop out, so email or text us to be put on a waiting list.

2) If it is yellow, we might have a spot, so contact us!

3) if it is green, we have definite openings and would love to fill those classes out a little more.

4) If it is blue, it is NEW—and will only be held if we get the numbers, so call right away!!!

For general info about the classes and to see our videos of classes, check out this post. However, please use the schedule for actual times of classes (since some have changed since the post at the link/video).

Thanks for supporting Character Ink! We love helping homeschoolers—and would love to teach your students in any subjects you need a little extra boost!


I have probably said this a thousand times in the past twenty years of speaking to and writing for homeschooling moms: do your dailies! I learned this the hard way (by not doing my dailies!), and once I learned this TRICK (and it does work like magic, so I guess you can call it a trick!), my days were amazingly better.

Because I have spoken about it and written about it so much in the past, I won’t re-invent the wheel here. But I did want to jump in to tell you to trust this fifty-something year old, homeschooling veteran of thirty-one years. When I say that this is the first, albeit simple, answer to a homeschooling mamas problems of not getting things done or feeling overwhelmed, I know what I’m talking about! :)

There are two specific posts in which I teach about this—one for learning to do your dailies and one for learning to delight in them….so check them out below!

Delighting in the Dailies Part I

Delighting in the Dailies Part II

In this podcast episode, curriculum author and seminar presenter, Donna Reish (of Character Ink, Raising Kids With Character, and Language Lady), answers readers’ questions about getting children onboard with housework—and getting beyond the “have to do it or you don’t get to play video games” mentality. Donna describes how to approach older kids who currently do not do much housework (including what to focus on first in those scenarios), how to build family unity through family work, how to create a mindset in your home of “we all dirty, so we all clean,” going deeper to create a teamwork approach and way of thinking/living in which we all work because we love each other and want to help our family, how to teach kids to work fast and thoroughly, and instilling in our children a love for completion and understanding of the benefits of work.
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Check out our new products in the 'Other Products' section of our website!  

Introducing a new downloadable book, The Six S Spelling Secret Packet!

This packet is currently available at a couple of my stores:  Teacher’s Notebook, and CurrClick as a downloadable, one-teacher-user product.

To learn more about this product via audio, click here.

The “Six S Spelling Secret Packet” gives your students four helpful ways to practice their spelling words–three traditional methods and one “secret” method! These methods work for students of all ages, but are especially effective for second through eighth grade students who are able to self monitor their progress (which this packet will help them learn to do even more!).

Click here to read more about how to use this book!

True confession: I do not like Olive Garden’s salad dressing. But that is probably only because I do not like salad dressing at all. Period. Nada. Nope. None.
However, I have some kids who are crazy about this dressing, so I make it with my homemadeItalian Dressing Mix for them.

Read through the Labels and Variations—there are alternatives and ideas for all kinds of cooks there. And even if your family is not doing fewer carbs/lower glycemic index/less sugar/fewer wheat-type of grains, I think everybody will love this recipe. 

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