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Click here to download the registration form and schedule for the 2015-2016 Cottage Classes!

Character Ink (CI) is announcing a tentative class offering list for the next school year for all three of our locations. Please note that the classes will be offered based on enrollment as of July 1st (for first semester) and November 1st (for second semester), so if there is a class that you want CI to run, please be sure to register early to ensure that class is full enough for us to hold.  

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Affirmation. Words of encouragement. Words of praise. Words of confirmation. Words of affection. Words of pride. Words of belonging. These all describe that one word--affirmation.

I recently read an article about a study of hundreds of college athletes that lasted over three decades. In this article,  “What Makes a Nightmare Sports Parent and What Makes a Great One.” these college athletes described two things that are poignant for parents of all children, including non-athletes.


The first question they answered was "What is your worst memory from playing youth and high school sports?"

The majority of those surveyed said, "The ride home from games with my parents."

(If you have read much of what we have written or heard us speak often, you know that we focus on riding with our children in the van or car as one of the key opportunities to teach, affirm, talk, love, and train. It breaks my heart that this "sacred time" is remembered as one of the most dreadful times for these hundreds of athletes.)

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Wondering Wednesday

Summer Reading Help for Young Students

Donna Reish, curriculum author and parenting/homeschool speaker, answers readers’ questions about bringing an elementary student up to grade level in reading during the summer. In this episode, Donna helps parents learn what to focus on in bringing their child to reading fluency, including terminology, phonics programs, reader selections, and steps in helping children learn to read during the summer school break. She has many links to help parents find the phonics program, readers, and methods that will work best for them and their children.
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Low Carb Cole Slaw—just in time for grilling season. We had this last night with grilled pork chops and strawberries and dip. My hubby loved it!
Cabbage is one of those foods that I never dreamed I would be buying almost weekly! I use it chopped and sprinkled in layers that would potentially have had pasta. I use it for Egg Roll Skillet (recipe coming soon), also known as egg roll in a bowl in many circles, and I use it without the meat at all in stir fried cabbage (sort of Egg Roll Skillet with no sausage). Gone are the days of smelly boiled cabbage that nobody would eat. Cabbage is now cool!

And so today, I bring you Low Carb Cole Slaw. This recipe actually began as a sugar-laden, high-carb KFC Cole Slaw knock off. I can’t attest to its tasting like KFC cole slaw now because we haven’t had much KFC, but I do know that my guys liked it a lot—and with the All Purpose Seasoning Mix, it is super easy!

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We tell our students all the time that you know more than you think you know! And that if you take what you already know and apply it to what you do not know, you will soon know even more!

Take the word homophone, for instance.

Homo—means same
Phone—means hear

Thus, homophones sound the same what you hear them.

Homophones are words like their, they’re, and there and to, too, and two—words that sound the same when they are spoken but only look different when written.

I use tricks, mnemonics, rhymes, jingles, songs….anything I can think of…in my books and with my students. I want learning to be as easy as it can possibly be for kids—you could say it is one of my missions in life!

Like I always tell them: “Take something you already know. Apply it to something you don’t know! Now you know more!”  :)

Sight and site are confusing words. I think they have gotten even more confusing with SITE being used as a “place on the internet.” It seems that I see SIGHT used for physical places more and more nowadays, and I can’t help wonder if it is because students now think of SITE as being online, and SIGHT being for every thing else.

You probably already know how to spell KITE and SIGHT….so use what you already know to learn even more!

Homeschooling Benefit #3:

Parents Can Choose Materials That Fit Their Religious Beliefs!

Thirty years ago when my husband and I began homeschooling my younger sister and we had a little one-year-old toddler, all the homeschooling buzz was teaching our children the Bible and protecting them from bad teaching at school in terms of humanism. Humanism was a buzzword at that time, and those of us who were seeking homeschooling were going to keep our children from being indoctrinated by it. Here we are thirty years later, and there are many other dangerous teachings in government schools besides just the original homeschool enemy of humanism.

None of us like to think that if our children go to school they are being taught bad things. But if we look at many teachings in schools, we have to admit that much of it is not what we would be teaching our children if they were at home with us—because we wouldn’t want to teach them things that are opposite of the Bible. Sex education has taken on a whole new meaning as now curriculum is provided for schools to teach about gay marriage and to push many non-traditional (i.e. non-Biblical) family arrangements.

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