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Many years ago my husband and I started a cool tradition that we called Thirty Days of Romance during the summer/close to our anniversary. (Read about that here!)

In the last two years, it has gotten increasingly difficult to have this romantic time period—yes, you read that right…as our kids got OLDER, it got harder to do! When we began it about eight years ago, we had four kids at home teens/tweens—and we just told them that we were dancing and romancing for thirty days, so don’t bug us. :)

Fast forward and we decided this year that with the busy-ness with our adult and college kids, we would just have ten days of romance, and we would start it about eight days before our anniversary. We decided to go dancing a couple of times, go to dance class (instead of missing like we do more often than we go), watch movies at home, go to a concert of a seventies group in the park, take long walks—you know, romantic things like that.

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I am doing a new series on “back to school” (see the first post here), and as part of that, I am encouraging moms to learn some efficiency and organizational strategies to make the school year better. I look back on my thirty-one years of homeschooling so far and realize that each year, each season, each month was really another opportunity to add another skill, another layer to my organization, efficiency, and home management strategies.


Some of my ideas flopped terribly (the “no breakfast, just fruit followed by brunch” idea or the “lunches made up on divided plates using leftovers” idea—yeah, they didn’t work), but I was not disheartened. I guess I’m a little bit like Thomas Edison in that: “I have not failed 10,000 times. I have successfully found 10,000 ways that will not work.”
“I have not failed fifty-four times in a way to make breakfasts and lunches more efficient. I have successfully found fifty-four times that didn’t work!” :)

However, many of my outrageous ideas were successes—and have given me tools to manage my home and homeschool that I have just loved!

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We’ve moved from our old Blogger blogs, and made a few changes.  Below are some places you can find us!

First, you can find us on our Character Ink blog!

Here I blog about parenting, homeschooling, marriage, character training, language arts, home management, low-carb/healthy cooking, grammar, reaching the hearts of your children, and teaching.

Second, you can find us on three Facebook pages:

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Note: We are closing the Training for Triumph Facebook page, so be sure to go over and like our Character Ink page for homeschooling and more, and the Raising Kids With Characterpage for parenting in general.

Third, you can listen to our Wondering Wednesday podcasts episodes at our blog AND in iTunes!

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See you soon! :)



Donna Reish, author of Meaningful CompositionCharacter Quality Language Arts, and Raising Kids With Character parenting seminar as well as the Character Ink blog, brings you another episode of Wondering Wednesday. In this episode, Donna answers questions about efficiency in the kitchen. She gives her five top tips for becoming more efficient in the kitchen including:

1. Using a crock pot

2. Having 10 meals that you always have ingredients on hand for

3. Cooking meat in the crock pot and freezing it

4. Making combination meals whenever possible, and

5. Putting something in the freezer each week.

Join Donna and she gives you inspiration and ideas for becoming more efficient in your kitchen.

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I like to marinate meats in a bbq type/Tex Mex marinade when using them in fajitas, bbq, etc. (Even if I am adding bbq sauce at cooking time, I still love that flavor-infusion from marinading in this mixture!)

I usually make my bbq sauce (plenty for whatever I am bbq’ing) then take out a cup of it for the first Monterey Marinade choice below.

If you do not want to make the bbq sauce or you are not bbq’ing (in the case of wanting to marinate beef strips for fajitas or something that you are not going to need bbq sauce for), you can use Monterey Marinade #2 given below (using my BBQ Sauce Base). Both recipes give you a moist meat with a hint of Tex-Mex!

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