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I have been working on a two-part podcast episode about one year olds. So many child training (and child enjoying!) tricks and tips have come back to me recently as I have been enjoying being Nonna to our first grandchild, fourteen month old Jason Nathanael.

Jason is a sweet, good-natured little guy. And our daughter and son-in-law have already done a great job laying a foundation for being able to really enjoy him during his toddler years. He goes to bed well, takes a predictable nap, sits in a high chair for meals, sits on their laps during church, etc. He is curious—that’s for sure! And that is what made me remember how important it is to not continually say “No, no, no, no!” to a toddler.  


Wondering Wednesday
Podcast Q & A:

How Do I Teach Honesty?


Donna Reish, of Character Ink publishing and Raising Kids With Character parenting seminar, answers questions about teaching children honesty in this first of two podcast episodes for Wondering Wednesday.

Donna discusses two factors in getting where you want your family to be in terms of being an honest family. Then she delves into verses to teach children and to use for memory work. Defining honesty and deceit and determining what you will and will not accept in your home are two other important topics she touches on. Finally, she gives eight general suggestions for laying a groundwork of honesty in your home, including resource suggestions, mantras and wording, and positive affirmation.

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60 Homeschooling Tips From 60 Years

Do you ever wonder how a Mom can keep homeschooling for ten, twenty, or even thirty years? Or have your ever wondered if you will be able to last that long? Find out some of the secrets to long-term homeschooling from Kathie Morrissey and Donna Reish in this new ebook.

Do you struggle with any of the following? 

  • Scheduling conflicts?
  • Laundry problems?
  • Family unity issues?
  • Reading difficulties? 
  • Prioritizing issues? 

Sixty Homeschooling Tips From Sixty Years will give you help in these areas and many more!

Find Out More>>

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Meaningful Composition Bonus Book:

The SAT Essay and Other Timed Writings

We have a lot of new books coming out this spring! And we would love to introduce them to you in this space!

And we would really love for you to click on the Projects Contained,  Table of ContentsSamples, etc., to check them out and see if they are what your homeschool needs next year to get your kids writing—and writing well.

NEW!  Check out our 
Audio Guide to this book.



This week we bring to you one of our newer high school books, MC Bonus Book: The SAT Essay and Other Timed Writing. This book has been tested with dozens of students over the past three years—and has helped students receive unusually high SAT and ACT scores!


This “Bonus Book” will prepare your student for any type of timed writing, contest writing,  college-entry writing, etc.—and especially for any situation in which the student needs to know how to write the Five Paragraph Essay . (The last half of the book focuses on timed writing in general and SAT/ACT Essay specifically.) This book, however, is so much more than SAT/ACT prep—it is truly a “thinking” book.

Our signature techniques will teach your student how to develop the Three P’s of Persuasive (POSITION, POINT, PROOF) for dozens of prompts. Students learn how to apply literature, history, economics, current events, and more to any essay prompt (through our Proof Pages).

They learn how to write a quality essay with “smart” examples and reasoning in twenty-five minutes.  Excellent editing skills are taught with passages in which students find errors—thus, making them better editors of their own writing. It also includes our signature Definition Dissection—our Six Tricks to figure out the meanings of unknown words in any sentence. This book was five  years in the making and testing by Joshua and Donna. Our students have gotten outstanding SAT/ACT verbal and writing scores after using these methods. You will not be disappointed with its strategies or end results!


Table of Contents for this Book and How to Use The Meaningful Composition program

Projects Contained in This Book

Sample Lessons

Audio Description of This Book

CQLA Samples Are Up!

What Is CQLA?

Character Quality Language Arts, CQLA for short, is a language arts program that brings together all aspects of language arts (except for learning to read in lower grades and detailed, individual literature book studies in upper grades) in one place for students in grades two through twelve. It has all aspects of language arts woven throughout each weekly lesson, including copy work, vocabulary comprehension, spelling, editing, outlining, writing, grammar, usage, structural analysis, word studies, editing via checklists, dictation, and more. it is an all-in-one program that was written when author, Donna Reish, decided that each of the separate books her kids were using (spelling, vocabulary, grammar, editing, writing, etc.) should all be put into one program with all aspects of language arts flowing together instead of taught in a disjointed manner from multiple texts.  

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