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Thanks for Visiting!
Extrusion 2016 and Compounding World Forum

eFACTOR3 exhibition season ends on a high note!
MAS - Plastics Processing Technology

Thanks to everyone who passed by our booth during Extrusion 2016 in Charlotte and Compounding World Forum in Philadelphia. These events were a huge success for eFACTOR3 and MAS-America, especially with the introduction of their next generation line of machines, including the New MAS 24 and MAS CDF 500-D featured below.

Contact us for additional information, and download their latest handouts:

Small Yet Mighty: Meet the NEW MAS 24!

A powerful one-of-a-kind laboratory extruder for small volume applications.
Small Yet Mighty: Meet the NEW MAS 24!
This is the first laboratory style conical co-rotating twin screw extruder available to the industry for small volume applications. It is ideally suited for compounding, masterbatch and also re-compounding applications. Its design allows the processing of a wide range of test materials including granulated plastic without the need to change anything on the machine.

>> READ MORE: Download the MAS 24 Handout HERE.


Capacity Matters: Meet the NEW MAS CDF 500-D!

A redesigned and upgraded version of the very successful original MAS continuous melt filtration system.
Capacity Matters: Meet the new MAS CDF 500-D!
The new MAS CDF 500-D design includes upgrades of the scraper system, the contamination discharge system and the overall ergonomics of the machine. It offers a filtration surface of 3260 cm2 which is the largest continuous melt filtration that is offered in one machine design. It allows a steady melt pressure in the processing line, and can boost the capacity of extrusion lines in recycling application when compared to hydraulic screen changers or back flush filtration systems. Screens can last anywhere from 1 week to 6 months depending on the contamination level in the polymer. It also allows the processing of recycled content with a soft contamination level of up to 5% (paper, wood, aluminum, non-melting polymers etc.).

>> READ MORE: Download the MAS CDF Handout HERE.


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