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Last chance to buy tickets to hear American atheist Sam Harris pondering the big questions about God and morality on Monday night. And as the crisis at Fukushima continues, we bring together energy experts and environmentalists for our emergency debate "It's got to be nuclear", with a post-debate dinner for speakers and audience afterwards. Confused about how to vote in the referendum on May 5th? Ignore what the celebs are saying and come and hear the experts thrash out the arguments in our debate "Vote for AV".

Scroll down for more information and for what's new on our website this week – our weekly round-up, all the arguments for and against the NHS reforms, and the latest IQ² US debate on America's role in the world.

Events coming up in April

Sam Harris on the science of good and evil

Sam Harris on the science of good and evil
Monday 11th April 2011, 7:00pm
Kensington Town Hall

Where do our ideas about morality and meaning come from? Most people – from religious extremists to secular scientists – believe that science has nothing to say about human values. But Sam Harris, the American philosopher and neuroscientist, holds that amidst all the competing arguments about how we should lead our lives, science can direct us towards the right and wrong answers. He'll be discussing these themes with Revd Dr Giles Fraser, Canon Chancellor of St Paul's Cathedral.

It's got to be nuclear

It's got to be nuclear
Thursday 14th April 2011, 6:45pm
Royal Geographical Society

Nuclear power, its supporters say, is the only efficient way of producing energy that doesn't expose us to the threat of global warming and our reliance on unsavoury regimes for our energy supplies. And yet, despite the claims that newer, safer technology is just round the corner, horrific accidents keep on happening. As for cost, nuclear's already high price is only going to rise as accidents like Fukushima bring about calls for yet more expensive safety regulations. So how wary should we be? Come and hear the experts and decide which side you're taking.

We will be hosting a public dinner at the Ognisko Polish Club after this debate – join us and the panel to continue the discussion. Tickets are still available, at £25 each

Vote for AV

Vote for AV
Tuesday 26th April 2011, 6:45pm
Cadogan Hall

Supporters of the Alternative Vote – the system we're being asked to vote on in the referendum on May 5th – say that, by giving weight to voters' second and third preferences, AV will create genuine contests for seats that sitting MPs at present take for granted as “theirs”. But supporters of our traditional First Past the Post system also argue that theirs is the fairer system. Confused? Come and hear the experts at the Intelligence² AV debate on April 26th and make up your own mind.

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Recommended reading from The Periscope Post


Recommended reading from The Periscope Post

The crisis at Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant changed opinions about the safety of nuclear power – but not everyone went from pro-nuclear to anti. Find out who said what and why at The Periscope Post, the best and quickest way on the Web to put the day’s headlines in perspective.

And while you’re there, check out our coverage of everything from voting reform in Britain, to the uncertain future of Ivory Coast, to the mysterious Bridgwater turtle-pig. We’ve got the latest comment from the opinion-makers you want to read, the ones you should read, and some you might even find surprising.

IQ² online this week

The weekly round-up: What makes us moral? God or Science?


The weekly round-up: Atheists and believers

Looking ahead to our evening with Sam Harris, IQ² examines religion and its merits. Take a look at Roger Scruton arguing that religion is a good thing, Archbishop Rowan Williams on the financial crisis, and Richard Dawkins on atheism. He claims that "Science flies you to the moon, religion flies you into buildings".

Hot Topic: All power to the doctors' consortia; image courtesy of Wikimedia/Mattbr


Hot Topic: All power to the doctors' consortia

The UK’s National Health Service enjoys the support of all the political parties in Parliament. But, like a Rorschach test, each sees in it what they desire. Should the NHS be what New Labour turned it into – a complicated bureaucracy which tries to give everyone a say? Or what the current government seems to want – something much simplified, along the lines of a managed market?

It’s time to clip America’s global wings


IQ² US debate: It’s time to clip America’s global wings

Just two decades ago there seemed to be no limits to American power. The financial crisis and the rise of China are reminders of what a different world we live in today. What should America’s role be in the new world order? Click here to find out what the New York City Intelligence Squared audience voted at the live debate on April 5.

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