Percept Research announces social support community:
Percept Research is pleased to announce that our social support platform will come out of beta today and move to the forefront as our standard support first-resource for the EMBA Council Membership Directory/Program Survey and our MBA Lifecycle Survey Suite.
This support platform is designed to better prioritize help resources and create a searchable resource that you can use to get to the information you need more quickly. The creation of this online support community is a valuable part of our strategy to support and stay in contact with our clients.
This tool will allow you to quickly submit questions and ideas, and easily search the archive of previous questions and answers. Our staff and consultant team actively monitor and participate in the support platform, ensuring responsiveness and continuous enhancements to the repository of knowledge.
Communications are enabled not only between our team and participating MBA programs, but also among all participants in the community. This allows participants to assist each other with common issues as well as collaborate on ideas for enhancements and future products and services.
How do I follow a specific product community?
We have deployed a product community for each of our larger recurring projects (e.g., Exit Survey users have a dedicated community that can be searched separately from Midterm Survey users). These product communities have been seeded over the last year with frequently asked questions to build the knowledge base for our users.
We have established the following product communities for our lifecycle studies: You can 'follow' a specific community once you log into the support platform and choose the 'product' you would like to follow.
MBA Student Exit Survey Community

What does this mean for me?
Starting December 18, 2013, please bookmark this site in your browser as your first-resource to submit questions and ideas to our team -- only Premium Support participants of our MBA Lifecycle Survey Suite will receive direct email support outside of this social support platform. Support requests for the EMBA Council Membership Program Survey will continue to receive direct email support in addition to the social support platform.

Whether you have encountered a problem or you have a great idea that you want to share with us, you can always let us know at or by clicking the red "Support" tab on the left-side of the browser window for any of our websites.
If you have a technical issue, you can simply type your question into the "Ask a Question" box. Once you click "Continue", you will see a few links to questions that may contain the answer you were looking for. If not, you can post the question, and you will get a response from a Percept Research employee or someone in the community.
Percept Research Ask A Question
You can suggest feature requests in the same space simply by clicking the "Share an Idea" tab. Additionally, you can report a problem or provide praise using the tabs provided. 
Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Brian Mahoney, Managing Partner
Percept Research

Percept Research

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