And just like that – it is February! We just started our Youth for Youth project one month ago but so many things have happened in the meantime. Let’s check!

You can find below some updates on the project's ongoing activities, get to know our partners better and learn a bit more about Game Based Learning (GBL) and Game Development Process (GDP).

As we are moving toward the preparation of Country Assessments, we would like to appreciate the work that have been done so far. We look forward to seeing the full version of the first Intellectual Output.

Additionally, some of you has started looking for associate partners to support your local activities. When you reach them you can boldly share with them our YFY Summary that provides the insight to the context of our project . You can find the version here.

Last, but not least we encourage you to check the platform with training courses by our Portuguese partner to get inspiration for second Intellectual Output. Their know-how will definitely be a great asset in creating our own MOOC.

Meet our players!

Would you like to know more about our team members? In the following section we are going to present in a storytelling format the game masters in Youth for Youth project. Today we introduce you to Muovimente Cooperativa Sociale from Italy and Challedu from Greece. Once upon a time…

Muovimente Cooperativa Sociale

Once upon a time, right in the middle of a land shaped like a boot, stood a beautiful town, surrounded by rich and lush nature. It was such a beautiful place that its inhabitants started to think: "Why should we go wandering around when we already have everything we need right here?". And so the time passed and rumors started to spread, passing from father to son, generation to generation, about some dangers hidden outside. People completely stopped venturing outside of the old stone walls, holding only a very faint memory of what they were hiding themselves from.

However, not everybody was scared. Somebody was restless.

A small group of young inhabitants earned in town the nickname of Mind Travelers, as they were often caught dreaming of all those worlds described in the books, across the forest and beyond... until a moment came when they felt that dreaming wasn't enough anymore. One day they took the courage and ventured out of the medieval walls. They couldn't believe their eyes:

how many interesting people, how many new things to learn! They hurried back to the town, eager to share with their family and friends the treasures they found in the worlds they visited. At first nobody seemed to be willing to listen to them, some people were skeptical, others were afraid... but slowly few approached them, driven by the curiosity to know more.

Soon people started leaving, traveling and coming back with the most amazing stories. Stories of growth and wonder. Stories that would inspire them to go ahead and change what they didn’t like, to improve, to imagine, to create. More stories were told, more people started to find the courage to change and venture out as well... and more people started to arrive, from outside, to visit the town!

That's when the Mind Travelers truly discovered what a powerful tool stories could be: they allowed people to voice their truth and build relationships, moving people around, physically and emotionally... and they understood that this needed to be their mission. They teamed up together and created a reality devoted to show people the paths they discovered, accompany them to visit the outer worlds and make sure they always had a place where they could tell and listen to stories, growing together and inspiring each other.


Asimina and Yiannis (founders of Challedu) have always had a beloved friend: their imagination. As the years passed, Giannis decided to become a researcher and teacher and Asimina an architect.

They lived in different lengths and breadths of the earth and whenever they met, they were always accompanied by imagination. How amused they were by each other’s company ... 5 years ago they decided to return to Greece for reasons that do not concern this story.

Since they have always loved toys and games, they decided together to make a better world using their imagination. So, they founded Challedu where they try through the game to realize their dreams for education and society. Today, 4 years later, together with their team, they continue to lead the way in researching and creating game- based solutions.

What is emerging?

YFY webinar series!

On Friday, March 5th at 16:00 CET, we’ll launch the first episode of the Youth for Youth webinar series where we will have the opportunity to explore the reality and work practice of our first two partners: Challedu (Greece) and Cooperativa Sociale Muovimente (Italy).

Learn more about webinar here.

Register here

Next steps

Finally, in March we plan to rest a bit as well starting to prepare our Country Assessments. The assessment will be focused around Game Based Learning activities allowing the partners to deep dive and explore a bit about motivations, needs and challenges on a wider scale.

Besides learning from the cases and grounding our later outputs in local realities, the seeds of a professional network around GBL activities will also be planted with an impact also beyond our consortium. Wanna explore more? Stay tuned as we will invite our partners to share weekly one interesting case from their home countries.

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Resource Depository

If you want to deepen your knowledge and look for a short intro why games are valuable there is a publication for you. From the experts in game-like learning, the Q Design Pack will immerse you in learning about game design tools and and exciting collaborative curriculum team model.

The publication includes a toolkit and simple steps on which our pilot will also be based, granting to you the freedom to find the best approaches to individual mentorship in the fields of active citizenship, entrepreneurship, and soft skills.

See the publication


Our Chari from La Trans Educativa team just released a gamified challenge called #BeEcomyfriend with her artesanal game’s brand called Mekiplay.

BeEcomyfriend is conected to the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) number 12 and has been created as a collaboration with the SDG team of the university of Murcia in Spain to encourage new sustainable habits in our daily life. Chari has illustrated and developed 7 challenges what will invite you take care of the planet by boosting your creativity.

Follow the challenge and join if you speak Spanish ;)

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