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World Choi Kwang-Do Day 2020

As many of you will know, March 2nd is World Choi Kwang-Do Day. It's also a significant date for 2 additional reasons:

1. Grandmaster Kwang Jo Choi's birthday. The founder of CKD will be turning 78 and has been practising martial arts for over 60 years. 

2. It's the 33rd anniversary of CKD*. March 2nd 1987 was the date and year that Grandmaster Choi announced his new martial art to the world - the result of many years of research to create a martial art based on modern science that is good for your health, powerful, yet gentle on the human body. 

CHOI - surname
KWANG - first name 
DO - the art of

So the name Choi Kwang-Do translates as The Art of Kwang Choi.
For the classes on Monday 2nd and Wednesday 4th March, you are welcome to invite friends and family to try the class with you and let them discover what we do. Please ask your guest to wear comfortable clothing. We also invite any parents that would normally watch the class to give it a try, should you wish. Go on...don't be shy! There is no obligation to join afterwards.

We'll also show some short video clips of Grandmaster Choi performing CKD at end of the class. 

Syllabus Updates

CKD is an evolving martial art and there have been a number of changes over the years as Grandmaster Kwang Jo Choi refines the syllabus to deliver the most effective system for optimum health, self defence and personal development.

Some of the historical changes are listed here, but the most recent changes focus on streamlining the coloured belt syllabus and providing students with more time to develop competence and confidence in the techniques and drills. Ultimately, they are designed to enable students - with the support of instructors - to become better.

Do check your inbox for a summary of the changes and some helpful support videos and documents, and let me know if you have any queries. They were sent out at the beginning of the February. Which leads me nicely onto...

Coloured Belt Grading

We had postponed the first grading of 2020 while introducing some of the syllabus updates but have already started checking students in classes last week. This will continue in classes next week (classes are on as normal during half term) with a grading planned for students who are deemed ready on Wednesday 26th February. A grading list will be sent out in advance.

Should you have any queries, please let me know.

Master Wright

PS. If you missed our review of 2019, you can watch it here! (1m 6s) 

*Choi Kwang-Do officially launched in the UK in 1988, so 2020 is actually the UK's 32nd anniversary.
Wednesday 26th February - Coloured Belt Grading

Monday 2nd & Wednesday 4th March - World Choi Kwang-Do Day Classes 

Friday 6th March - Black Belt Training/Tag Grading
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