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Coloured Belt Grading Update
Some of you may be wondering, "When will we receive grading results?!"

Just to clarify, the September grading was conducted over a few classes as there were a small number of students who were not quite ready due to summer absences. Rest assured that results and belt presentations for those that were successful in the grading will take place on Monday 9th October. If you've yet to complete payment of grading fees you do this online for convenience or in class.

To Spar Or Not To Spar?

Several years ago I was teaching CKD in a secondary boys schools and a question that I was often asked was, "Why don't we spar?"  The fact that we do not spar in CKD (in the traditional sense) coupled with the fact that we advertise ourselves as a 'non-contact' martial art doesn't make sense to some people, hence writing the piece to try and explain to both students and parents.

CKD's response to sparring is a combination of Defence Drills and Shield Drills. Together, these drills enable CKD students to both develop their confidence and skills in defensive strategies while working on striking power for self defence, in a safe and structured environment and this is paramount. As a result, while accidents are inevitable in an activity such as martial arts, they are fortunately rare and our injury rate in CKD is very low. If accidental contact is ever made, both students are expected to stop, bow to one another and shake hands as an apology and for the other to show acceptance. If this is not possible for any reason, the Head Instructor in charge should be approached. 

Here's a section from the article. 

"Sparring is commonplace in many martial arts and can take a number of forms. Loosely speaking, sparring defines students engaging in combat with one another for the purpose of training or competition. Some martial arts allow no contact, some light or semi contact, and some full contact. The rules and format of sparring will vary between different marital arts.

The question is: do you believe that you have to practise sparring to be able to defend yourself effectively?"

You can read the full article here. Feel free to comment or share your own view.

November Black Belt Classes

We currently have a large group of students preparing for the Black Belt Dan Grading in December. Potentially 13 students from Ealing will be grading for both 1st Degree or 2nd Degree! Black Belt is a significant milestone in any martial artists training career and as part of this, Mr Pires, Mrs Oliveira and I are considering a series of 4 extra classes for Brown and Black Belts only during November. These would be scheduled to take place on Wednesdays 7.30 - 8.15pm (there will be a small amendment to all class times on these dates) and at this stage we would just like to gauge interest levels. Please let me know by reply, in class or you can you submit your feedback here as this will help to determine whether the sessions take place.

As always, should you have any queries please let me know.


Master Wright

- Monday 9th October - Belt Presentation

Friday 3rd November - Leadership & Black Belt Training

- Wednesday 1st, 8th, 15th and 29th November - Proposed Black Belt Classes 7.30 - 8.15pm

- Wednesday 22nd November - Coloured Belt Grading 

- Sunday 3rd December - Regional Black Belt Dan Grading
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