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Gradings, Grading & Gradings

We're fast approaching the end of another year which normally sees a few routine events taking place, mostly notably...gradings!

Coloured Belt Grading

We plan to use the format that was trialled during the September Coloured Belt Grading in the children's classes; breaking the class down and assessing all students in smaller groups. We will then make presentations the following week for successful students and provide support for those not quite ready or eligible. The Coloured Belt Grading will take place on Wednesday 21st November within regular class time. 

Regional Black Belt Grading  
We have a number of students currently preparing for this event which only takes place twice a year - June and December. This is where CKD students and instructors from across London test for 1st, 2nd and in rare cases, 3rd degree black belt. They are assessed by a panel of senior black belt examiners ranging from 4th to 7th degree black belt (the highest CKD rank in the, no pressure!) I'm pleased to inform you that we have the following students from Ealing CKD participating!

Mr Raphael Dembo-Shah, grading for 3rd degree

Holly Hau
Deyvin Teterko
Tak Liu
Abigail Liu
Milovan Mirkovic
All grading for 1st degree

The Regional Black Belt Grading is a public event and  family, friends and fellow students are welcome to attend and support those who will be grading, plus get an idea of what ahead. The grading will be held on Sunday 25th November at: 

Wembley CKD
Barham Primary School

Black Belt Tag Grading  
Lastly, we have our quarterly Black Belt Tag grading (combined with monthly Black Belt Training) on Friday 7th December at Ealing CKD.

I appreciate that this seems like an update solely about gradings (it isn't quite, but we'll come to that in a moment). There is a valid reason for the existence of gradings in CKD beyond solely belt promotion.

Gradings force us to focus. They provide a sense of purpose for our training, encouraging self-improvement.

I'd like to point you to towards a previous article which includes an insight into how gradings achieve this.

"...the mere fact of knowing that your actions are to be analysed means that, whether consciously or unconsciously, when being watched you change your actions."

You can read the full article here

Christmas Lunch  

As promised, it's not just about working hard - one needs to relax and have fun sometimes too! We'll be returning to Pizza Express Ealing on Sunday 16th December, 12.30pm for our Christmas school lunch. All welcome but please confirm your attendance by Friday 7th December, either email or in class so that numbers can be confirmed with the restaurant. We have a limited number of spaces available so please don't leave it too late! 

As always, if you have any queries please let me know.

Master Wright

Wednesday 21st November - Coloured Belt Grading

- Sunday 25th December - Regional Black Belt Grading, Wembley CKD

Friday 7th December - Leadership & Black Belt Training/Tag Grading

Sunday 16th December - Christmas Lunch, Pizza Express Ealing Broadway, 12.30pm
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