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We Are Back!

To be precise, classes actually resumed on Monday 2nd September but I know that many families were preoccupied with returning to school following the summer holidays. So we look forward to seeing everyone back in classes this coming week.
A reminder that all students should now be in full uniform please (no t-shirts please).

New Class Times

In case you missed the email update last month or classes last week, please see a reminder below of our new class times from September onwards:
6.30pm – 7.20pm Children’s class (6 - 12 years)
7.30pm – 8.45pm Teens and adults (13 years+)

Merging the two children's classes will result in more instructors being available to support our younger students, while 6.30pm is an easier start time for any instructors who previously assisted at 6.00pm (myself included). Should you have any issues attending at the new times, please let me know.

Instructors Are Students Too

It would be easy to think that once an instructor is certified or acquires a certain rank that they can kick back (pun intended) and just continue doing things in exactly the same way. In some areas that may be appropriate but in reality it is an ongoing process of learning and education. Regardless of rank, experience and length of time training/teaching, every instructor knows:

1. Regular practise is required to retain what you already know, or wish to learn/improve
2. There will be circumstances that challenge your existing knowledge
3. Those circumstances may cause you to amend what you know, or learn something completely new

4. Back to step 1...

Grandmaster Kwang Jo Choi, 9th Degree Black Belt and founder of Choi Kwang-Do, was in the UK recently specifically for this purpose; to deliver a weekend of training and educational workshops for CKD school owners and instructors – part of the ongoing process of learning and development. While I was unable to attend the event myself you can view several updates shared on the Ealing CKD Facebook Page
Senior Master Keith Banfield, 7th Degree Black Belt and organiser of the workshops (plus an old personal friend) summarises the importance of instructors being students perfectly in one of the many updates.

"Be open. Remember the glasses? My glass isn’t half full - it’s completely empty. When I come in here I feel I’m coming in as a White Belt, with that innocence because I want to absorb everything. That’s my mindset and you determine how your mindset should be". 

You can view the full summary here (5 mins)

Master Wright

- Wednesday 25th September - Coloured Belt Grading

- Friday 4th October - Leadership & Black Belt Training
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