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Agence Ter together with ten Los Angeles firms has developed a vision for Pershing Square Renew: a new paradigm of public space, integrating social and cultural life, nature and the urban fabric.
The new Pershing Square will be inclusive, democratic and accessible; returned to its historic flatness and continuous with the surrounding sidewalks, accessible from every direction and for everyone, without any stairs or walls.
Pershing Square will be full of shade again; through a tree canopy covering diverse native gardens and a vine-covered canopy covering kiosks for diverse uses. At the center a great lawn welcomes activities of all scales, from a picnic to a concert to a movie.
Agence Ter and Team’s is the only proposal that includes a monumental public artwork, Liquid Sky by artist Leo Villarreal. Sustainability is inherent to the proposal: water is managed and collected, plant species are drought tolerant, and the smart canopy generates power for the park.
This timeless design, elegant in its simplicity, installs a vibrant, open and dynamic heart in the center of the city.

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Looking towards the flattened Pershing Square from the metro exit at the crossing of 5th and Hill Streets
Different gardens are situated alongside Olive Street, with a water mirror in front of the entrance of the historic Biltmore Hotel
The flexible great lawn and the pergola structure allow for various activities, such as movie screenings
 At night, an iconic light artwork in motion – Liquid Sky – by Leo Villareal will transform the pergola into a glowing sculpture
The gardens each refer to specific Californian ecologies
The plan shows a timeless design, elegant in its simplicity, connecting Pershing Square to the neighborhood again

“By flattening the lifted surface and removing all of the walls, Pershing Square will reach out to the neighborhood again, establishing a real dialogue with the city. Reintroducing flexible uses as well as nature will bring a strong identity for Downtown Los Angeles; the new park will aim to install an urban ecosystem, with a generous canopy providing shade, an inviting lawn and Californian gardens. It will become a green, sustainable and active destination for the metropolis and will be timeless and elegant through its welcoming simplicity.”
Henri Bava, founder & director of Agence Ter
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