Newsletter, April 2017

JBG April 2017 Newsletter

In this edition.......

  • Rise Up! Summit for rising Juniors and Seniors
  • Student of the month John Sandstedt
  • Tutor of the month Rachel Horowitz
  • Visiting a college campus
  • 5 Ways to learn outside of the classroom
  • School of the month -- St. Sebastian's
  • College of the month -- Bentley College

Rise Up!

Is your rising Junior or Senior starting to make plans for the summer? The JBG team is excited to announce the Rise Up! Summit - a partnership with Milestone Mind, Milestone Fitness, and JBG Educational Group. This 5-day summit specifically for rising juniors and seniors, is aimed at providing them with useful knowledge for their mind, body and academic well-being as they prepare for their junior or senior year and begin the college admissions process. Topics covered will include college planning, the common application, resumes, essays, fitness, mindset coaching, nutrition, and more! The dates for the summit are June 26-30 and August 21-25 10am -  3pm. (Students will sign up for one week.) Contact us at if you would like more information on this unique educational and wellness offering for our rising juniors and seniors!

Student of the Month
John Sandstedt


Our student of the month is John Sandstedt, a current senior at The Dublin School in New Hampshire. John is as amazingly brilliant in Engineering as he is polite and driven. As his College Consultant, I have watched him grow up significantly over the last year. He took on the daunting task of applying to over 20 undergraduate programs from coast to coast and has been accepted to 17 schools. We do not encourage our students to attempt such a mission but John is a determined and dedicated student.
It has been a whirlwind of a year for John. He worked with our seasoned tutor, Kateri, and increased his ACT score substantially, helping increase his chances of acceptance into some of the hardest Engineering programs. With such a large list of schools, John was tasked with writing upwards of 30 supplemental essays. Again, Kateri stepped in and kept him motivated and organized - not one application deadline or writing supplement was missed. He did all this mind-boggling work while on the rowing team at The Dublin School and keeping up impressive grades.
John decided on the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, where he will pursue a degree in Mechanical or Aerospace Engineering. Indiana will be a world’s difference from Massachusetts and New Hampshire but he will do amazing things on campus, making for a memorable next four years.
We could not be more proud of John here at JBG Educational Group. He has certainly left a lasting impression on all of us, as I am sure he will do over the next few years at Rose-Hulman. Congratulations John Sandstedt on being our student of the month and on your academic success over the past year; good luck at Rose-Hulman.


Tutor of the Month
Rachel Horowitz

Rachel grew up in the Boston area and attended The University of Rhode Island where she obtained her BA in English Language and Literature. Ever since she was little, Rachel has loved learning – whether it’s through reading a great new book or exploring the world. One of her greatest discoveries was realizing there’s something new to learn every day! Rachel has put that passion for learning to work, through her experience tutoring students in middle school through college in English, Writing, Reading, History, Math and Sciences, and helping college applicants prepare their essays. What she enjoys most is helping people find their passion for learning and seeing them embrace their academic potential.

Visiting a college campus
by Brianne Flanagan 

One question I am asked most frequently is “What is the most important part of the college application process?” My answer never changes; “Visit a college campus.” As the Director of College Consulting, I find that this proves to a school how much your student is interested in attending, and also is the best way to find a good fit for your student academically and socially. Campus visits add to the excitement of the application process and can help the student focus in on what he or she wants and needs over the next few years.
Ideally, students want to settle into a campus where they will be comfortable and successful. It is great if they find a school where they feel at home as soon as they see a residence hall, but if at any time they worry about falling into a pattern of bored complacency, it is not an ideal option. Every campus is different, just as every student is different. A student might think they love the idea of a city campus but then get to a place like Boston University and find it overwhelmingly large and hard to navigate socially. On the flip side of that very expensive coin, a student might like the idea of a small school, where they won’t get lost amongst the hordes of other students, but then get to a place like Bennington College and feel claustrophobia setting in. This is why campus visits are highly encouraged here at JBG Educational Group.
We understand it can be expensive to fly or drive to every college on the ever expanding school list, but no worries, there are comparable campuses in the area that are great to test out size, location, and feeling. For instance, if you are interested in Fordham University in New York, you can tour Boston College in the much closer Chestnut Hill. They are similar in size, curriculum and proximity to larger cities. If you or your student falls in love with Boston College, they will most likely gravitate towards Fordham University, as well as Villanova University in Pennsylvania or Providence College in Rhode Island. If your student liked everything about Boston College but wants something smaller, then a trip to Worcester to tour College of the Holy Cross, might be more fitting. If your student thinks Boston College is perfect but wants to go somewhere warmer, than Wake Forest is a great option to consider.
State schools are not all cut from the same cloth however. Many students dream of going to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, so they test the waters with a tour at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Size, location and strengths, make these two schools entirely different. But what school is more comparable to the University of Michigan? Would my child fit in better at Tulane University or Syracuse University? Don’t drown in questions and get overwhelmed; your College Consultant can step in and help navigate the waters for you.
When your student starts hearing back from colleges they applied to, and they receive their initial acceptances, they can go visit schools they have not yet seen. This is a great time to return to a school they have previously visited as well. Often times, seeing a campus through the eyes of an accepted student can be more informative; it is a real option at that point and this might sway them to view things more critically. Some students may wait until the individual school’s accepted students’ day or weekend. This is when the college tries to sell themselves to each accepted student. These are a lot more in-depth than tours and can be lengthy but productive. This is when students get to see the dorms they are more likely to live in, and meet other accepted students who may also decide to attend the school. This process could help your student decide to go to that particular school or not.
Touring campuses, picturing your child attending a fantastically well-suited school, and thinking about all the opportunities they have lying just beyond graduation is all exciting. Do not let the stresses or pressures from schools and outside sources change the way you and your student approach each choice. Because just as every school and every student is different, every school list is different. We individualize the list to suit what a student wants to gain academically, socially and, ultimately, professionally. Do not get distracted from big names or the idea of purchasing the sticker for your car. Until a student gets onto a campus, and falls in love with it and its many possibilities, we have no way of knowing what is an ideal fit. Only your student can get on campus and know if that is where they want to go to school. As parents, you must continue in your undying love and support during this stressful and confusing time. But, again, no worries; JBG Educational Group will always help you stay a little less overwhelmed and keep you as informed as possible. This process is a lot more fun, and a lot less stressful, with some campus visits and the guidance you get through JBG. 


5 ways to learn outside of the classroom,
while still having fun

by Jessica Sugarman


1. Visit a museum
Museums are an excellent way to learn about a topic that interests you. You may be surprised to discover the wide variety of museums close by. From art, to science, to US history, there is something for everyone.
2. Volunteer
Volunteering exposes you to an issue you might have otherwise not known much about. Not only does it teach a person about selflessness and involvement, it helps a vital cause in your community. You might choose an organization that interests you, or one that you want to know more about.
3. Walk around Boston
When you think about Boston, you might think of shopping, Fenway Park, or good food. However, there is so much more to the city. There are statues, memorials, historical landmarks, walking trails, and so much more to discover. Take a day to walk around, and explore the city!
4. Learn how to play an instrument
Learning how to play a musical instrument strengthens your memory, refines organization skills, enhances coordination, and exposes you to cultural history, all while having fun. It can also be a great escape from school stress.
5. Watch the news
Watching the news, even for a short period of time, will make you more aware of what is going on in the world. You’ll start to get a feel for where you stand on certain issues and be informed if topics come up in conversation.
Private School of the Month
St. Sebastian's School

Located in Needham, MA, Saint Sebastian’s is an independent, all-boys Catholic secondary school, teaching boys in grades 7-12. Currently, they instruct 375 students, with a class average of 11 students. The student to faculty ratio is 7:1. Saint Sebastian’s motto is “to teach the pursuit of truth through faith and reason.” By embracing Gospel values in an inclusive, nurturing community and by inspiring intellectual excellence in a structured liberal arts curriculum, St. Sebastian’s strives to empower students for success in college and in life. They have done a great job of this, according to their graduated students. One stated that "St. Sebastian's is more than a school or a community. It is a family that is here to love you, to be there for you when you're in need, and to encourage you to be the best person you can be." Students are provided with an exceptional education, as well as opportunities to build upon their future. The private school is now celebrating their 75th anniversary. Through these celebrations, St. Sebastian's has recognized that although they have undergone change, they have stayed true to the founder’s vision. 

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College of the Month
Bentley University
Bentley University is a private co-educational university in Waltham, Massachusetts, residing just 15 minutes away from Boston. With an undergraduate enrollment of about 4,200, the school is a small-medium size. Bentley is primarily a business school, but incorporates liberal arts as well. They are known for providing excellent hands-on experiences in the classroom, as well as solving current business problems and presenting solutions. The school is also exceptional when it comes to outside of the classroom learning. In fact, they were ranked #1 in best career services and providing the best internships. As for its students, they tend to be ambitious and wanting to achieve success. Students tend to organize study groups regularly on week nights. Students have deemed Bentley a tight knit community with a strong sense of belonging. Weekend activities include sports games, going into the city, and hanging out with friends on campus. Overall, Bentley provides students with an excellent education, while preparing them for the future. In fact, the school stated: “At Bentley University, we believe your education should prepare you for whatever the world sends your way.” For students who have an interest in business/liberal arts, and want to gain a valuable education and job experience in college, Bentley could be perfect for you.
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Quote of the Month:
“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how
you react to it.”
-Charles R. Swindoll

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