Newsletter, February 2015

Student of the Month:
Jared Popkin

This month, we would like to honor Jared Popkin. Jared is from Needham, MA and attends Gann Academy. He is quite the decorated student, maintaining solid grades while engaging in an array of extracurricular activities such as snowboarding, lacrosse, surfing, deep sea diving and improvisation. In his free time, he volunteers with the Foundation for Faces of Children, which specializes in improving the lives of children with a wide variety of craniofacial differences. Out of all the noteworthy things that Jared has done, we are most impressed with his interests in Marine Biology and Computer Science, which led him to an internship and now a job at The New England Aquarium. Jared transitioned from a volunteer to a paid employee, culminating this past summer by earning the Zooxanthellae Award for being an outstanding intern. For anyone interested in learning about tide pools and cartilaginous fish, Jared is your guy! Furthermore, he spent an entire semester abroad during the fall of his junior year at the Alexandra Muss High School in Israel. We were certainly not surprised when Jared earned acceptance to several competitive colleges - currently his top choices are University of Maryland and University of Cincinnati. Either school would be very lucky to enroll Jared, and we are thankful to have been a part of the process. Great job Jared--get it done! We will miss you in the fall!

Tutor of the Month
Vinesha Baker

Vinesha Baker was born in Brooklyn, NY, but has lived in Boston, MA for most of her childhood. Vinesha is a graduate of Columbia University in the City of New York, where she majored in Art History. While attending Columbia, she joined Peer Health Exchange as a Health Educator to teach health topics to ninth graders in New York City Public Schools. Vinesha first began tutoring in high school and has continued beyond college. She believes that every child can succeed in life if they are given an environment that fosters to their particular learning style. She has worked with the Math/Science UMass-Nobles Upward Bound Program for the past five years teaching math, tutoring students in other subject areas, and advising students through the college application process. Vinesha has recently become the Assistant Director of the program and loves that she can continue to help kids reach their academic goals. Outside of work, Vinesha enjoys oil painting, film-and-darkroom photography and visiting as many new art exhibits and galleries as possible!


Upcoming College Fairs

Education Cooperative at Westwood High School in March

The NACAC National College Fair in Boston April 9th and 10th

The NEACAC college fairs in May 

Educational Spring Break Ideas
After a long and harsh winter (that's an understatement), there is nothing more gratifying than a fun spring break trip. But what if you could add an educational component into your fun in the sun? Whether you are traveling with family or friends, are in high school or in college, there are enjoyable and educational activities that you can add to the itinerary.

Parents - If you have a high school student and are traveling as a family, a trip to the nation’s capital can be very interesting. Washington D.C. has countless different attractions for all ages, and the best part is that it is a relatively cheap trip. All monuments, The Smithsonian, and some government buildings are free and open to the public. Even if you have been to D.C. before, it is worth returning with older children who may appreciate the museums and historical monuments more than they did when they were younger.

If you are a teen traveling alone for spring break, a college city trip can double as a leisure vacation and a good learning experience. If you are interested in applying to several schools within a certain city, you can spend a few days there, touring your schools of interest and observing student life. Spending a few days living in the city where you might go to college can help you decide if the location is a good fit for you. Colleges and cities have "personalities" of their own, so it is very wise to see how well they mesh with your own unique style, interests, and values. 

Finally, if you are in college and looking to add some education to your spring break trip, a European getaway may be just what you need! Europe can be a learning experience on numerous different levels. From seeing historical sights to visiting museums to being engrossed in a different culture, Europe offers many fascinating experiences. If you have friends studying abroad, you can ask them for the inside scoop on the best places to visit, and maybe they'll even offer you a place to stay!

Special Promotion!
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Tip of the Month
With winter in its prime, now is the perfect time to begin studying for the March and May SAT exams. Spring will be here before you know it, so you want to ensure that you are properly prepared in time for the test! While the SAT does test your mathematical, critical reading, and writing skills, it also has a lot of "tricks" to it. It is wise to meet with a specialized SAT tutor and/or to read through a book that focuses on the "traps" of the exam. Now is also the perfect time to begin studying the top 200 most common SAT vocabulary words. Visit our website for suggested vocabulary building resources and other SAT books that will help with preparation. If you would like to meet with a tutor, please contact Dr. Jamie Rodriguez at 617-448-7179. SAT dates for spring 2015 are March 14th, May 2nd, and June 6th. Seats fill up quickly, so be sure to register as soon as possible!

Quote of the Month
“The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don't tell you what to see." - Alexandra K. Trenfor
School of the Month:
The Rivers School

“Excellence with Humanity” is the motto of The Rivers School, which is located in Weston, Massachusetts. Founded in 1915, "Rivers" is now home to 489 students in grades six through twelve. Rivers pulls students from seventy towns in Massachusetts, and has an average class size of twelve. The student body is both diverse and close-knit. The school offers thirty-eight honors and Advanced Placement courses, and its alumni matriculate to all eight Ivy League Schools, as well as many other prestigious colleges and universities. Rivers takes pride in its wide range of co-curricular activities and offers students a variety of athletics, arts programs, community service opportunities, and assorted clubs. It is a proponent of individuality in education and understands that each student has a unique way of learning. Teachers use a variety of different mediums in their classrooms in order to connect with students. Rivers also utilizes experiential learning and connects students with prestigious internships, including research opportunities at nearby Boston Children’s Hospital and Boston University Medical Center, as well as business internships with successful Boston-area investment banks and start-up firms. Additionally, Rivers is renowned for its independent conservatory and has music education available for students of all ages. It offers ensembles for wind instruments, symphonies, jazz music, and vocals, as well as a staff comprised of premier classical musicians in the Boston area.

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