Newsletter, August 2017

JBG August 2017 Newsletter

In this edition.......

  • Common Application 2017-2018 Essay Prompts
  • JBG offers Neuropsychological testing and evaluation
  • Student of the month ---- Sarah Lepsevich
  • Tutor of the month ---- Olivia Lawrance
  • Article - How Do We Stop Fighting Over College Applications?!
  • Article - Why Tackling Your College Essay Over The Summer Is So Important
  • Article - 5 Reasons Why The Occasional Family Trip is Essential
  • School of the month -  The Fenn School
  • College of the month - Norfolk State University


Common Application 2017-2018 Essay Prompts

Review the essay prompts for 2017-2018.

JBG offers Neuropsychological testing and  evaluation

JBG Educational Group serves as an educational diagnostic center for students of all ages. If your son or daughter is struggling to find academic success and/or often has trouble in school, we can help. We can administer the tests, or if you have had your child tested elsewhere, we can meet with you to explain the test results and help you to understand your child's learning profile and discuss a plan of action. 
For a list of testing services that we provide, please refer to:
Call us at 508-242-5197 for more information. 


Student of the Month
Sarah Lepsevich

by Brianne Flanagan

We're proud to announce Sarah Lepsevich as our Student of the Month. Sarah is not simply a recent high school graduate but also an inspirational leader and survivor.

Not long ago Sarah suffered a severe brain injury leaving her back at square one; she learned to walk and attend school all over again. Though she continually faces physical obstacles, she never sees these as restrictive but rather a simple pause button in the journey to her continual personal and professional development.

Dr. Rodriguez worked with Sarah on her plan for her senior year in high school and how to best structure the years after graduation. Brianne worked with her as a test prep tutor, helping unearth the best approaches to the exam. Recently, while completing her senior year Capstone project and graduating from Montrose in Medfield, Sarah was given the opportunity to bring her story to millions through her TED TALK. She is truly an exceptional young woman.
Sarah has exciting plans moving forward. Next year, she will be enrolling in evening courses at Woods School, at Boston College, interning with Think Taylor, continuing in her role as the Speaker Ambassador for the Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts, and assisting with the research and implementation of Return-to-Learn program for Montrose School. As if that were not enough, she will be working on a book over the next year about her injury and the journey in which she not only survived but also thrived. Her impressive story of overcoming adversity will be inspirational to every teenager it reaches.
Sarah is planning to apply and transition to a full-time college student in the fall of 2018, at which time she hopes to start the pursuit of a Bachelor’s degree in either Journalism, Philosophy, or criminal justice. We are expecting amazing things from Sarah, and if this past year has been any indication we know she will supersede our wildest expectations. 

Tutor of the Month
Olivia Lawrance

Olivia graduated from Johnson State College with her literature degree in 2013. From there, she went on to earn her Master of the Fine Arts at Wichita State University, where she also taught composition courses. Originally from Jeffersonville, Vermont, Olivia now resides in Dover, New Hampshire. In her spare time she focuses on her writing and her two dogs, Mingus and Napoleon.

How Do We Stop Fighting Over College Applications?!

You blinked and it happened- your baby is talking about college. You want to help support them but remain realistic. You don’t want to hold them back, but you also refuse to push them out too soon. There are so many stresses parents face during this overwhelming and pressure-filled time, least of not being the financial burden of college and the emotional and physical safety of their child. 

We see it every year: the fighting. These fights sprout up from a number of root causes. Root one, the opinion of the parent can be seen as a demand through the eyes of the student. Root two, the financial aspect of the process can be overlooked by the student and, therefore, resented by the parent. And, root three, the suggestions or school lists are sometimes seen as insults or as bragging by either the parent or student.

When a parent suggests, or offers an opinion about a school to their child, it can often be met with disgruntlement. This cannot be taken personally; easier said than done. The stress of the situation weighs heavily on every student and the parents must take selfishness or discontentedness as a grain of salt in a gaping wound. Preface campus visits, interviews, and any deadline-sensitive work with a discussion on boundaries.
Parents inevitably break down along the process of their child applying to college. When the student starts feeling stressed the parents instinctually want to take that process on and be a rescuing relief for their child. During this time of year, I hear the same things repeatedly, “[My child] will get into college, right?” and, of course, “What do we need to do?” Firstly, realize your child can hear you and you don’t want to hurt their feelings by expressing any doubt. Always express confidence and unwavering support. Positivity is the best way to combat the cynicism most teenagers are stricken with.
JBG Educational Group is here to help make student and parent expectations meet their potential. We want to reduce the stress not only around the entire admissions process but also in relation to arguments between parents and students. If we can circumvent some of these distractions and pressure triggers, the entire process will be that much more enjoyable.

Why Tackling Your College Essay Over The Summer Is So Important

Junior year is without a doubt one of the most stressful years of your life. There is constant pressure with standardized testing, touring colleges, and simultaneously doing well in school. However, senior year is just as much of a struggle, if not MORE difficult. You are expected to improve your grades, create a college list, write supplements for those colleges, and most importantly: write you college essay! In order to have enough time for grades and college applications, you may want to tackle your college essay during the summer.

While this might have burst your ‘summer plans bubble’ that most likely did not include writing an essay, it is important to know why this must be done. First off, your college essay will be reviewed, revised, and redone probably ten plus times in order to perfect it. Therefore, a head start is going to be more than helpful. Additionally, you want to write this essay when you are relaxed. You will need a clear mind to think about what you want to highlight about yourself. If you are juggling this and twenty other things, your essay will not be your best work. Lastly, it is important that you exhibit your best writing skills in this essay. So, if you go three months without picking up a pencil, you might have a little bit of trouble.
Take the initiative and start this essay early! It will save you time, energy, and LOTS of stress! 

5 Reasons Why The Occasional Family Trip is Essential


1. A ‘Cleanse’ From the Real World
A family trip is an opportunity for you to get away from real world stresses, whether school, drama with friends, sports, etc. Take this time to put away your phone and spend time unplugged!
2. A Chance to Catch Up
Although you likely see your family every day, you might not always get the chance to talk and catch up. A family trip is a great way to talk about what’s new in your life.
3. Creating Memories
Any sort of quality family time will allow you to make great memories. When you are off at school or away from your family, you will draw back on the memories you created during these trips.
4. New Experiences
Family trips are the perfect opportunity to see a new place and gain new experiences. You can all experience this new and exciting place together.
5. Rekindling Relationships
Your relationships with your family members are the ones that are going to last forever. That being said, it is vital to keep and maintain these valuable relationships. Our everyday lives often hinder this, so a family trip is the perfect way to keep these bonds strong!

Private School of the Month
The Fenn School

The Fenn School is a therapeutic, all boys school in Concord, MA. Their goal is to prepare boys for the future in their elementary and middle school years through a challenging education. They have 330 students and a 5:1 student to faculty ratio. The Fenn School believes in pushing their students to embrace their talents and develop intellectual curiosity. The Fenn community is known to be nurturing, giving their students care and compassion throughout their academic journey.These values are also seen through their motto:  Sua Sponte – "It's in your hands." Additionally, the school teaches inclusiveness to all students, resulting in a student body that is close and respectful of their peers. Fenn has a wide range of activities including a wide selection of sports, as well as drama, photography, dance, music, and more. They provide each student with an iPad starting in 6th grade, giving them technological experience which will be needed in the future. Fenn is an excellent school that educates boys through the morals of honesty, respect, empathy and courage.

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College of the Month
Norfolk State University
Norfolk State University is a public, liberal arts school that was founded in 1935. It is located in Norfolk, Virginia and has an enrollment of about 4,500. This university’s goal is to provide a quality and affordable education for a diverse and ethnic student body, so they can later contribute their skills to society. The student-faculty ratio at Norfolk State University is 16:1, and the school has 57.2 percent of its classes with fewer than 20 students. Students often have a close knit relationship with their professors and receive a valuable education. Some of the most popular majors include: Business/Commerce, General, Multi-/Interdisciplinary Studies, Psychology, and Sociology and Social Work. The school offers many services to further the academic careers of their students such as free tutoring, placement service, day care, health services, and health insurance. Overall, Norfolk State is aimed towards helping students who may be struggling financially, receive an education. 

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Quote of the Month:
"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today."


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