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  • Inside scoop from recent JBG grads - what is college really like? 


How to Make the Final Decision


For seniors, April and May can still be a stressful time, especially when trying to decide to which college they should accept attendance. So many factors funnel into this decision and many times it leaves students and their families feeling stuck between a few excellent options. Here’s what to consider when making the final choice:
Is it a good academic fit?
The college/university in which students enroll should include a major(s) that is well-aligned with their educational interests and professional aspirations. It should also provide a curriculum that both challenges and prepares them for future success as an employee or graduate student. Class size and structure should be conducive to their learning style. Some students may also benefit from academic support, and for these individuals, it is vital to choose a school that offers tutoring services and access to a student writing center.
Which school offers the extracurricular activities, student groups, and employment opportunities that interest you?
Clubs are a great option for students who enjoy organized activities where they can explore their passions and meet new people. If extracurricular participation is important to them, they should explore the level of student involvement at each school they are considering. Greek life is also a very appealing component of student life to some, and students interested in joining should make sure this option is available.   
Does it have the ideal campus atmosphere and student body?
Students often have different preferences when considering environment. Some urban schools are more integrated into the surrounding city, while other city schools have more identifiable campuses. There are suburban schools that are located in close proximity to major cities and other educational institutions, while some are more secluded. Students should think about location, and determine whether the school’s setting can provide them with what they want or need: Will I find an internship? How far is the nearest airport? Are there good restaurants and nightlife options? Campus size and student population are also important factors. 
What is the school’s reputation? Does it have a strong alumni network?
Students should strive to attend an esteemed school in the area of study in which they wish to pursue. For example, if a student wants to become an engineer, they should look to attend a university with an established engineering program, and one that local (and distant) companies know and respect. Additionally, students may want to put some thought into where they want to reside upon graduation and ensure there is a strong alumni network within this geographical location.     
Asking these questions can help to narrow down and identify to which institution they should commit. With a little review and a dash of forward-thinking, choosing the right school can be far less complicated than expected.


Congratulations! You’re Accepted! 

At JBG, we love when our students find the perfect school for their college education. Their varied experiences have landed them in hundreds of highly esteemed institutions. We’ve included a list below as a sampling of their achievements and only a fraction of the happy successes we have championed:

McGill University                  Canada         
St. Andrew's University         Scotland
Oxford University                  England
University of Edinburgh         Scotland
In the US:               
University of Alabama    Tuscaloosa, AL
University of Arizona      Tucson, AZ
Chapman University       Orange, CA
Harvey Mudd College     Claremont, CA
Loyola Marymount         Los Angeles, CA
Occidental College          Los Angeles, CA
Pitzer College                 Claremont, CA
Pomona College               Claremont, CA
Santa Clara University    Santa Clara, CA
Stanford University         Stanford, CA
UC, Berkeley                 Berkeley, CA
UC, Davis                      Davis, CA
UCLA                             Los Angeles, CA
University of San Diego  San Diego, CA
University of Southern CA Los Angeles, CA  Colorado College          Lakewood, CO
University of Colorado       Boulder, CO
University of Denver         Denver, CO       
Connecticut College          New London, CT
Fairfield University          Fairfield, CT
Quinnipiac University       Hamden, CT
Sacred Heart University    Fairfield, CT
Trinity College                   Hartford, CT
University of Connecticut       Storrs, CT
University of Hartford     West Hartford, CT
Wesleyan University          Middletown, CT
Yale University                New Haven, CT    University of Delaware       Newark, DE
American University          DC
Georgetown University      DC
George Washington University         DC  
Rollins College               Winter Park, FL
University of Florida       Gainesville, FL
University of Miami        Coral Gables, FL
University of Tampa       Tampa, FL
Emory University             Atlanta, GA  
Northwestern University       Evanston, IL
University of Chicago        Chicago, IL
Indiana University            Bloomington, IN
University of Notre Dame   Notre Dame, IN Tulane University            New Orleans, LA Bates College                 Lewiston, ME
Bowdoin College              Brunswick, ME
Colby College               Waterville, ME       John Hopkins University Baltimore, MD
Loyola Maryland            Baltimore, MD
University of Maryland  College Park, MD

Assumption College        Worcester, MA

Babson College               Wellesley, MA

Bentley College              Waltham, MA

Boston College               Chestnut Hill, MA

Boston University            Boston, MA

Brandeis University         Waltham, MA

College of the Holy Cross    Worcester, MA

Emerson College              Boston, MA

Endicott College               Beverly, MA

Harvard University          Cambridge, MA

MIT                                 Cambridge, MA

Merrimack College        North Andover, MA



Northeastern University     Boston, MA
Regis College                   Weston, MA
Simmons College             Boston, MA
Smith College                 Northampton, MA
Stonehill College              Easton, MA
Tufts University                Medford, MA
UMass Amherst                Amherst, MA
Wellesley College            Wellesley, MA
Wentworth Institute             Boston, MA
Westfield State University     Westfield, MA
Wheaton College                 Norton, MA   
Michigan State University  East Lansing, MI
University of Michigan   Ann Arbor, MI        Washington University      St. Louis, MO
Dartmouth College          Hanover, NH
Saint Anselm College      Manchester, NH
University of New Hampshire  Durham, NH  Princeton University       Princeton, NJ  Barnard College             New York, NY
Colgate University           Hamilton, NY
Cornell University            Ithaca, NY
Fordham University        New York, NY
Ithaca College                Ithaca, NY
New York University       New York, NY
Skidmore College      Saratoga Springs, NY
Syracuse University        Syracuse, NY
Union College                Schenectady, NY
University of Rochester Rochester, NY
Davidson College             Davidson, NC
Duke University              Durham, NC
Elon University                 Elon, NC
High Point University      High Point, NC
Wake Forest University Winston-Salem,NC 
Case Western University       Cleveland, OH
The Ohio State University    Columbus, OH 
Bucknell University         Lewisburg, PA
Carnegie Mellon University   Pittsburgh, PA
Dickinson College            Carlisle, PA
Drexel University             Philadelphia, PA
Lafayette College             Easton, PA
Lehigh University             Bethlehem, PA
Muhlenberg College       Allentown, PA
Penn State                 State College, PA
UPenn                          Philadelphia, PA
University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, PA
Villanova University        Villanova, PA     
Brown University             Providence, RI
Bryant University             Smithfield, RI
Providence College         Providence, RI
Roger Williams University     Bristol, RI
University of Rhode Island    Kingston, RI
The Citadel                    Charleston, SC
Clemson University         Clemson, SC
College of Charleston     Charleston, SC 
University of Texas          Austin, TX
Southern Methodist University  Dallas, TX   University of Utah         Salt Lake City, UT
Middlebury College        Middlebury, VT
Saint Michael's College  Colchester, VT
University of Vermont    Burlington, VT
William and Mary          Williamsburg, VA
James Madison             Harrisonburg, VA
University of Richmond Richmond, VA
University of Virginia     Charlottesville, VA  University of Wisconsin          Madison, WI


Get the Inside Scoop

Annie Erikson
Fairfield University, Junior

Annie is a Dover native who came to us at JBG in her junior year of high school at Dover-Sherborn, seeking assistance with the college process. She was an incredibly kind and bright spirit to work with. Here are some of her thoughts about college: 

What is your major?

I'm majoring in accounting, with Spanish & History minors
What did you learn in your first year at college?

In the first year, I learned you don't always end up on the path that you thought you would, and that's okay. Everyone has their own battles that they are fighting, so you're not alone. Most importantly, 8 a.m. classes are never a good idea, regardless of how early you woke up in high school. Trust me!
What has been the best part about your college experience so far?

I have learned more about myself, who I am, and who I want to be. 
Did anything about the college experience surprise you?

The biggest surprise for me was discovering friends in the most unlikely of places. 
What advice would you give seniors going into college?

Get involved!! Sign up for everything and see what you like and who you meet, then go from there. Also, take advantage of the opportunities that you're given. Be yourself.
What do you wish you knew as a HS junior regarding the college process?

The importance of keeping an open mind. Also, just because all of your friends love a school doesn't mean you have to (or vice versa). Another big lesson I wish I knew was not to look down upon your safety schools. I am attending my safety school and I'm so happy that I chose to come here.


Kristen Haarstick
Northeastern University, Freshman

Kristen grew up in Lincoln and worked with JBG while attending Cushing Academy. She is a friendly and outgoing student who always looks for new adventures. Here are some of her thoughts about college:

What is your major?


I am currently undeclared as a part of the Explore Program. As of now, I am planning to declare as a marketing and graphic design major. 


What did you learn in your first year at college?


London is a beautiful and vibrant city, but studying abroad is not for me. Especially since it was for my first semester of college, and it was just a little too far away from home. 


Create a schedule for yourself so that you can balance your academics and free time or you may become overwhelmed. 


What has been the best part about your college experience?


I appreciate the opportunity to explore different majors while I am undeclared. Also, all of the new, and quite frankly, stupendous and amazing friends I have made. 


Did anything about the college experience surprise you?


To be completely honest, the work load is not as bad as I expected it to be. It was also surprising how many people will reveal they feel the same way as you do about certain experiences. 


Some professors are really great teachers, some are really great people but unfortunately, not so great teachers (or people). Learn to adapt. Meet with your academic advisor and go to your professor’s office hours. It’s okay to drop a class if you really feel that it is not for you. Don’t give yourself unnecessary stress. 


What advice would you give seniors going into college?


Take a new environment as a chance to become the person you want to be, that you might not be in high school. Also, go to every event, sign up for a bunch of clubs and activities, talk to the random person that sits next to you in your super boring 8 a.m. class. This is how you’re going to make close friends. Don’t automatically assume the first people you meet are going to be your friends, branch out, be open. 


What do you wish you knew as a HS junior regarding the college process?


It’s okay to not get into your dream school, you’re going to be okay. 


Start your college essays and applications early so that you’re not rushing during the school year to finish. Starting and finishing them in the summer is best. 

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