Newsletter, December 2018

JBG December 2018 Newsletter

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  • Share the Great News! 
  • Staff of Month - Sarah Waters and Marcia Felix
  • Student of the Month - Ben Manchel 
  • How to Apply to Private School 
  • Vocational Vs. Agricultural 
  • School of the Month -  Dana Hall 
  • College of the Month - American 
  • REMINDER: Become a Parent Ambassador 

Acceptance Season is Upon Us!

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Special Thanks to Sarah and Marcia

This season, we wanted to acknowledge the outstanding work accomplished by a select few on our staff. Sarah Waters and Marcia Felix are part of the JBG office team and handle the inner workings of our company. While mostly behind the scenes, their contributions to our success are limitless. 

Day-to-day, they help assign families with tutors, connect with parents to resolve problems, create stunning in-house graphics, and are always there to make sure the business runs smoothly. Even if it means a late night phone call, or turn around on a project in less than a day. Without their assistance, we'd all be lost.

It is with gracious hearts that we thank them for all they have accomplished for us and surely what amazing work they will continue to do in the future. Whether it is making sure our water fountain stays running, or organizing case files in our overflowing cabinets, we are forever thankful for their creative input, organization skills, and ability to problem solve with ease.

Thank you, Sarah and Marcia!


Student of the Month
Ben Manchel


Ben Manchel is a senior at Roger Williams University in Rhode Island, majoring in Education. We met Ben when he attended Needham High School and have loved watching his journey into a confident and successful young man. 

At Roger Williams, Ben has been apart of the Hillel group and several intramural sport teams, keeping him involved with campus activities outside of his rigorous academics. When not in school, Ben is a great fan of music, the Celtics, and grilled cheese sandwiches. Whether it's for his major, minor in Communications, or just any old elective, Ben works hard and strives to become more independent as he soaks up every ounce of knowledge that will help him thrive in his future career. Through any obstacle, Ben never lost faith in himself. He overcame challenges to find the pride and sense of accomplishment he embodies today. 

Ben is an avid supporter of after school programs, having participated in several for internships and summer jobs over the years. He hopes to continue his work in this field after graduation. We are excited to witness more of his growth as a student and person in the coming months. 

Keep up the great work, Ben!

Aggie vs Vocational



There is no one path for high school education, and even though many students attend public or private schools focused on core academic classes, there are a few other options to consider. Agricultural schools also offer the ability to study beyond normal curricula by learning industry expertise in farming, husbandry, and land management. Similarly, vocational schools step outside typical coursework by giving students the opportunity to explore hands-on trades such as carpentry, machinery, or culinary arts. They even provide insight into pre-med paths such as dentistry, veterinary work, or other medical degrees. 

So, how do you decide which might be the best fit for your alternately inclined student? 

1. For students who love the outdoors
2. Best suited for early risers  
3. Provides a global understanding of the food economy 

1. Great for hands-on students 
2. Focuses on real world experience
3. For students who may want to move directly to a job

There are many great agricultural and vocational schools in New England and beyond, and they would all love to have you visit during an open house to gain more information about their individual programs. Evaluate what approach may be most beneficial and research the options. A vocational or agricultural education is equally as valuable as a traditional one, and for some students, it may be the key to finding passion and success in the classroom. 


Private School

Applying to college can often be stressful, confusing, and time-consuming. To the surprise of many, the same can be said about the process of applying to a college preparatory or private high school. Each private school is unique, and where the student ultimately applies to should be predicated on a number of key factors:


Academic Atmosphere

Essentially, the academic atmosphere encompasses the courses offered, the collective group of teachers and administrators, the academic facilities (classrooms, library, labs, etc.), the academic structure, and all of the support available to students. Students have to find the academic environment that best aligns with their goals, abilities, and needs. 

Sports, Music, Art 

Many students wish to attend a private school to pursue their athletic, musical, and/or artistic abilities. It is common for an aspiring college athlete to do a PG (post-graduate) year to improve their grades and advance their athletic ability, or for a sophomore to transfer due to the national recognition certain programs garner. Similarly, gifted artists and musicians often decide to attend prep school because it gives them the opportunity to pursue their passions at a high level. Private schools with strong art and music programs offer students the opportunity to immerse themselves in a culture that suits their interests and personality.


Traditions and Campus Life 

Some schools have a religious affiliation and require students to attend Chapel twice a week. Saturday classes are common at many schools throughout New England, as are schools that require students to wear uniform dress. Other schools are more contemporary and less regimented. Campus life also differs at each school. There are day schools and there are boarding schools, and many are both! Some campuses are secluded while others are more urban or suburban, which dictates what many students do during the weekend. Most schools are coed, but there are still many that remain either all-boys or all-girls.


It is best to first understand why you want to apply to a private school and what you are looking for in the school. Once research has been conducted and a list has been created, visiting the schools is an imperative step. Without visiting, it is often difficult to experience the true essence and spirit of the school. Not sure? JBG can help!  


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Private School of the Month
Dana Hall School

This all-girls school in Wellesley, MA, boasts an environment focused on helping its student succeed in- and outside the classroom. Dana Hall students are encouraged to explore their freedoms on campus through educational experiments, self-expression, and by taking on new challenges. They are supported by strong adult role models and likeminded peers.

At Dana Hall, the dorms are not just a place to sleep -- they are a home away from home, a personal space in a larger community, and the springboard for life skills and confidence students will gain during their time on campus. Most students have to wait until college to see the world, but not Dana girls. Through exceptional guidance, students discover the value of respect, integrity, multicultural sensitivity, and personal responsibility.

Academically, Dana Hall stands tall above the rest. Faculty are dedicated and passionate. They are more accessible than at public schools, so students can create impactful connections and build their knowledge in more ways than just the classroom. As a result, the students hear one message, loud and clear: nothing stands in the way of your dreams.


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College of the Month
American University

Right in the heart of Washington, DC., stands the historic American University. Founder John Fletcher Hurst dreamed of educating the world’s future public servants. Once it was chartered by Congress in 1893, AU became defined by its groundbreaking spirit, leading the way in equality across the ages.  

American University is a student-centered research institution with a growing reputation for creating meaningful change in the world. Their students embody the meaning of service, leadership, and ability to rethink global and domestic challenges. Through interdisciplinary studies, the boundaries between academic disciplines are explored with the guidance of internationally recognized faculty members who seek to personalize the educational process. With a focus on creative and practical approaches, AU students can gain knowledge in the DC metropolitan area and abroad. 

There are more than 12,000 undergraduates, following in the footsteps of alumni who gain employment at a rate of 92% within six months of graduation and 80% who continue into a master’s degree program. The faculty includes former ambassadors, elected officials, and winners of Oscars, Emmys, Pulitzers, and the National Book Award. Life as an Eagle is sure to aim high and succeed! 

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Quote of the Month:
"There is no greater education than one that is self-driven."
~ Neil deGrasse Tyson



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