June 18, 2020

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How to Balance Freedom and Government Involvement in a Pandemic

The pandemic reminds liberals of the difference between limited government and incompetent government, but it should reinforce belief in the superiority of liberal democracy.

25 Years of Research on Police Accountability

Cato is proud of its decades of work on the subject of police misconduct and accountability.

Homeschooling: Protecting Freedom, Protecting Children

For advocates, its purpose and value is to open space for diversity, enabling families to provide education different from what any school offers. Critics fear that it isolates children from the myriad people and ideas in society and can enable child abuse to go unchecked.


The Federal Reserve Can Create Money—Will They?

Congress gave the Fed the ability to create money from thin air. The Fed should wield this enormous power wisely.

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USPS: Privatization vs. Bailouts

Congress should privatize the United States Postal Service to give it the flexibility it needs to deal with all the new challenges.

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Restricting Social Media Harms Free Speech

Section 230 is not contingent on politically neutral content moderation, is not a subsidy or special privilege, nor does it make a distinction between publishers and platforms.

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