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Cato University is the Cato Institute’s premier educational event of the year. This year we are expanding Cato University into several three-day sessions, each with a different focus that offers comprehensive analyses of critical, multi-faceted issues at the center of individual liberty.

While the topics for each Cato University program will vary, the goal remains as always: to bring together outstanding faculty and participants from across the country and, often, from around the globe, who share a commitment to liberty and learning; and to provide participants an opportunity to form new and enduring friendships and perspectives in a one-of-a-kind environment.

Cato University
College of Economics
July 27–29, 2017 • Newport Beach, CA

Cato University’s College of Economics is based on the conviction that economics shouldn’t be limited only to specialists. Economics is a way of thinking, a tool for decision-making, and a basis for action. It’s the necessary foundation for understanding government, business, and society.

Discussions by Nobel Laureate Vernon Smith, top economics professors from Harvard University, Northwestern University, and scholars from the Cato Institute will solidify your expertise on basic economic principles, and then help you apply those tools to today’s most pressing issues.

Topics will include:
  • Adam Smith on Moral Sentiments and the Wealth of Nations
  • The Economics of Liberty and Prosperity
  • The Power of Incentives
  • Spontaneous Orders
  • The Economics of Cooperation and Coercion
  • Rational Choice and Public Policy Analysis
  • Environmental Economics
  • The Economics of Trade and the Politics of International Trade
  • The Economic Analysis of Social Policy
  • The Economics of Knowledge

Cato University
College of History and Philosophy
October 26–28, 2017 • Philadelphia, PA

History is indispensable to understanding and defending liberty under our constitutionally limited, representative government. And at the core of that history is philosophy: the underlying beliefs and values on which the American republic was founded. Cato University’s College of History and Philosophy braids these two powerful subjects together to explore the history of liberty and justice, of wealth and poverty, of individual rights and the rule of law.
Details and Registration: Registration and additional information on this year's schedule and lecturers will soon be available at and will be emailed to you once it is posted online.

If you have any questions about the 2017 program, please email Brandi Dunn. For registration information, please call 202-789-5203.
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