May 19, 2020

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Guidelines for Responding to COVID-19

We at the Cato Institute face this challenge with both trepidation and a firm belief in the creative capacities of human beings. We urge policymakers in the United States and around the world not to let fear and hubris lead them to prescribe cures that are worse than the disease.

The Second Amendment in the Supreme Court?

In the ten years since the Court took a Second Amendment case, the lower courts have floundered to figure out what the decisions in Heller and McDonald mean.

Do Census Questions Go Too Far?

The Constitution authorizes the federal government to conduct an “actual enumeration” of Americans, not to ask about our race, income, and other personal characteristics.


Balancing Emergency Powers and Coercive Control

Just because significant restrictions on our day‐​to‐​day lives are warranted doesn’t mean it’s a free‐​for‐​all for government coercion.

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USPS: Privatization vs. Bailouts

Congress should privatize the United States Postal Service to give it the flexibility it needs to deal with all the new challenges.

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From Spirits to Sanitizer

Private businesses should not face regulations discouraging them from increasing the supply of a vital public health resource.

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