How a Manufacture Saves a Cool Quarter Million And Information from OSHA

Participatory Ergonomics (PE) Saves Manufacturer a Cool Quarter Million

by Russell Richer
Imagine a 52% reduction in short and long term disabilities, of saving close to $250,000. There is manufacturer in Canada that does not have to imagine, they did it.

Firearms on the Job

by Lynne Lamstein
Gun control is a workplace issue for both employees and employers. Between OSHA and state laws, where does your company stand? Do you have a policy in place?


  • OSHA Warns: Cold Weather Results in Increase in Carbon Monoxide Exposure
  • OSHA Launches 2013 FEDTARG Program
  • NIOSH Funds Study to Find Out if Low Wages are a Risk Factor for Hypertension

    (Click Here for OSHA/NIOSH Update)


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