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The SHIFT, A Movie Being Made By A Movement
Dearest Fellow SHIFTERS,
I am delighted to share with you a deeply insightful and evocative movie on elephant compassion that my friend Sangita has embarked upon. 
Sangita Iyer (B.Sc., M.A.. PG Journalism), a three-time international award winning documentary film maker, has been striving for the past three years to create A FREEDOM LEGACY and bring forth healing for captive Asian elephants that are being brutally tortured in the name of culture and religion. 

Gods in ShacklesSangita has just launched her fundraising campaign to complete post production of --- Gods in Shackles a feature-length documentary film --- 

To date, all of the footage has been shot for an exposé revealing the dark side of the Southern Indian state of Kerala's glamorous cultural festivities that exploit temple elephants for profit in the name of culture and religion.
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The film exposes the magnitude of the crisis by peeling off the layers of political, commercial and cultural systems that are intertwined, and have played a critical role in perpetrating the exploitation of these magnificent animals. But more than just exposing the brutality, the film is also a call to action. And this is exactly why I am featuring this awe-inspiring story in our film THE SHIFT.
Click here to watch the heart-warming Movie Trailer --- Gods in Shackles --- and become part of this Freedom Legacy!!

Sangita has been chronicling this story over the past three years, traveling every six months to India, and working with elephant owners, handlers, even temple authorities that conduct these rituals, in order to gather insights on the deeper issues. 
She has garnered the respect and support of some of the world re-nowned elephant scientists and conservationists, who have risked their lives and come forward to expose the deep seeded systemic corruption. 

Sangita needs to raise a modest $30,000 for the post-production of this documentary.
Aside from a feeling of deep satisfaction for having contributed to a significant global cause, you will also receive meaningful gifts, precious memorabilia that you will cherish for a lifetime.
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This is her way of expressing her deepest gratitude. It will take you just two minutes to click on a "Perk" of your choice, and make a difference in the lives of these tortured elephants. 

Help make this film here

And right now you have a chance to literally be one of the final team of co-producers who bring this incredible history-making movie down the homestretch! 

Click here if you would like to Become Part of this Legacy and Get Your Associate Producer Credit Today!  

And there's so many cool perks at this stage that you'll have to check them out for yourself!

Gods in ShacklesAs the world is getting ready to celebrate Christmas and the Holiday Season, India's temple elephants have just entered into their season of torture and abuse.
Between December and May India's elephants are exploited for profit in cultural festivals, including Christmas. 
The Holy Bible, nor the the Bhagavad-Gita, nor the Quran, nor the Tor, nor any religious scriptures for that matter, promote the use of elephants for religious festivals, however elephants are still being tortured in the name of culture and religion.
Worse yet, Asian elephants are under serious threat. There are only approximately 30,000 of them left in the wild, in fact they are listed as an endangered species.
Despite a ban on elephant capture by the Indian government, people are still capturing them illegally, as the captive elephant population is declining dramatically due to torture and neglect.

These gentle giants are enslaved, and deprived of their basic necessities of life.
Help us save the Elephants!

A different outcome for our beloved temple elephants is possible if enough of us focus on participating in this initiative for positive change, and in manifesting peaceful co-existence with all sentient beings on our planet.

One of the main reasons Gods in Shackles has created such a tremendous buzz around the globe is because it's really the first movie of its kind that has been funded and produced by an entire movement by people like you and me. 
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So this holiday season I invite you to consider the Gift of Freedom for temple elephants - the captive Asian Elephants of India. 
Gods in Shackles

Check out the award-winning production team that Sangita has put together... they are dedicating most of their time and talents, and Sangita has invested much of her life's savings in the production of this documentary.  So anything you can do to assist would be greatly appreciated.

I'm deeply grateful for your time and consideration in supporting one of the most worthwhile initiatives to save our beloved Asian Elephants.

Help the Elephants here!

Thank you again for everything you continue to do in helping us create a better world where we can peacefully co-exist with all sentient beings. Help us save our beloved Elephants!

To our Elephants,

Rochelle Marmorstein, Filmmaker



PS: The filmmakers are heading into the final phase of creating the movie. After an outstanding Pre-Production campaign, they have entered into their post-production phase. 

Click here to help them cross the finish line

About Sangita:
Sangita IyerSangita Iyer (B.Sc. M.A. EEC, PGD Journalism) is an Award-winning Journalist, three-time International Award-winning Nature and Wildlife Film Maker, and the Director of documentary film in the making, “Gods in Shackles”. She has reported and anchored for the ABC/ CBS affiliate in Bermuda, produced Nature and Wildlife reports for the Daily Planet on Discovery Channel Canada, Co-founded Bermuda Environmental Alliance (BEA), an organization dedicated to helping the island's youth connect with the natural world, and is currently a Contributing Writer for The Huffington Post. Sangita’s 2014 elephant campaign was featured on CTV Toronto, CTV News Channel, and Rogers TV.



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