Emma Plunkett's October art newsletter contains watercolour paintings of luminescent sea creatures.
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Dear Art Lover,

Vibrant Sea Creatures

These two watercolour paintings remind us of a different pace of life, in another world, which exists  along side us under the sea. The original paintings are still available for sale at £75 each or you can have A3 prints for £25 each.

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Fabulous Fish

A3 watercolour: Even with lots of crazy detail in this loosely painted fantasy fish, there comes across a feeling of completeness and acceptance.

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A3 watercolour:  Alert and from somewhere very deep, this is a very luminescent painting in real life.


As an artist, I naturally reflect my environment through what I make. I suppose living near and swimming in the sea, is still having a great impact on my subject matter. Maybe the mood of these paintings is a reflection of what is going on inside me too?


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Thank you for your ongoing curiosity.

Love Emma

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