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All About Eve
Dear Art Lover

This piece is about the journey of all women. It's about our body rights, our sense of self worth. It's about how our sexuality is represented and perceived, it's about how we hold ourselves and consider our work as we get on later in life.
Eve – an oil painting by Emma Plunkett
This painting presents Eve as an older woman. She is beautiful, vulnerable and sexy. She is at ease with herself and is not looking for any type of approval. In fact, if anything, she is the one who assigns you her approval.

She is without Adam and that's ok. We can only wonder about what happened to him?
She made a fleeting appearance in my preliminary sketches, I worked fast and painted mostly from memory.
I spent hours on the face and eventually my style came out similar to that of the portraits I did when I was young.
Painting this part was a wonderful indulgence once I'd got the shapes in, as the garden of Eden is full of lavender.
A large scale oil painting of an older more erotic Eve
Title: Eve
Size: 190cm x 130cm
Medium: Oil paint on linen canvas
Date: 2016

Here is an animated gif of the work in progress
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For me this piece is not erotic, even though it is a semi nude and so can be deemed as such. The intention from me is to be just a little provocative and by showing you what I see in real life. This piece is also not a commission, I had an urge to paint it.

It's also all about that splendid couch!

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Love Emma
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