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Heart & Strawberry Cyanotypes
Dear Art Lover

The of making a cyanotype print is very interesting process. It involves having a sturdy board, then layering up on it, first paper, prepared with the light sensitive emulsion, then I place the enlarged negative over that and then a piece of heavy glass to weigh it down. This is then all taken outside and exposed in the sunshine until the paper turns from green to gold. The paper is then rinsed for 10 minutes and turns to a Prussian blue. While the print is still wet, I add the coloured inks.
Cyanotype Heart
Heart Cyanotype
This is a photograph of a wild boars heart, which I took at its slaughter. I like to think its design is close to that of a human heart. This print is A5 in size and is meant to be an alternative to the made up love heart shape. You know, like a real flesh and blood heart.
Fraise cyanotype
Strawberry Cyanotype
The heart and strawberry are a matching pair, the same size and colours. I like to hang them together, because the simple sweet fruit gives a gentle balance to the more gruesome anatomy of the real heart.
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Watching the cyanotype process take shape is very addictive, seeing the colours change and which type of negatives work best is compelling. 

The heart and strawberry are like emblems that closely resemble a love heart, whilst neither are quite an actual love heart shape.
Love Emma
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