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Emma Plunkett Art
Contemporary Fine Art, Video & Design
Making art is a piece of cake
And a very enjoyable piece of cake it is too, however there's more to it than just that. Considerations like buying tools and materials, photographing the pieces, storage, exhibitions, marketing, art licenses, packaging for couriers and admin all need lots of attention in order to keep the artist alive and flourishing. To be able to bring you a glimpse of what is being created, the cogs of the wheels in the art studio turn round and round, sometimes very late into the night. Sometimes I notice things that I have forgotten to do like sign a piece, which has already been framed, duh.
partially glazed figure with holding onto a string curtain
Ariel Silks Performer
43cm high partially glazed stoneware sculpture: She catches the string curtain through her hands, hair and feet.
partially glazed figure on a static trapeze
Static Trapeze Artist
24cm high partially glazed stoneware sculpture: She hangs from the ceiling by hand made twine and sits on a steal pole.
The life of an artist has changed incredibly over the last 30 years. Even though we still lock ourselves away in the art studio for hours on end, the digital age has revolutionised the scene. These days artists are many and are not tied to any rigid boundaries, galleries, churches or wealthy commissioners. Anyone can make and collect art now. We create our own personal culture by purchasing directly from the artists and in turn artists grow their own audiences. 

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