We're excited about this event at Biola! You should come (or, you know, tune in for the live-stream if you can't make it).

The End of Our Exploring.

Available now.

Matt's second book is now available from Amazon and elsewhere.  An examination of the act of questioning, The End of Our Exploring seeks to question questioning itself. How do we question well? To what end should we ask questions?

Gray Matters

Available Now.

Brett McCracken's second book is available now from Amazon and elsewhere. Gray Matters is a book about culture. As Christians, we ought to seek to engage culture well, rather than simply encourage one another to engage.

Mere-O: The Cost of Freedom.

Our dear leader, Matt, suggests that we start where we all agree: that there is a great deal of disagreement about what justice requires and what form freedom should take. I'll let his words set up the topic for today:

"We feel the disagreements very sharply, in other words, and it can be tempting to bemoan the death of any kind of unified civic life that doesn’t have to do with sports or our love of certain movies (as important as they are).  It’s tempting to think we need to have more in common, before we can even begin to speak properly about a common good. 

To these challenges, though, I would add one more:  a steady and unstoppable onslaught of words, which aggravates the problem by making it harder for everyone to find or discover wisdom.  (Yes, I am a part of that problem.  Yes, I do think often about whether I should stop writing.  No, that’s not an invitation for you to tell me otherwise.)"

Well, sure, Matt. Many of us are part of the problem of too many words. But some words, I think, are extraordinarily helpful. Or, at the very least, interesting.

On that point, though, I know Matt and I are agreed. Biola University—in conjunction with the Torrey Honors Institute and the Biola Center for Christian Thought— is hosting a conversation between Cornel West and Robert George, moderated by Rick Warren. If that sounds like a list of people you wouldn't have guessed would speak at the same event, you've got company. But it really is happening, and it is happening this week. 

So here's the deal. If you're in Southern California, you could come to the actual event. You can get tickets here. Mere-O will be coming out strong for this one; both Matt and I will be attending. If you'd like to say hi, let us know (maybe on Twitter? Yeah, probably that).

One last thing. If you aren't in Southern California, you can also view the live-stream. You can sign up for a reminder for the live-stream here (near the bottom of the page)
For the writers,
James Arnold
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