RAYMOND WEIL wishes a happy birthday to Facebook!

RAYMOND WEIL launched an unconventional Facebook birthday celebration to connect with its brands audiences and honor the power of the world’s largest social network.

On Monday February 4th 2013, RAYMOND WEIL honors the famous social network by redirecting all its website traffic to the brand’s Facebook page, which shares with consumers a parallel of both companies’ history since 2004.

The intent of the campaign is to connect individuals interested in or shopping for watches with a new way to engage and explore with RAYMOND WEIL. The visitors, who wish to discover the Swiss Luxury watch collection or access specific information about the brand will still be one click away from the dedicated Facebook Tabs such as the Watch Finder and Store Locator.

RAYMOND WEIL hopes that both its audience and Facebook receive the well-gestured campaign with the good natured and social spirit that inspired the marketing move.

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