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Here is what I found interesting the last week about intranet, digital workplaces, Office 365, SharePoint, internal communication, collaboration, ESN, chatbots, usability and artificial intelligence.

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Intranet/Digital Workplaces


Ten content commandments for intranet managers

An intranet is first and foremost about information provision, organization control, providing service.



It’s as simple as this: you can’t deliver great customer experience (#CX) without a great digital employee experience (#DEX)

What will be the key features on the digital workplace in 3 years?

25 of the 30+ speakers at IntraTeam Event Copenhagen 2019 gave their thoughts on the question “What will be the key features on the digital workplace in 3 years?”
Workshops and sessions about intranet/digital workplaces #IntraTeam19

If you can’t commit to lead, you can’t be responsible for strategy

If your digital workplace doesn’t support achievement of business strategy and goals, then why bother?

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Office 365 & SharePoint

6 tips to get mega value from the new megamenu navigation for SharePoint

Megamenu navigation is coming to SharePoint Online communication sites in February. These tips will help you get started.

LiveTiles buys Wizdom

Australian cloud-based digital workplace software vendor LiveTiles is paving its way in the European market through the $48 million acquisition of Microsoft aligned digital workplace software business Wizdom.

Using OneNote during a conference

Ellen van Aken shares her recommendations using OneNote at conferences.
Workshops and sessions about Office 365/SharePoint #IntraTeam19


Internal Communication

The growing pains of internal communication

Internal communicators seem to be stuck in a rut, endlessly discussing the same old tactical topics. It’s time for them to move on and become true professionals so they can face up to the future with confidence.
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Collaboration & ESN

Less is Not Always More with Enterprise Social

While Enterprise Social Networking sites have taken their lead from consumer-facing Social Media platforms, there are many situations where good practices in social media just do not map over to Enterprise Social.
Cai Kjaer reveals more secrets at #IntraTeam19 in his session: "3 ridiculously effective ways to get senior leaders active on your Enterprise Social Network (with almost no effort)"
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Enterprise Search

Workshops and sessions about Enterprise Search #IntraTeam19



Want to Use Chatbots and Smart Speakers in Your Workplace? Think Big

Technologies like chatbots, digital assistants and smart speakers are the new and exciting way for employees to interact with enterprise systems. But have we considered, why we want or need these tools in the workplace?
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Use and convenience replace trust and security

Today, we choose simplicity, usefulness and convenience over trust and security. We don’t trust Facebook. We use Facebook. So, trust doesn’t matter? Or does convenience simply trump trust?


Artificial Intelligence

The ethics of artificial intelligence

In this episode of the McKinsey Podcast, Simon London speaks with MGI partner Michael Chui and McKinsey partner Chris Wigley about how companies can ethically deploy artificial intelligence.
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