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Here is what I found interesting the last week about intranet, digital workplaces, Office 365, SharePoint, internal  communication, learning digital literacy.

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Intranet/Digital Workplaces

What to Look for in a Modern Intranet

Intranets become all-inclusive and engaging working environments that encourage employee use, facilitate business needs, social activities and improve productivity.
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Office 365

Jump Into Office 365 With Both Feet – Or Walk Away

With a whole new ocean of possibilities ahead, it is odd is that many IT departments, are now just dabbling their feet at the shore, instead of jumping straight in.

Resources to help you modernize your SharePoint intranet

Thinking about converting your classic SharePoint intranet to modern? Use these great recent resources to guide and inspire your planning.


No Code Column Formatting in SharePoint – NEW

There’s a new wizard based, easy user interface for column conditional formatting in SharePoint Online
WonderLaura facilitates two workshops about PowerApps and Flow at #IntraTeam19

Why you no longer need a SharePoint Document Center

Gregory Zelfond, the SharePoint Maven explains why you should not use a SharePoint Document Center.
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Internal Communication

How to create compelling content

Helen Deverell's top tips for creating compelling content
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Enterprise Search

Workshops and sessions about Enterprise Search #IntraTeam19



Long live lifelong learning

Participating in online communities is a like a walking through a door, following a path towards lifelong learning. 

Digital Transformation Will Stall if You Don't Prepare Your Employees

Sometimes businesses focus so heavily on adopting new technologies that they disregard the need to invest in their employees to make sure they, and the company, get the most out of the new tools at their disposal. 


Digital Literacy

Why Play Is Important for Digital Literacy

The term "digital literacy" puts the focus on enhancing people’s abilities for their own good, rather than learning something to benefit a system or organization.
Elizabeth Marsh will talk about digital literacy at #IntraTeam19


Future of Work

AI In 2019 According To Recent Surveys And Analysts' Predictions

Robotic process automation (RPA), computer vision, and machine learning are the most commonly deployed AI applications. 

Gradually, then suddenly

Technological change often happens gradually, then suddenly. One trend is knowledge on demand, understanding that the supporting role of coursework is to get you to the point where you can take in and use on-demand knowledge.
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Community for digital leaders

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Benchmark of your intranet/digital workplace

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