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Here is what I found interesting the last week about intranet, digital workplaces, Office 365, SharePoint, digital strategy and open source software.

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Intranet/Digital Workplaces


Should your governance be sponsored or democratic?

As platforms grow in importance and value, the question of governance becomes critical. Having strong governance ensures that decisions are made the right way, and that what’s delivered will be managed sustainably into the future.

Keep control of your intranet processes

Documenting the processes often gives the intranet work a more real, ”official” look and feel and makes it easier to send the signal that intranet management is a real job best done by a professional (namely you).
Workshops and sessions about governance #IntraTeam19

The Dangers of Overpersonalization

Too much personalization leads to homogeneous experiences for users and can generate content fatigue and lack of diversity. Here are several recommendations to prevent overpersonalization.
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Office 365

Flow Out-of-Box Reminders

In lists and libraries that have date columns, there is a way to set up an out-of-box Microsoft Flow, to send reminders

WonderLaura facilitates two workshops about PowerApps and Flow at #IntraTeam19

Why You Should Launch Your SharePoint Deployment & Adoption Plan Concurrently

It is crucial to plan both the technical side and the human side of a SharePoint rollout at the same time, and to pursue both with the same diligence.
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FREE Webinar: Microsoft Teams has Moved the IA Cheese 

In this free webinar, Microsoft MVP & RD Christian Buckley will walk through the unique IA considerations for Teams. Sign up for free here


Internal Communication

Workshops and sessions about Internal Comms #IntraTeam19



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Enterprise Search

Workshops and sessions about Enterprise Search #IntraTeam19


Digital Strategy

A winning operating model for digital strategy

There are four areas of marked difference in how companies with the best economic performance approach digital strategy compared with all others


Open Source Software

5 Questions IT Managers Should Ask Before Choosing Open Source Software

Here are five questions that companies should consider when it comes to open-source software
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Community for digital leaders

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Benchmark of your intranet/digital workplace

Answer the survey/benchmark and we give you access to articles and results of the survey in an exclusive group on our community. We also give you an overall benchmark score and a score in 26 categories in a graph as below. Send an email to me if you want to participate.

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