Here is what I found interesting the last week or so about intranet, digital workplaces, Office 365, SharePoint, internal communication, change management, community, learning, and new technology.
Employee Communications Master Class Nov. 15 with Steve and Cindy Crescenzo. 


Intranet/Digital Workplaces

Six takeaways from the IntraTeam Stockholm intranet & digital workplace conference

Here are six key takeaways from the conference, gained from watching sessions, speaking to attendees and comparing notes with others.


Office 365/SharePoint

Microsoft Ignite 2018 Takeaways

What Sharegate learned about the modern experience, data security, team collaboration and Azure cost management.

Creating a custom Microsoft Flow template gallery for your organization (part 2)

An internal template gallery enables you to build and share custom Microsoft Flows within your Office 365 tenant. The gallery ensures that your users pool their collective knowledge and avoid re-work in building flows.


Change Management

Change is hard but not impossible

The bigger the change you want to see the longer it will take and the more setbacks you will meet. But big change can and does happen. And those who have changed the world the most have tended to be patient, resolute, determined and optimistic.



The importance of Community Managers

The concept of community management was woven through several of the #MSIgnite sessions Sarah Haase attended. Karen Prather, Kimberly-Clark's session about how they power employee engagement with Yammer, she outlined key ways community managers drive engagement.

Why Process Improvement is Key to Your Organization’s Success

Organizations that view process improvement as an enabler of innovation and growth will quickly see how processes can underpin business capabilities, and how capabilities can underpin strategy execution.


Internal Communication

Employee Communications Master Class

My friends from Chicago that also happens to be top-speakers on employee communication and they are coming to Denmark to give a Master Class on Employee Communication on Nov. 15 in Copenhagen.

Here is a video to give you an insight in Steve's speaking skills and entertaining style. I promise you will laugh, learn and cry through this Master Class. That's how good he is!


Learning & New Technology

Is Virtual Reality Set to Disrupt The Digital Workplace?

Training is one of the main use areas for Virtual Reality and lowers the cost of getting teams deeply familiar with the skills they'll need in prime-time situations.

Use Chatbots for Employee eLearning

There are 3 reasons why chatbots are so powerful for eLearning
1. The interface is intuitive. 
2. The information is bite-sized. 
3. Chatbots can nudge. 

Community for digital leaders

Join our intranet/digital workplace and/or our Office 365/SharePoint community for free and see the new theme pages We have also started to share "Tip of the week"

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