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Here is what I found interesting the last week about intranet, digital workplaces, Office 365, SharePoint, internal communication, and automation.

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Intranet/Digital Workplaces


It’s time to enter your great work into the 2019 Intranet & Digital Workplace Awards!

The 2019 Intranet and Digital Workplace Awards are now open for entries!  Step Two be accepting submissions right up to the closing date of Tuesday 12 March 2019.
Workshops and sessions about intranet/digital workplaces #IntraTeam19

Will there be any changes to who is responsible for digital workplace in 3 years?

Some of the speakers from our upcoming IntraTeam Event have answered this question.

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Office 365

Organize your SharePoint sites with megamenu navigation and new “change the look” options

Site owners can now use: Megamenus, “Change the look”, site headers, site footers and site designs 

Building a flexible model for sharing Office 365 changes with your end-users

Building a list of the communication mediums you have at your disposal and once you know, how you can communicate changes, you can build criteria for when to use each. 

Expiring news across modern SharePoint

One of the ways modern web parts can be used is to build modern pages for sharing news across an organization.
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Internal Communication

The changing nature of trust

On one side, people are trusting more themselves, their friends, their peers. On the other side, there is a collapse in institutional trust. 

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Enterprise Search

Workshops and sessions about Enterprise Search #IntraTeam19



The Hidden Automation Agenda of the Davos Elite 

They’ll never admit it in public, but many of your bosses want machines to replace you as soon as possible.

Thoughts on artificial intelligence/chatbots in the workplace

Here are the thoughts on artificial intelligence/chatbots in the workplace from some of the speakers at IntraTeam Event Copenhagen 2019
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Community for digital leaders

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Benchmark of your intranet/digital workplace

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