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In This Newsletter:

1. Santa Cruz Fiber: Progress Report

santa cruz fiber logoWe're set to build our first fiber neighborhood. Our network maps are drawn, and we've submitted detailed drawings to the City of Santa Cruz Department of Public Works.

We hope for a timely and thorough review because this is a proof of concept -- it will help us reach the rest of the City, and eventually the County, with fiber internet that costs less (we're planning on $50/mo) but is 10 to 100 times faster than what's currently available.

We're thrilled to be nearing construction after many years of planning and investment. Fiber is what our community needs, and we've focused tremendous effort to make it happen.

Once permitting is underway, Cruzio will take bids from construction companies. We've already put together financing and marketing plans. After building the main lines, we'll connect individual homes and offices throughout the neighborhood.

Lots more details on the fiber network plans here.

2. Alex and Josephine Save the Day

Our building is green -- it's LEED certified. One of its charming aspects is that our windows and doors are situated to catch the breezes as they come off the bay. But in the recent storms, it was quite a breeze.

As you can see in the video, a woman is entering the building when the wind gusts suddenly and pushes the door -- and her -- sharply back. Alex, our heroic front desk lead, is out of his chair and helping within seconds. Meanwhile Josephine prevents her computer monitor from flying away as everything in the room that's not nailed down whirls around crazily. 
Photo of Cruzio office

3. Best Websites to Check in a Rainstorm

The National Weather Service's satellite data -- you can see the rainstorms crossing the state. 
graphic from noaa doppler map

Santa Cruz County's website tells what roads are damaged, closed or slowed.

Back to the National Weather Service for river levels all over the state, including the San Lorenzo in Felton and Santa Cruz, and Soquel and Corralitos Creeks.
graphic from river level website

4. Some Weather Pics Because OMG the Weather

The whole county is keeping an eye out for flooding. Here are some folks checking out the threat to the County Building, which is pretty darn close to the swollen river:

And who takes the best pictures, goes to the gnarliest spots to see caved in mountain roads and giant knocked-over trees? The photographers at the Sentinel newspaper. Check out their storm photos, they're dramatic. 

For example, downed trees were unfortunately a common sight this week:
photo of downed tree

5. Admiral Grace Hopper

Yale University just named a college after Grace Hopper. Do you know who she is? (We're asking in the Cruzio newsletter, so you know it's got to have something to do with computers.)

When you watch this clip of Hopper on Letterman, you can see why a tech startup might want to hire an 80-year old.
picture of grace hopper on letterman
Grace Hopper was a pioneer. She worked as a programmer on many of the earliest computers -- those gigantic machines with tangles of wires barely hidden by great flappy panels -- and she got impatient with how you entered commands into the system. It was arcane. And if you made a single mistake you had to start all over again.

Hopper decided to fix that, and make computer commands sound like a real language, like English, with nouns and verbs. So you'd say things like "DISPLAY" an answer or "PERFORM" a task. That made it more friendly to non-engineers (engineers often like the arcane stuff).

Machines don't "get" English, so Hopper wrote the first compiler, which translates a logical process into something a computer performs.

Hopper is also famous for being the first to "debug" a computer program -- the term coined after a moth got into some circuitry and caused a short.

Here's a photo of the actual bug, taped into the log book:
photo of bug in Mark II log
As for the late-night TV interview, it takes a while for Letterman to realize how sharp his guest is.

Letterman: "You worked on the original computer in this country, right?"
Hopper: "Yes, the Navy assigned me to the first big computer in the United States, the Mark I at Harvard."
Letterman: "How did you know so much about computers?"
Hopper, drily: "I didn't. It was the first one."

From her interview in an oral history project:
"Commander Aiken came up to my desk one day and he said, 'you're going to write a book.' I said, 'I can't write a book.' And he said 'You're in the Navy now.' And that settled that, and I learned to write a book."

She must have been something to work with.

6. Saving Climate Data as Fast as They Can

internet archive logo
At UC Berkeley, NYU and other locations around the United States, coders concerned about the environment are conducting a massive data-gathering process, collecting scientific information from government computers to store on other sites like the Internet Archive.

The reason for the hurry is that some information from federal websites seems to have been removed, and it's feared that other changes to access will follow, with data either being moved, blocked from public view or, perhaps, disappearing altogether.

The view of the teams is that science should not be political. It's not just a matter of the current administration, but of any and all attempts to frame an argument by selectively supplying data.

The Washington Post and Wired Magazine , among others, have been covering this story.

7.Titans of Tech Thursday Evening!

Titans of Tech logo
For our county's size -- second smallest in California! -- Santa Cruz is home to a remarkable number of ground-breaking innovators. From the communications gear used in space to the first camera phone to nude coders programming UNIX, we've got a lot of surprises.

That's going to be fun to hear about. And it might be kind of inspiring to people with ideas of their own.

So Matthew Swinnerton of Event Santa Cruz is joining forces with Santa Cruz Works's Heather Putnam to present a panel of local "Titans of Tech." Each entrepreneur will spend four minutes describing their own path to innovation. It's this Thursday at the Dream Inn, don't miss it!

8. Those Beautiful Eagles

Remember that eagle's nest we pointed to last newsletter? We were lucky enough to point it out just a couple days before an egg hatched and a fuzzy, awkward baby bald eagle emerged. Like a human baby, this little one couldn't hold its head up. It needed a parent eagle to sit on top of it at all times to keep warm (luckily, humans do not have to do this).

If you missed the birth, here's a video:
photo of newborn eaglet
There's a lot that would seem to disqualify eagles as good parents. They scream all the time, for one thing. They kill (fish, anyway) frequently and without apparent remorse. They don't get along with other creatures -- maybe having something to do with the long talons, the screaming, and the killing. They don't even seem to have other eagle friends. 

But watching eagles in the nest proves otherwise. These birds are fantastic parents. They do everything they can for their baby, from bringing ample food daily to using their wings to shield the downy eaglet from the pounding Florida sun.

Watch them live, now.

The next big step is for this eaglet, named E9, to fledge, or take its first flight out of the nest. That should happen in the next few weeks and the buildup is always exciting -- imagine your baby's first step happening 50 feet in the air, how nervous would you be?

Here's a video of a previous eaglet failing in its first try at flying. It worked out well in the end, but there are definitely some tense moments.

Something more local: there's an osprey that's been hanging out at West Cliff, photo below. Perhaps also a nest nearby? Hope so.
osprey in flight with fish

9. What We Wish For

We just love this photo, it's what Cruzio is all about. We love our community and are glad to be a part of it. Thanks to Keith Andrew Wilson for this great picture!
Peace sign in front of Cruzio building

10. Help Us Expand, Get Free Internet

Want free Internet? Have a sweeping view?

We’re always looking for tall buildings that could be a part of our broadband network and if we use your location we’ll give you high-speed service for reduced cost, or even free.

We're looking especially for office and apartment buildings, but some residences can qualify as well.

Not only would you save on great internet, you'd also be helping other people in the community who need a better connection.

Interested? Contact us.

11. Do You Live Here? Want Better Internet?

We've been encouraging people to help Cruzio better serve their neighborhoods (See #10, above). And we've gotten some great leads!

So, here's one. Do you live in the area outlined by this map, in Santa Cruz, east of the harbor? And do you want better internet service? Let us know. We're putting a project plan together, it could be next on our list.

12. Cruzio Community Gave $3k to Food Bank

Thanks to our thoughtful customers and staff, Cruzio was able to make a substantial donation to Second Harvest Food Bank once again at the close of 2016.  

And remember, we've got a food barrel in our office all year round and you're welcome to drop off canned goods any time. We'll even waive late fees up to $5 if you donate three cans! So if you slip up on your bill, turn that into a positive contribution.

13. What's New on Cruzio's Network

Thanks! A lot of people have contacted us with requests to "light up" their buildings with fiber or fiber-backed internet service. Since the last newsletter, we've connected several new sites and are investigating even more. These buildings can be set up quickly and get gigabit speeds. Tell your landlords, people. Let them know they can get a free connection. Contact us if you're interested...      We''ve finished phase one of our our sweeping network upgrade, a process led by relentlessly improvement-minded senior staffers Chris Frost and Alison Lowenthal. It began with upgrading the equipment on our independent network's backbone and will continue down the chain until we replace all the customer premise equipment as well. At that point, speed and reliability will experience a huge improvement (even now, the backbone upgrades are increasing speeds somewhat.)...      Speaking of free speed upgrades, the Riverwalk apartments in downtown Santa Cruz, everyone there got upgraded from 100 mbps to 1,000 Mbps (aka a gigabit per second) for no charge. Congratulations, tenants! Tell your neighbors...

14. What's New at Cruzioworks

A couple of fairly large offices are now available -- for the first time in six years -- let us know if you'd like to tour them! Many amenities & advantages: beautiful, professional spaces, they can come fully furnished; utilities, cleaning & meeting/conference rooms are included, front desk staff are on hand to help with guests and mail, an onsite organic cafe's right down the hall, and best of all, of course, we have the best internet connections in the county at no extra charge...      Carson Kelly started Santa Cruz Indivisible, which has already grown to nearly 1,000 members and moved from Cruzioworks space to the Civic...      Cruzio is offering 1/2 price coworking until the highways clear up. Some folks from Google have been taking advantage of our fiber-connected space (Welcome!). Commuters, get unstuck, come and join us!

15. Handy Cruzio Information



If you're moving, Cruzio can save you from an interruption in Internet service and prevent costly fees. Call us at 459-6301 or contact us online (several weeks ahead, if possible!)

Get Cruzio Credit with Buddy Bucks

Recommend us! Each time a new customer gives us your email address, account number, or full name when they sign up you'll get a $10 credit – or more – to your account.

Feed the Hungry

If you're late on a payment to Cruzio, bring 3 cans of food into our office and we will waive late fees up to $5. Donations go to Second Harvest Food Bank

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Our fantastic apprentices and interns, Cameron, Rafferty, Ronnie & Greg;

Jake, Annika & Carly (the grown "kids")

"It makes her look famous." -- Carly, when she was 7, after putting a new collar with sparkles on her cat Ariel.

"A ship in port is safe, but that is not what ships are for. Sail out to sea and do new things." -- Rear Admiral Grace Hopper
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