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Welcome to Triangle’s January 2021 newsletter

2020 was a uniquely challenging year. But you made it! 2020 is over, you survived at least 2 unprecedented lockdowns, home-schooling, learned that Zoom-bombing is not a terrorist action. We learned that there is a lot of work that needs to be done combating racism and injustices against BIPOC/BAME people in America (and across the world) and that there are still difficulties facing students in Hong Kong. And that it’s very very important for us all to stop and examine our own biases and that we all can and should work on unpacking our privilege no matter the discomfort. You survived the bushfires of Australia and the wildfires in America. We watched as a last minute deal for Brexit happened and America voted in a new President. Many of us also watched a great deal of TikTok, and Facebook, and Instagram and probably did a lot of home and schoolwork.

Here at Triangle, we have adapted to working from home, battled through the challenges and very much welcomed learning and hearing about the first-hand experiences our clients have had during this year. We’ve developed new ways of supporting clients, including using more videos, learning and utilising technology in new exciting ways, including developing webinars, online demos, made changes to our training and offers to allow for remote training delivery and much more. We’ve continued to work closely with our clients, dealing with furlough and Covid-19 infections. We’ve also said good-bye to a few staff who have retired and moved on to follow their passions, and welcomed some new faces. This year we also clarified our mission to make sure that we are all clear about what we are doing, and why. Finally, we completely updated and upgraded our Star Online system for current and new clients.

Below is a short summary of some of our updates from the last few months.
We're hiring a new Implementation Lead London and Central/East England (Client Advisor) goto for more information
We could have the perfect position for you! We are looking for a new Implementation Lead(Client Advisor) to cover London and Central/East England.

Our Implementation Leads are a critical part of how we support clients, through building relationships, delivering training, supporting and helping clients to use the Star well. The Outcomes Star touches many aspects of service delivery, from interactions with clients and practitioner skills to supervision and strategic decisions. The process of implementation can support positive organisational change, but needs time and appropriate attention. Our Implementation Leads are expected to work from home and to travel throughout their region as required.
Check our website for more information and to download a job description and application form.
Find out more

New Stars: The Integration Star

We developed this new Star with the Refugee Council and over a dozen other refugee organisations, we published the Integration Star online in November.

“The Integration Star primarily focuses on the means and markers of successful integration, from employment and housing to education and health. It highlights refugees’ strengths, recognises the areas they need more information or support, and records their progress. Most importantly it makes them the centre of their own integration process.” - Sara Burns

From our Blog: The Refugee Council reaches for the Star

An exciting free webinar on the Integration Star

We are planning a webinar, on the 9th February 2021 in collaboration with the Refugee Council, focussing on the Integration Star. The webinar will explore the key motivations and needs for developing the Star, and participants will hear from the Refugee Council and some of the team at Triangle. For more information, visit our website and reserve your place.

New Star Online hits 100k in first few months

It was a busy year, and I'm going to be honest here and say, well, we missed this milestone. Sometime in September someone brought up the idea of doing something grand to celebrate the launch of Star Online v2, so we asked the team to count completed Stars and when they returned a few days later: the news was that, in the few months it had been up and running, we had already surpassed 50K completions on the new system, so it seemed wise, under the circumstances to just quietly congratulate ourselves and get back to work.

The real congratulations go to our clients, all of the hard-working individuals out there getting Stars completed and trying their hardest to effectively support service users, always working to make the world that little bit better. So from all of us here at Triangle – congratulations on 100 thousand completed Stars on the new Star Online! May there be many more!
This last year we’ve also acknowledged that even with a new system and Stars, we have an ambition to make sure we are always listening to our clients, and to our staff, and consistently continue to work on developing and improving our systems. Stay tuned for more information on the Star Online and ongoing Star developments and updates over the next year and beyond.
About the Star Online

New Research

Our busy researcher Dr Anna Good has been hard at work these last few months, collating and uploading a huge slew of new development reports for: The Integration Star, My Mind Star, Justice Star, Change Star, Parent and Baby Star, Pathway Star, Planning Star, Tenancy Star and both the Support Stars. Links for all the reports can be found on the Star pages, a list of downloadable PDFs is available on the Psychometric factsheets and reports page or you can search through our Research Library for them and lots of other interesting stuff.

Dr Anna Good has also published the Psychometric factsheets for the Support Stars and we also have a thesis by Louise Joy-Johnson on “How do clients experience the alliance when working with the Mental Health Recovery Star in Rehabilitation Settings?”
Download Psychometric factsheets and reports here

Blogs and News

Because you were so very busy with social distancing and social media, or maybe it was just the massive upheaval and response to a totally new world, and missed them, here's a quick highlight of our Blogs since the last newsletter:

Read our Directors blog, looking back at 2020, and forward into 2021: 2020 – Not remotely what we expected

Early in 2020 we were putting the finishing touches to our strategic plan and new online app.  We were approaching the new year with confidence and a strong sense of direction.  We really knew what this year was about – we thought! Like everyone else, Triangle has not had the year we planned. So what have we learnt from the unprecedented changes and challenges?
A look back at 2020

Equality in Evaluation

One of our Directors, Joy MacKeith, reports on an inspiring workshop at NPC Ignites exploring how we can challenge power relationships and promote equity in evaluation.
Read Equality in Evaluation

The Missing Middle Way

How Management by Results can help us not just measure, but also improve outcomes. Management by Results, which supports ongoing learning and collaboration, is the missing middle way between ignoring outcomes on the one hand, and linking them to financial incentives on the other.
Find The Missing Middle Way

A Society in which everyone is able to thrive

Triangle Director Joy MacKeith reflects on the Social Value Matters 2020 international conference which took place in October and how it helped locate Triangle’s work in a wider movement for a fairer world.
Social Value Matters
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