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Vote - Naming Pledge Campaign 2021

Vote - Naming Pledge Campaign 2021

AHIMA: Living the Pledge Competition and Campaigned

Advocacy Committee News Update:

This summer the Advocacy Committee asked the MdHIMA membership to share their stories in how they are “living” the Patient Naming Policy Pledge.  The competition ended on August 20th.  Five finalists were selected from the enters received, each of whom is representing their respective component state association in the competition. The CSA finalist are: Florida, Alabama, New Hampshire, Illinois and Minnesota. 

Starting today, MdHIMA members are invited to learn about each of the finalists and vote for one they find most compelling and impressive.  Voting ends on 9/17. 

Your participation is vital in supporting and spreading the word in how each of you are “living” the Patient Naming Policy. 
Watch the Presentation and Vote Here
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