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Issue 32 - June 2012
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MdHIMA Annual Meeting
Bylaws Revision Approved
MdHIMA 2012-2013 Election Results
Call for MdHIMA Committee Members
Volunteer of the Year Award
Vote in the AHIMA National Election
Student Scholarships Awards
The Minute Mentor
New RHIT/RHIA Exam Preparation Course
RHIA/RHIT Study Sessions
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President’s Message

As I write this final message to you, I can hardly believe how quickly the year has flown by. It was my great pleasure and honor to have had the opportunity to serve as your President of the Maryland Health Information Management Association this past year. The year has challenged me both professionally and personally and has taught me many lessons I may not otherwise have learned. I have had the opportunity to meet many of our Maryland HIMA members as well as students in our Maryland HIM/HIT schools who are extremely committed to the HIM profession. In my opening address last May I shared with you my goals for 2011-2012 which were to continue the excellent educational sessions to prepare for ICD-10 implementation, to create a clinical documentation improvement taskforce to discuss best practices and coordinate an educational track for our 2012 Annual Meeting, and to continue to work with our HIM/HIT schools and to encourage others to become practicum sites for our HIM students. I am extremely proud of the great work we have done this year in achieving our goals and objectives. Maryland HIMA has many dedicated volunteers who have made our association a success. I would like to thank our Executive Board, Committee Chairs, Committee Members, and other volunteers who have given their time and energy so our association could accomplish what we have strived to do. 

The 2011-2012 Annual Report showcases each of our committees and taskforces and what they have accomplished this year. The report can be viewed on our website at As you can see, many committees are comprised of only one or two individuals. I encourage all of you to volunteer for a committee this coming year. Volunteering not only builds many friendships, but also builds working relationships with HIM professionals in many different work settings that might not have been otherwise possible. I would like to highlight a couple of this year’s achievements:

  • Maryland HIMA Data Quality Committee received a 1st place award at the 2011 AHIMA Leadership Conference for the Continuing Educational Programs Relating to Coding. 
  • Maryland HIMA received a 2nd place award at the 2011 AHIMA Leadership Conference for our Membership Communications.
  • Maryland HIMA received a 3rd place award at the 2011 AHIMA Leadership Conference for our Support for Local Accredited HIM Educational Programs.
  • Mona Calhoun, MS, RHIA, was Chairman of the Council for Excellence in Education for AHIMA. 
  • Tasha Green, MS, RHIA, was the Co-Chair for the Volunteer and Leadership Development House of Delegates Team for AHIMA.
  • Monna Nabers, MBA, RHIA, was the Co-Chair for the Best Practices/Standards House of Delegates Team for AHIMA.
  • Maryland HIMA Executive Board and Committee Chairs helped to revise and update Maryland HIMA’s Policy and Procedure Manual.

This lists just a few of the accomplishments we have achieved this year. It has been a pleasure working with each of you to support our mission and vision and to ensure our HIM profession continues to grow. I wish to extend my wishes to Kristen Denney, the incoming Maryland HIMA President. I am confident that under Kristen’s leadership and guidance Maryland HIMA will continue to grow and prosper. 

My heartfelt thanks for the confidence you have placed in me to serve as President of MdHIMA for 2011-2012. It has been an honor and privilege serving you.


Dina M. Smoker RHIA, CPC
MdHIMA President 2011-2012

MdHIMA Annual Meeting

The MdHIMA 82nd Annual Meeting, with the theme “Racing to the Future of Health Information”, was held on May 3rd and May 4th at the Baltimore Convention Center. The event generated great attendance with more than 260 registered attendees and more then 29 vendors renting a booth in the exhibit hall. In addition to a special half day session for our clinical documentation improvement (CDI) professionals, attendees selected sessions to attend from interesting and informative topics in both the General and Data Quality tracks. Melissa Martin, RHIA, CCS from the AHIMA Board of Directors provided the AHIMA keynote address. The evening social event was held at the Pratt Street Ale House which was a great evening for food and socializing. Important knowledge was shared, CE credits were earned, excellent networking opportunities were available, and a lot of fun was had by all who attended.

A special thanks to the wonderful volunteers that put their time and energy into coordinating the Annual Meeting. The co-chairs for the Annual Meeting this year were: Kathy Mulford, Norma Stockton, and Albert Key, Jr. Plans are now beginning for the 83rd Annual Meeting in 2013 which will be held June 13th and June 14th 2013 at the Baltimore Convention Center.

Click here to view the photos

Bylaws Revision Approved

MdHIMA recently communicated with all members on a proposed bylaws amendment for the Treasurer position. The proposed amendment came from Article IV - Officers & Directors; Section 4.4 – Terms of Office. 

The Current MdHIMA Bylaws: Each office shall hold office for one year or until a successor has been elected.

The Proposed MdHIMA Bylaw Amendment: Each officer shall hold office for one year with the exception of the Treasurer, who should serve two years, or until a successor has been elected.

Rationale - The MdHIMA board has found that a year term for the Treasurer is too short a time period for this position. By the time the Treasurer is proficient of the processes regarding checking and reimbursements, their term is up. MdHIMA would like to extend the term to two years to incorporate a consistency with the financial processes and increase the proficiency of the association.

In order to move forward with the bylaws revision, a quorum of 20% of our active membership needed to be achieved. The final vote from the 894 active members was: 216 approved and 5 disapproved. There was a 24.8% participation rate so the quorum was met and the bylaws revision will be passed. The Bylaws Chairperson will be following up with AHIMA to adopt this revision into the MdHIMA bylaws.

Bylaw Amendment Voting Results:

   216 – Approved
   5 - Disapproved

MdHIMA 2012-2013 Election Results

The results of the 2012-2013 MdHIMA Executive Board were announced at the Annual Meeting held at the Baltimore Convention Center. Of the 894 eligible voters, a total of 209 votes were cast which is a response rate of 23.37%. Thanks to all who voted and to the volunteers who ran for office. The results are as follows (winners are in bold):

            Monna Nabers, MBA, RHIA                       195 votes (unopposed)
Delegate (1 elected)
            Sarah Allinson, RHIA                                  105 votes
            Linda Metro, RHIA                                        100 votes
            Temera Royston, RHIA                               111 votes
            Jacqueline Stanfield, MHA, RHIA                97 votes
            Laura Hoot, RHIT                                        126 votes
            Stephanie Jordan, RHIA                                76 votes
            Linda Williams, RHIA                                  201 votes (unopposed)
AHIMA Nominating Committee
            Mona Calhoun, MS, RHIA                          123 votes
            Sallie Tyner, RHIT, CCS                                85 votes

Call for MdHIMA Committee Members

We thank everyone who responded to our call for volunteers last month. Your committee chairs will be in touch with you over the next few weeks. For those who only signed up during the annual committee it is important that you also log onto our website and access the link, which is found within the "About us" section under "Executive Board- MdHIMA Committee Chairs". This allows us to accurately capture your contact information. 

Click here to learn more

Submitted by:
Kristen Denney, MA, RHIA
MdHIMA President-Elect

Volunteer of the Year Award

Volunteers are an essential part of MdHIMA. Without committed volunteers, our organization would not be able to achieve success. This year the volunteer award was presented to three outstanding women in the HIM/Coding field. These three wonderful dedicated volunteers have been the co-chairs for Data Quality for the past 4 years.  They have each been instrumental in ensuring our organization is ready for ICD-10 implementation as well as keeping the coding professionals in Maryland educated on ICD-9 guidelines and principles. The recipients for this year’s award are:
  • Karen Lindemann: Karen is the Director of Coding Quality Assurance at MedStar Health and has her certification as an AHIMA ICD-10 CM/PCS trainer
  • Norma Stockton: Norma is the Assistant Director of HIS at Mercy Medical Center and is also the 1st year Director for MdHIMA this year. She also has her certification as an AHIMA ICD-10 CM/PCS trainer.
  • Sallie Tyner: Sally is the Case Mix/Clinical Documentation Manager at St. Agnes Hospital and is also the chair of the CDI taskforce this year. She has her certification as an AHIMA ICD-10 CM/PCS trainer.

All three of these volunteers have contributed to the HIM/Coding profession as leaders in Data Quality. They continue to share their knowledge and expertise as well as establishing procedures and protocols throughout the past few years for data quality programs in the State of Maryland. In 2009, our data quality group achieved the AHIMA CSA Recognition for Coding Roundtable Coordinator for Excellence Award. In 2010, the committee received a 2nd place for AHIMA CSA Team Recognition for Coding Roundtable Activities Award. Finally in 2011, our data quality committee achieved a 1st place for Continuing Education Programs relating to Coding. These awards show the strength and continued commitment of these three leaders and volunteers. 
As Winston Churchill was quoted, “You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give.” The MdHIMA executive board wishes to thank Karen, Norma, and Sallie for their hard work and dedication and everything they have given to our MdHIMA membership these last four years.

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Vote in the AHIMA National Election

"Dream Big: Creating the Future"

Vote Online for Your AHIMA Board of Directors and CCHIIM Commissioners
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iVote, where voting clicks and your voice counts.

Vote Now! Polls close at 11:59 p.m. CT on June 22, 2012.

Please vote in this important AHIMA election as there will be a competition between Component State Association’s (CSA’s) to see who has the highest percentage of voters.  Let’s give MdHIMA a great showing!

Student Scholarships Awards

The Maryland Health Information Management Association (MdHIMA) believes in honoring students for their academic excellence. This year they recently presented two college students with scholarships during their 82nd Annual Meeting held at the Baltimore Convention Center.

One recipient was Lauren Pitts who is enrolled in the Health Information Technology Program at Montgomery College in Takoma Park, Maryland. Because she was not able to attend the meeting, Professor Corinne Smith accepted the scholarship in her absence. The second student was Victorine Ebotesang. She is enrolled in the Health Information Management Program at Coppin State University in Baltimore, Maryland. 

The association extended their praises for the work of these individuals as well as their best wishes for their promising careers!

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The Minute Mentor

I hope everyone is ready to dive into summer with some relaxing and fun. My summer will be spent mostly prepping to send my one and only off to college. I’m not so sure how relaxing that will be, but I’m sure there is some fun involved. I kicked off my unofficial start to summer by attending the MdHIMA annual meeting. As always, I learned something new and made a few more friends. Thank you to all those that had a hand in pulling it all together, with a special thanks to the students who tended the welcome/registration counter and the silent auction. I took the opportunity of having so many of us in one place, at one time, to gather some fodder for this edition of “The Minute Mentor”. Please pass this article and the rest of our newsletter on to any student you know or have contact with. One thing I learned was that the students I spoke with had no idea about the newsletter. I also learned that there is a gap or missing connection/liaison between the students and the association. I applaud the instructors for making it out to the meetings, volunteering, and keeping interest high, but we are missing a valuable opportunity to get students connected and engaged. I have an idea at the end of the column to try and jump start this endeavor.

Since I did get to schmooze and mingle, I was able to get some answers for a question from Coppin State University. “How did you find your career path or specialty?” It seemed like most everyone I asked had the basic answer of “they kind of bumped into HIM by accident”. Some were asked to do an odd job or extra duty aside from their usual routine and found they liked it. Someone was encouraged by a parent to try out a course at the college. Some were enticed by the prospect of working from home.  Once they were in the door, so to speak, other opportunities came up where they could move or advance to other areas that used their HIM skills. Some of the more scenic routes I heard about were from Jenny Schwerdtfeger, RHIT, CCS, CPC, CPC-H and Leslie Sommers, CPC. Jenny was in journalism and a hospital librarian before becoming co-owner of Auditing and Coding Experts. Leslie holds a degree in microbiology and found coding to be just as much, if not more challenging. Julie Etters, MBA, RHIA, found her niche in project management. Sarah Hendrick, RHIT, mentioned how exciting it is to work in different places as a coding consultant instead. I really enjoyed talking to all of you that took a couple minutes out of your conference time to chat. Thank you so much.

Now, I’m on a mission to see if we have a few people willing to do nothing extraordinary while accomplishing something important. Would you be willing to allow a student to sit with you during a QBM or other meeting where students would be invited? I would like to see what interest we have in providing an opportunity to mentor without even doing anything different than we normally do. You wouldn’t have to do anything more than introduce yourself, chat a little about your career, engage him/her in what they are looking forward to, answer a few of their questions and include this rising star to feel included in our association. No extra anything needs to be done. Please email me at and jot down a quick note that you’d be interested in doing something like this. I think the biggest hurdle for a new student or anyone new to a career field is just trying to feel included and a part of the big picture of things. Let me know if you’d be willing to help include our students in this very easy way.

Until next time.
Laura Hoot, RHIT

New RHIT/RHIA Exam Preparation Course

Now at The Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC)! The RHIT/RHIA Certification Exam Prep course is designed to provide students with a review of the skills needed to prepare for the Registered Health Information Technician or Registered Health Information Administrator credentialing exam. The course will focus on both RHIT/RHIA competencies (as covered in the Candidate Guide from AHIMA) as well practical suggestions and test-taking tips.

Course Details:

Course #80419
Cost: $99 

Thursday evenings, 6:00 – 9:15pm
June 21 - August 5 (skip date 7/5)
CCBC Catonsville Campus, Building E, Room 107
Textbook available at Catonsville Bookstore
(“The Comprehensive Review Guide for Health Information: RHIA & RHIT Exam Prep” by Tyson-Howard)
Map and directions

Questions: Tasha Green, MS, RHIA; 443-840-4989 or

To Register Call: 443-840-4700

RHIA/RHIT Study Sessions

If you are interested in studying with your fellow HIM colleagues please contact Moses Asiedu for details.

Welcome New MdHIMA Members!

MdHIMA welcomes the new and transfer members into our state association! We look forward to seeing you at the upcoming events and welcome your active participation.  Please feel free to contact any of the Board members if you are interested in joining a committee or if you have questions or need information. Again, welcome!

Adeyemi Adeyinka Lynn Gibson
Amber B Dorn Lynn Owens
Amir Gladden-Cooper M Beth Cassell, NA
Angela I Obianke-Ajose Mai Toomey
Blain Tekesteberhan, RHIA, CCS Marlyn Francois
Brenda Davis Marta Gimenez
Danette Linares, RHIT Mary L. Alexander-Linton, CMA CPC CPC-H CPC-I
Dauna L. Mays, RHIA Massey Rausch
Debra D. Washington-Brinson, CCS-P Mel Eisele
Desmond T Pollard Melanie Cole, CPC
Diane Eggensperger, MD Michael Detwiler
Dino Ranti Mona McNemar SR.
Dominique Washington Mopelola Soyege-Adesanya
Eileen Austin Natalie A Thompson
Elizabeth Coppage Nettie Q Jenkins
George Alex Pamela R Jones
Gifty Addison Pamela R. Vaughn, RHIA
Helen E Garton, DM Pamela Taylor
Hemlata Joshi Paula E Hannon
Jacqueline E. Connor, CCS, R.N. Rebecca Hill
James A. Asuquo-Brown Rhonda Mitchell
Janice L Parada Rhonda Rowlette
Jennelle F. Bigelow Richard N Lieberman
Jennifer R. Shearer, RHIA Shana Mangalvedhe
Jodi Canapp, COA, CPC Shanika Williams
Karen Parham Sheryl L Denny, CCS-P
Kathleen M. Folliard, CCS, CPC Susan L. Crews, CPC, ACS-UR, PCS
Katrina Burns Susan Prophet
Kelly Burgess, RHIT Tamerra R Blackston
Kim M Guthman, RN Terika M Brown
Kimberly J Walker Tina M. Sampson, BSHS
Kimberly Nicholson Vera M. Strother
Latasha Thompson Victorine Ebotesang
Laura C. Mezan Wanpijid Wang-Itti, CPC-A, CPC-H-A
Lisa O Howell Yvonne M Higgins, MAS, MS-ITS
Lona G Thomas   

Dates to Remember 

June 19, 2012 - Board Meeting - Timbukto Restaurant, Hanover, MD 
June 20–21, 2012 - AHIMA Academy for ICD-10 CM Only - Hyatt Regency Baltimore

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