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Issue 54 - May/June 2016

President's Message

Serving as President of MdHIMA has truly been an honor and a privilege. We all had a very busy year! I am extremely thankful for the opportunity to lead a great organization and for the many people who supported me along this journey. Each member on the Board of Directors is a volunteer and they all serve with honor and dignity for the membership of MdHIMA and the community. Without each of their support I could have not made it through the past year. I also have to thank my family and my Prince George’s Community College colleagues and students who also supported me throughout the year.

I realize my journey is not over and as our organization accelerates into the future we all must continue to look forward and strategically plan. Plan how we can meet the needs of our community and the Members of MdHIMA. As leaders and professional in Health Information Management we are called to make a difference in our community and to serve public good. I encourage you all to complete the Volunteer and Leadership Competencies Assessment by clicking here.

Get Involved with MdHIMA and AHIMA. This year is a great year to start. We are very excited to be hosting the AHIMA National Convention, October 15- October 19 at the Baltimore Convention Center. I encourage all of you to log onto the MDHIMA Website and volunteer TODAY!

Tasha Green, MS, RHIA, CHTS-TR
2015-2016 MdHIMA President

Incoming President’s Message

Thank you for placing your trust in me as President and in the other newly-elected Board members to lead MdHIMA into the future. It is indeed an honor to serve you and to receive the baton from Tasha Green, the 2015-2016 President. Her fellow Board members and she brought us so far in their term of duty. Not only did we progress fairly rapidly through the many challenges we encountered on the local and national level, but we have continued to evolve and grow. I applaud their work and thank them.

The past few years have been exciting (and challenging) for all of us in the Health Information Management profession. We continue to learn and strive in the implementation of ICD-10, the reporting requirements of Meaningful Use, and the safeguard and security of our Information Systems and Electronic Health Records. MdHIMA, along with AHIMA, want to be a resource for you as you navigate and lead your organizations through this new environment.

I had the privilege in April of attending the leadership symposium and Hill day in Washington DC. That opportunity helped me to recognize the level of support AHIMA offers, equipping and preparing their members to meet with members of Congress in order to have our voices heard. There were excellent speakers and topics which affect all who work in the healthcare and reimbursement fields, and opportunities for networking and sharing of ideas.

The newly-elected Board will meet to discuss our shared goals for our association and to plan the 2015/2016 meeting schedule. I believe I speak for all the Board when I ask you to continue to participate in all activities of MdHIMA and AHIMA, to share your ideas with us, and to invite all your colleagues to join us. Working together, we can continue on our path to meet the goals in our mission statement of furthering excellence and collaboration through education and networking.

Everyone is very excited about their upcoming visit to our state and Charm City, on October 15th through October 19th, 2016. MdHIMA will be ready to welcome AHIMA to Baltimore and show off our great hospitality and charm!

I look forward working with you, hearing from you, and seeing you at a meeting soon.

Thank you!

Moses Y Asiedu, MS, RHIA
2016-2017 MdHIMA President

First Year Delegate’s Report

I attended the following AHIMA Webinars in preparation for Hill Day and Leadership activities in Washington, DC:
  • MyHealthID# Petition Webinar  02/08/2016
  • We the People Webinar on 03/21/2016
  • Participated in the AHIMA National Twitter Rally for MyHealthID #
  • Hill Day 1:1 Webinar on 02/23/2016
  • Exercising Your Voice  AHIMA webinar 03/15/2016
  • April 23, 2016 met with students enrolled in the HIT 4 year program and did a presentation on Advocacy and the Advocacy Tool Kit.
This year I attended the Leadership Symposium Washington, DC and Hill Day, April 4th through April 5th. I met with our entire congressional and senatorial representative along with our board members and the HIT students from Prince Georges Community College and Coppin State University.

We all had an opportunity to meet with Senator Ben Cardin where Linda, Moses and I gave a quick overview of the National Patient Mapping issue and other patient safety issues. Senator Cardin supports a bipartisan team of senators and introduced legislation to expand Telehealth services, improve health care outcomes and reduce cost.  

During this year’s MdHIMA business meeting, I updated attendees on the outcome of the grass roots advocacy campaign. The We the People NPI Grassroots petition timed out on midnight April 19th at 8799 signatures landing far below the 100, 000 signatures projected. Thanks to Brian Bennighoff, Jerron Boakye and Bradley Sadri for attending the Hindu Temple Health Fair in support of MyHealthID # and We the People Petition. Special thanks to Jayne Winton, RHIT who set up a laptop computer in Calvert Memorial Hospital in support of the NPI issue and MyHealthID #.    

My future plans include establishing a “Hill Day” during our state’s 2017 legislative session in Annapolis. The Maryland General Assembly meets from January to early April. I suggest scheduling a visiting with the legislators from our districts and attending programs with particular interest in HIT issues such as, the issue surrounding the HIPAA fee guidance for copying health information. We may have the opportunity to attend a committee hearing - if the timing is right!

Vicki N. Reynolds, RHIT
1st Year Delegate MdHIMA, Advocacy Chairman

2016 MDHIMA Student Scholarship Award Winners

The following are the winners of the Student Scholarship Awards, and they were recognized at MdHIMA’s quarterly business meeting on May 6, 2016:


MdHIMA Student Scholarship Award Recipients

Lydia Ayukarrey
Coppin State University

Wanda Stonebraker
The Community College of Baltimore County

ROI Companies Student Scholarship Award Recipient

Maxwell Indome
Coppin State University

The Maryland Health Information Management presents these annual awards to students currently enrolled in an accredited HIM, HIT, HIIT, or medical coding program at a Maryland college or university each year to recognize academic excellence in the HIM field. The award winners submitted applications demonstrating their outstanding professionalism, scholarly achievements, and extracurricular involvement, and they were each selected by the MdHIMA Scholarship Committee to receive $1,000 scholarships.

Brad Sadri ​

Data Quality Report

GO-LIVE- ICD-10 went live on 10/1/2015.  We have recommended doing productivity studies to monitor.  We also recommend doing monthly severity and APR monitoring to identify revenue shifts. One area is rehab cases. Since there is no equivalent V57.89 code in I10, these cases have been distributed into other APR’s. These cases are not included in the current rehab APR’s. The committee discussed and recommended the use of therapy codes on the encounter to help some of the encounters to be included in the rehab APR’s.  This principal would be similar to the one in I9 where we coded one transfusion per type per encounter to reflect these non-surgical procedures. There is also a revenue cost center for rehab and some facilities have started generating a report and auditing some or all of these cases to validate the APR assignment.

The committee continues to collaborate with the HSCRC on regulations and discussions on upcoming regulation changes. During the past year we have assisted on ICD-10, MHAC and other regulatory projects as needed. PPC logic and assignments have continued to be discussed along with the admission source and discharge disposition being included as elements included in an HSCRC audit. The admit source and discharge disposition can effect some PPC’s and are therefore being added as data elements in the HSCRC audit. The transfer logic uses these two data elements to determine exclusions from PPC assignment. We have also seen over the most recent few months where clinical terminology is again moving forward faster than the codes or coding guidance. Two specific areas were the change in the definition of sepsis and the new term pressure injury with updated definitions of the stages. Some facilities are also facing practice pattern changes that include evaluating the expansion of PA’s scope to include admitting privileges and where queries are generated to the PA and PA responds to the query.  

Brenda Watson RHIA, CCS, CCS-P, CPC
Approved AHIMA ICD-10 Trainer, Data Quality Chairperson

2016 AHIMA Triumph Awards

There are HIM colleagues that are waiting to be recognized in the HIM profession!  Please take the time to show them your appreciation by submitting a nomination for an AHIMA Triumph Award. You can nominate an outstanding individual for the Distinguished Member and, Rising Star Awards, but did you know you can also nominate individuals, groups, or “teams,” for the Advocacy and Public Policy, Community Outreach, Educator, Innovation, Leadership, Literary Legacy, Mentor, Research, and Student awards?

The AHIMA Triumph Awards are national awards designed to recognize those special individuals who have made a difference in the HIM profession. This awards program was developed as part of the AHIMA’s campaign to identify future trends in HIM, envision HIM roles in the future, and focus on emerging HIM knowledge and skills. The awards honor leadership in the HIM field, reward contributions that build our knowledge base, recognize excellence in preparing future HIM professionals, and encourage fresh talent and new leadership. Since their inception in 1994, the AHIMA Triumph Awards have honored those professionals responsible for advancing the field of health information management (HIM).  Each year, AHIMA members nominate those that have demonstrated extraordinary leadership, volunteerism and talent.

We need your help to ensure that worthy individuals are recognized. It all starts with a nomination. It’s easy to show your appreciation for the outstanding contributions of a remarkable individual. Simply review details of the award categories by clicking here. Next, complete the online nomination form.

Nominations for 2016 are due by June 1, 2016.

The 2016 AHIMA Triumph Awards will be presented at AHIMA's Annual Convention & Exhibit in Baltimore, MD on Monday, October 17, 2016.

The AHIMA Triumph Awards are sponsored by: 

Arlene Gioia, RHIT, CCS ​

QBM Meeting

MdHIMA QBM Meeting
Saturday, September 17, 2016

Mount Washington Pediatric Hospital, Baltimore, MD

Details Coming Soon!

Christine Donahue-Taylor, RHIT, CCS

Silent Auction

This year's Silent Auction was a true collaborative and successfully run by both the MDHIMA and DCHIMA. We received over 35 donations from local business establishments, vendors and fellow association members and raised $2,015. The proceeds from the auction will be equally shared between both associations and set aside for future student scholarships to help them secure an education in the HIM field.

We thank you all for your participation and especially want to thank the student volunteers from Prince Georges, Montgomery, Anne Arundel, and CCBC Community Colleges as well as Coppin State University.

Dana Carcamo, RHIA, CCS

Coding of Dental Procedures using ICD-10-PCS

December 15, 2015 | Libman Education

by Lynn Kuehn, MS, RHIA, CCS-P, FAHIMA

We recently received a question from a coder regarding coding of dental procedures in ICD-10-PCS. While PCS was developed to code procedures in the inpatient setting, the facility where she works, like many facilities, also codes PCS on outpatients.

Dental procedures are seldom done in the inpatient setting. The exception to this is children and those with various disabilities who cannot tolerate dental work “in the chair.”

For these cases, or for facilities applying PCS to their outpatient services, I suggest the following basics:
  • Apply all the regular definitions to the structures in the Mouth and Throat body system.
  • Fillings and crowns are both replacements because some of the tooth was removed (caries) and a synthetic substitute put in its place. Do not code excision along with the replacement, just like regular body parts.
  • Dental implants would be considered a replacement of teeth. Do not code the extraction along with the replacement.
  • Dental cleaning under anesthesia is extirpation because plaque is removed.
  • Pulling teeth would be extraction.
  • Pulling impacted teeth is resection because cutting is involved to remove the teeth.
If you have a copy of my ICD-10-PCS textbook, ICD-10-PCS: An Applied Approach, see chapter 10 on the Respiratory System. Coding of mouth and throat procedures is covered there (Figure 10.1 provides a useful picture of the mouth and teeth including the teeth numbering system.)

Christine Donahue-Taylor, RHIT, CCS ​

RHIT/RHIA Exam Preparation

The Community College of Baltimore County announces its upcoming Prep Course:
June 16 -  July 21, 2016
6:00 PM - 9:15 PM – Catonsville Campus

The RHIT/RHIA Certification Exam Prep course is designed to provide you with review of skills needed to prepare for the Registered Health Information Technician or Registered Health Information Administrator credential.  This course will focus on both RHIT/RHIA.

To Register Call:  443-840-4700 or
Questions Call:  Moses Asiedu,

Moses Asiedu MS, RHIA

MdHIMA Calling All Volunteers!

Join us at the AHIMA National Convention. Volunteer, network and meet peers from all over the country. This will be an experience of a life time! Log onto

If you have any questions please contact Tasha Green, Chair AHIMA National Convention Planning Committee at

Tasha Green, MS, RHIA, CHTS-TR
2015-2016 MdHIMA President

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