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Issue 51 - September/October 2015

President's Message

Over the years  many of our MdHIMA members were actively involved in advocating for ICD-10
implementation, walking the hallways and roadways of Capitol Hill on Hill Day, writing letters, calling, tweeting, teaching and pushing for ICD 10. Well, we can proudly say our actions were not in vain! 

As of October 1, 2015 ICD 10 is HERE!!!

Our hard work and dedication has paid off.  Now we must continue to focus our attention not only on ICD 10 but to prepare for the future. According to Melissa Martin, AHIMA President-Elect, “We must prepare for the future by enhancing our critical thinking skills to evolve our roles in healthcare,” (AHIMA Today, Wednesday, September 30, 2015).

As your President, my goal is to continue to work along with the Board to focus on our mission and strategically plan for our future. We will continue to strive to provide educational opportunities to enhance our knowledge-base and encourage our members to evolve in their roles as healthcare professionals.

Last month on September 11, MdHIMA held the Quarterly Business and Education Meeting with exciting speakers on ICD-10 and Cybersecurity. This was our first event in Largo, Maryland at the University of Maryland, University College.  We also co-sponsored an ICD-10 refresher course along with AHIMA, which was held in Owings Mills, Maryland on September 17th & 18th. 
MDHIMA gives The 69th Annual HoD a little taste of Crab Seasoning! Welcome to MD #AHIMACon16
September 26, 2015 your Delegates traveled to New Orleans and actively participated in the 2015 House of Delegates Meeting “A Successful HoD without Walls”.  The objectives of the meeting were strategically aligned with AHIMA’s strategic vision and the House participated in breakout sessions to help prioritize the content, identify key techniques for engagement and ascertain next steps.  The Breakout sessions were well attended and each one of our delegates participated in the following sessions.
  • Purpose of House of Delegates: Review and evaluate the purpose statement of Bylaws,
  • HIM Profession Definition: Develop an agreed upon definition of the HIM profession,
  • Delegate Engagement: Develop agreed upon goals as a HoD as to the appropriate level of engagement,
  • Delegate Qualifications: Define what the qualifications are needed for a member to become a HoD member.

As we continue to look forward and plan activities for the year we will send a survey to our members to request your feedback on future activities.  We will also continue to provide you information through the MdHIMA website, e-Newsletter, Facebook, Twitter and we plan to activate the MDHIMA Engage site on AHIMA’s Engage, coming soon! We look forward to seeing you at our next Education and Quarterly Business meeting in Frederick, Maryland on December 5, 2015.

Please also get ready for next year #AHIMACon16, Baltimore, Maryland October 15-October 19.  As the Chair of this National meeting I will be calling on the Members of MDHIMA to volunteer for various roles so please SAVE THE DATE!!!

Tasha Green, MS, RHIA, CHTS-TR
2015-2016 MdHIMA President

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In Memoriam

It is with sadness we report the death of one of MdHIMA's past presidents, Betty Mitchell who passed away on September 22nd.  Betty's career in Health Information Management spanned many years.  She was head of the Baltimore City Community College HIM program for many years where she helped guide and encourage many in the HIM field.  She was an active member of MdHIMA and served as president from 1998-1999.  Her obituary is posted in the York Daily Record and can be viewed by clicking here.

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New Maryland law - Birth Certificates for Transgender Individuals

Transgender birth certificates (SB0743/HB0862): Thanks to an amended section of Maryland law, transgendered or intersexed individuals born in the state can receive new birth certificates reflecting their preferred sex and name.  According to the new law, the updated birth certificate may not show that a change has been made to either the sex or name, thus protecting their privacy. The birth certificate change requires a recommendation from a healthcare practitioner and a written request from the parent or guardian of minors.

Submitted by:  Monna Nabers, MBA, RHIA

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Delegates’ Message –
A Report from New Orleans

MdHIMA 2015 Delegates, left to right: Tasha Green, Linda Metro, Vicki Reynolds, Tiffany Edwards, Moses Asiedu.
The 2015 House of Delegates (HOD) Meeting was held at the Marriott in New Orleans, LA on September 27th, 2015.  This is the second in-person event for the HOD and a great time for the Delegates to network and engage in dialogue with other CSA Leadership, Delegates, and the AHIMA Board of Directors.

The objectives of the in-person meeting included discussing AHIMA’s strategic initiatives and activities along with participating in shared breakout sessions to review pertinent content and forward thinking topics. Each Delegate attended a break out session and participated in the all 69th Annual HOD Meeting. 

Delegate Linda Metro attended “The Purpose of House of Delegates”. There was a healthy discussion surrounding the roles of the CSAs and the HOD since they often serve in both capacities. It was determined that component state associations (CSAs) and HODs are often one in the same depending on the state size. Further discussion lead to the interest in volunteerism. With the growing demands of work/life, it was recommended that states be divided into smaller sub-sets to increase HOD participation in reviewing of Practice Briefs. Ultimately, all 50 states would have participated. Lastly, the topic of the best ways of reaching out to the millennials was also discussed. It was reported that there should be a shift to more electronic meetings and communication. As an example, was to bring back “Team Talks”, although electronically. In Summary:

Purpose of the House-Recommendations:
  • Divide country into regions (including meetings for CSA office coordinators)
  • Representative from each CSA should attend Practice Council meetings
  • Need expanded support to strengthen CSAs
  • Central place for CSAs, toolkits, action items
  • Increase use of technology (e.g., engage millennial generation)

President Tasha Green attended “HIM Profession Definition.”  The Delegates in this break-out session brainstormed on developing an agreed upon definition of the HIM profession.  They identified trends that they believe have an influence on the profession such as centralization of organization, specialization of HIM, virtual workforce, emerging nontraditional and data information governance roles. 

HIM Profession Definition-Recommendations:
  • Incorporate “Informatics” into HIM acronym
  • Increase focus on technological governance and skills to produce usable business allegiance
  • Create an “Hourglass” diagram to describe all the things HIM professionals do with data
  • Use action verbs in the HIM definitions “Lead, Analyze, Manage, Protect”
  • Consolidate credentials for better understanding

Delegate Tiffany Edwards participated in the “Delegate Engagement” session.  This session’s purpose was to participate in developing agreed upon, HOD goals, as to the appropriate level of engagement.
Over the years AHIMA has noticed a decline in delegate participation in the HOD activities.  The in-person participation has remained strong, however, there has been a noticeable decrease in virtual participation through delegate webinars and voting.   Knowing delegates are faced with competing commitments, AHIMA is strategizing for improving the delegate’s engagement.
The break-out group discussed these concerns at the HOD and proposed a few recommendations.  There were three take-a-ways:
  • Communication: The group agrees that bi-directional communication between the Delegates and AHIMA would aid in increasing the engagement level.  Delegates want to know their voices are heard. 
  • Comprehensive training: Training for new and returning delegates will help reinforce Delegate expectations. 
  • Suggestions on how to use the “Engage Platform”: Many felt the tool is more of a social media portal and alternate tools such as Basecamp could be more useful for Delegates.

After participating in an in-depth  conversation, we decided a taskforce is needed to assist with prioritizing the break-out session recommendations, to implement those ideas and to evaluate software tools to better assist the state Delegates.

President-Elect Moses Asiedu and Delegate Vicki Reynolds participated in the “Delegate Qualifications” break-out session. The purpose of this session was to define what qualifications are needed to become a HOD member. Delegates work year round for the state and national associations.    Delegate roles now involve advocating for the profession as well as focusing on issues that affect our HIM profession and effect patient outcomes.   There is now a great need for delegates with different skill sets, competencies and abilities to serve in this role. The groups’ assessment focused around these key items:
  • What is happening now,
  • What is your assessment of the situation,
  • How has delegate skill sets evolved over the past few years?
  • What competencies are needed for future delegates?
The group discussion focused on desired attributes which are necessary for a delegate to demonstrate.   A final decision was made on these key qualifications for a delegate:
  • Professional,
  • Enthusiastic,
  • Knowledge of technology,
  • Critical thinking skills,
  • Assertive communication skills,
  • Forward thinking.
These attributes along with our minimum qualifications:
  • Being an active member of AHIMA and CSA,
  • Knowledgeable and
  • Experience in the HIM Profession,
  • Demonstrates Leadership and
  • Promotes Advocacy,
  • Accessible to communicate via phone and email and most importantly
  • Available and active - would all contribute to the success and ability of our 52 state CSA to recruit new delegates and mentor them for our evolving roles. 
According to Laura Pait, Speaker of the House, “We have been busy; it’s going to get busier. We have talked about important issues with our members but there’s more to do.”
MdHIMA 2015 Delegates, left to right: Tasha Green, Linda Metro, Vicki Reynolds, Tiffany Edwards, Moses Asiedu.
The Delegates are planning to attend several conference calls in the next few months and will attend the Leadership and Advocacy Symposium in Washington, DC April 4th & 5th, 2016.

Tasha Green, MS, RHIA, CHTS-TR
2015-2016 MdHIMA President

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Applications for AHIMA Appointed Volunteer Positions

You are cordially invited to lead, share, and network with AHIMA!
AHIMA Volunteers advance strategic goals, advise on best practice, and develop resources designed to advance the HIM profession. If you are interested in participating in this challenging and highly rewarding work we encourage you to review the available opportunities and apply by October 9th, 2015.
Not sure where to start? Here are a few tips to help kick start your volunteer leadership journey.
  • Visit the Engage Volunteer Center for available volunteer positions that best fit your interests, expertise, and schedule. Also available is a step-by-step guide on how to become a volunteer at AHIMA.
  • Assess your volunteer competencies by completing a quick self-assessment.
Not sure of the difference between a council, committee, or task force? These appointed positions at AHIMA all share a common purpose – to advance AHIMA Strategic Pillars of Information Governance, Informatics, Innovation, Leadership and Public Good. The difference is in the time commitment. Task Forces and ad-hoc workgroups are considered micro-volunteering, have a short-term time commitment, and are formed to fulfill a specific task. Councils require a longer time commitment and members are selected based on their subject matter expertise and experience. Committees also have a longer term time commitment and represent a specific group of membership.
Thank you for your consideration in becoming a volunteer at AHIMA. Together, with your time and talents, we will move AHIMA forward through your leadership and service. The deadline to apply is October 9, 2015. Appointments will be made in early November.
We look forward to working with you in the near future!


AHIMA Volunteer Leadership Development

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­­­­­­­­Data Quality Corner

Congratulations! We reached October 1, 2015 and ICD 10 is HERE!! 
The Data Quality committee discussed what to do post ICD 10 at our last meeting.  We posted an article to the MdHIMA website on monitoring ICD-10 data metrics by Mary Beth Hagen.  There are many good suggestions on how to track your facility’s implementation of ICD-10.  The committee discussed one of the key metrics, coder productivity and how productivity may impact the DNFB and other indicators.  During our next meeting we will discuss where people are and how everything is going with ICD 10 and we will also discuss rejections, and how payers are handling claims for all patient types.  If you see any trends or problems send them into us or join us for our next meeting.  We have instituted a call-in number for each of our meetings.  Come be a part of this historic time in our coding field and share your comments and personnel experience. 
On September 17-September 18, 2015 we also had the ICD-10 refresher course in Owings Mills.  The course was well received and the attendees learned a lot. There were some great discussions and excellent case studies were provided.
Since we are sailing through unchartered waters with ICD-10 if there are topics within ICD-10 that are rocky and making you feel off balance send them in and if there are other data topics outside of ICD-10 that peak your interest send those in as well.  We are here to help.  Don't forget to update forms with ICD-10 codes and/or language on queries and other forms. If you have any suggestions send them to me at

Brenda Watson, RHIA, CCS, CCS-P, CPC

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2015 MDHIMA Distinguished Student Awards

The Maryland Health Information Management Association presents awards to recent graduates from accredited Maryland colleges and universities each year to recognize future leaders in the HIM field. The award winners were nominated by the directors of their Health Information Management/Technology programs for demonstrating outstanding professionalism, scholarly achievements, above-average study efforts and at least a 3.0 GPA while students at their respective programs.
The winners listed below were given their Distinguished Student Award plaques during the MdHIMA Quarterly Business Meeting and Education Session on September 11, 2015, at the University of Maryland University College’s Academic Center at Largo.

We send these students best wishes for a successful career!

2015 MdHIMA Distinguished Students

Jennifer Thomas, RHIT, CCS
HIM graduate of Prince George’s Community College (Largo, MD)
Shana-Gail Reid
HIM graduate of Coppin State University (Baltimore, MD)
Jenny Utz, RHIT
HIM graduate of Montgomery College (Takoma Park, MD)
LaTasha Cooper
HIT graduate of Baltimore City Community College (Baltimore, MD)
Ami Dorn, BA, CMA (AAMA), AMT
HIM graduate of Anne Arundel Community College (Arnold, MD)
Submitted by Brad Sadri

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Updating Coding Policies and Procedures

Potentially lost in the many tasks related to the impending implementation of ICD-10 is the need to review and update your coding policies and procedures. Organizations need to have up-to-date policies and procedures as part of their coding compliance plan.
These coding policies and procedures should be used to ensure accurate and consistent coding throughout the organization and to provide coders with guidance to make sure they are following The Official Guidelines of Coding and Reporting.
While re-writing your coding policies and procedures to reflect the ICD-10 code sets, it is a great opportunity to evaluate the entire coding process and consider best practices for implementation. Also, be sure to factor in time necessary for approval of the revised policies and procedures by the HIM Director and other stakeholders within the institution.
Having the Coding Policies and Procedures fully revised and ready to go will be one less thing to worry about during ICD-10 implementation and beyond.

Mary Beth York, CCS, CCS-P, CIC
Senior Associate at Barry Libman Inc. and Libman Education

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AHIMA’s 2015 Member Appreciation Week

It’s almost that time again—when AHIMA staff has the opportunity to thank YOU, our loyal members. AHIMA’s 2015 Member Appreciation Week takes place from Monday, November 9 through Friday, November 13. The week will feature a number of activities, webinars, prizes, and more! Access to the webinar registration links, activities, and contests will be made available closer to November 9 on the week’s website. Please contact with any questions.

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Shape AHIMA's 2015 Member Appreciation Week's Word Cloud!

Member Appreciation Week (November 9–13) is coming! Look for a fun-filled week of discounts, career prep resources, and contests to thank you for your membership. You can help us prepare by submitting up to three words that describe the benefits of being an AHIMA member and a part of the HIM profession to help build a Word Cloud. Submit your words and shape the cloud—e-mail

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Health Data Analytics with Microsoft Excel Free Course worth 12 AHIMA CEU’s

MOCC (Massive Open Online Course)-The College of St. Scholastica
  • Registration will be open from October 1 - November 20, 2015
  • Course opens October 19, 2015 and all coursework must be completed by December 20, 2015
  • Each unit consists of a narrated PowerPoint® presentation and recommended readings
  • This eight-week course is self-paced and represents the equivalent of two academic credits; however, because this course is free no academic credit will be granted
  • Free 12 AHIMA CEUs, pending renewal
You will be emailed when approved. You will receive your CEU Certificate via email by January 4, 2016. To register:
What a great way to refresh your skills and save some money while earning free CEU’s!!
Christine Donahue-Taylor, RHIT, CCS

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Save The Date

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Public Relations

The Public Relations Committee is interested in being a part of HIP Week at a local school, and sharing the benefits of joining MDHIMA with the students. If you are interested in us coming to your workplace or school please email Julie at

Submitted by: Julia Brooks

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Arlene Gioia, RHIT, CCS
eNewsletter & Website Chair

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Are you looking for your CEU’s?

If you are on the roster to receive updates and CEU’s, check your email spam folder! Many emails are bounced back due to an unrecognized email address error, which occurs when your company try to control spam.

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