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Issue 31 - April 2012
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Winter Team Talks 2012
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The Minute Mentor
RHIA/RHIT Study Sessions
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President’s Message

Spring is finally here and it is a perfect time to get outside and uncover the beautiful sights and sounds that nature has to offer.  One thing each of us has to offer is to volunteer some of our precious time to better ourselves and better our HIM profession.  When you consider volunteering at the state or national level with AHIMA, consider the value this can bring to your job and employer.  Volunteering not only builds many friendships, but you also build working relationships with HIM professionals in many different work settings that might not have been possible otherwise.  As we step into the spring season, it is also a busy time for MdHIMA and volunteers are certainly appreciated and needed for us to be a success.  

The MdHIMA Annual Meeting will be held on May 3rd and May 4th at the Baltimore Convention Center.  This is our largest meeting of the year in which many volunteers help to organize.  Registration is now open, so please sign up for this not-to-be-missed event.  The annual meeting committee has done a fabulous job in preparing for the meeting and we are all very excited.  As in previous years, there will be volunteer opportunities at the MdHIMA table in the vendor area.  Please think about signing up to be part of a committee or even chair a committee for next year.  It is a rewarding experience and having an opportunity to make a positive impact can bring real value on a personal and professional level.  We need to continue to work on ensuring that those in the community and employers know the value of HIM and what we can offer and these volunteering experiences can also be a great networking opportunity.  

I want to let everyone aware of a new ad campaign that AHIMA is working on.  A print ad campaign and an award are part of AHIMA’s new initiative to raise employer awareness of the value of HIM professionals and encourage them to hire those with AHIMA credentials.  The ads will begin in April and appear in trade publications including Health Leaders, Healthcare Financial Management, Healthcare Executive, Hospital & Health News, and Modern Healthcare.  The campaign will feature eye-grabbing animals lurking in their environments and warn, “The problems you don’t see will cost you.”  The copy explains that with AHIMA-certified professionals, data integrity issues are identified quickly and properly, and features the tagline, “AHIMA: Health Information You Can Trust.”  If you want to see a version of the new ad, please view it at  AHIMA has also created an award to recognize healthcare delivery organizations.  The AHIMA Grace Award: In Recognition of Excellence in Health Information Management is named for AHIMA founder Grace Whiting Myers.  This award will honor healthcare delivery organizations that demonstrate effective and innovative approaches in using health information to deliver high quality healthcare.  Please nominate your employer if you feel you are on the cutting edge and have developed solutions that have been successful.  Applications are due June 30th and all information is found at

Winners will attend an award presentation during the Annual Convention and Exhibit in Chicago September 29-October 4, 2012.

We all have many demands on our time, and our budgets being what they are, many of us are hard-pressed to get away from work.  The more we can enjoy ourselves, our HIM profession, and others, the more we can accomplish.  I encourage each one of you to attend our Annual Meeting on May 3rd and May 4th to learn new things, discover new products and technologies, and forge a closer connection to MdHIMA and fellow members.  It is likely you will come away with a new level of enthusiasm and energy and the determination to tackle new career-related challenges.  I hope everyone has a wonderful spring!

Until next time . . .

Dina Smoker RHIA, CPC
President, MdHIMA

Vote Now!

The Nominating Committee is pleased to announce the MdHIMA Ballot for 2012–2013. Voting opened March 28, 2012 and closes April 26, 2012.

The election has started and an email has been sent to all eligible voters. If you are an eligible voter and have not received this email, please contact

  Monna Nabers, MBA, RHIA
  Laura Hoot, RHIT
  Stephanie Jordan, RHIA

  Linda Williams, RHIA
  Temera Royston, RHIA
  Jacqueline Stansfield, RHI
  Sarah Allison, RHIA
  Linda Metro, RHIA
AHIMA Nominating  Committee
  Mona Calhoun, RHIA
  Sallie Tyner, RHIT, CCS

AHIMA Hill Day 2012

Hill Day took place on March 27, 2012 on Capitol Hill.  It was an exciting time to be there supporting our HIM profession and the key initiatives AHIMA asked us to cover.  Several MdHIMA members participated and were in attendance at both Senators Benjamin Cardin and Barbara Mikulski’s offices meeting with their legislative and health policy fellows.  Our members also got the opportunity to meet with assistants in their local state representative offices and some were lucky enough to meet with their local congressman.  The two key issues that AHIMA asked the attendees to discuss with their respective senators and congressman were:
  1. Patient-Data Matching Strategy – A consistent approach is needed to securely match patients across all health information exchanges with their medical records.  This is essential in order to obtain the full benefits of health information technology and ensure patient safety and privacy while reducing costs.  The absence of a patient-data matching strategy results in duplicate records, incomplete health information, billing problems, increased fraud and abuse, and quality of care issues.  A 2008 Rand study found that 8-14 percent of all health records have patient-data mismatch errors.  The cost of correcting these errors is a healthcare cost-driver.  Currently, different solutions are being adopted and built into health information infrastructures.  These “systems” do not communicate with each other.   Since Congress has placed a clear mandate on the nation’s healthcare community for the adoption of electronic health records (EHR’s) and health information exchange (HIE) capability, a uniform strategy to match patients with their records is essential.  AHIMA members were to ask their members of congress to sign onto the Dear Colleague Letter and request a GAO Study.  Jim Moran (Virginia) and Brian Bilbray (California) are the members of Congress who are the co-leads in this initiative.
  2. ICD-10 – The message was delivered loud and clear on Capitol Hill that we need to keep the compliance date of October 1, 2013.  The longer the U.S. delays implementation of ICD-10-CM/PCS, the more healthcare data will continue to deteriorate at a time when the need for data integrity is urgent.  Accurate healthcare data is required to support other national healthcare initiatives such as quality measurement, patient safety, value based purchasing, widespread use of health information technology and interoperability.  Continued use of the outdated and broken ICD-9-CM system will increasingly have an adverse impact on the value of healthcare data including the accuracy of decision based on faulty or imprecise data.  Without ICD-10-CM/PCS, the U.S. investment in EHR’s and health data exchange will be greatly diminished.  Delay in completing the implementation will increase the cost of future implementation when more information technology will be in place that will require conversion.  Costs of delaying must be considered as well since so many healthcare organizations have already made significant capital and operational investments.

Winter Team Talks 2012

Winter Team Talks was held on Monday, March 26 at the Capital Hilton. Over 200 attendees were present as well as another 85 participated via the live webcast.  The goal of Team Talks is to get AHIMA volunteers to come together to review where we are headed as an organization and to gain resources and strategies to lead, direct, and support our organization in our volunteer role.

We started the day with some background information on how our organization works, ie, how does governance of AHIMA work based on its structure. It was explained that the primary work of the AHIMA Board of Directors, our elected leaders, is to work with AHIMA’s CEO and executive staff in order to determine:
  • Where should AHIMA be headed – and what should it become over the long run - to best serve its members and healthcare?
  • What should AHIMA be doing now and in the near term, about programs/services, market value and perception, resources, and expenditure targets?
  • How is AHIMA performing in terms of realizing its vision and mission and carrying out its strategic and operational plans?
At team talks in Oct 2011 Core values were developed to help direct our collective behavior with the identity of excellence.  Those four core values are QUALITY, INTEGRITY, RESPECT and LEADERSHIP.  During the year, the Board built a set of strategic initiatives which when grouped to spell the words “Aim Free.”  Each letter defines an initiative that is being worked on

A = Agility: become the leader in providing HIM products and services
I = Image: increase the awareness of our profession
M = Member is #1: promote our organization as the choice for the HIM industry
F = Finance: to be financially strong; to promote efficiencies and innovation
R = Research: to create a pre-eminent research foundation that keeps us in forefront of HIM
E = Education: to be a recognized leader in HIM
E = Employee Engagement: to create an environment of employee satisfaction

We then reviewed the key industry issues and associated AHIMA service lines along with the products and resources that are available to help us with our jobs.  The service lines are:
  • ICD-10
  • Meaningful Use/Electronic Health Records/Health Information Exchange
  • Consumer Education
  • Information and Data Governance
  • Clinical Data Standards
  • Privacy and Security
  • Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and Other Healthcare Delivery Models
Four of these are Key Industry issues affecting our organization – ICD-10, Meaningful Use, Consumer Education, and Data Governance.  We then had an in depth discussion on each of these four key issues, resources available to use, and products being developed to help us in these areas.

During lunch our key speaker was David S. Muntz, CHCIO, FCHIME, FHIMSS, Principal Deputy, Office of National Coordinator.  He brought us up to date on the activities in the Office of the National Coordinator, programs being developed to meet HIT initiatives and Stage 2 of Meaningful Use.

Our afternoon was spent in leadership development with Glen Tecker who is a well known speaker and trainer on leadership.  AHIMA brought Glen in last year at summer Team Talks to help us figure out how to restructure and develop our organization into a leader in the HIM/HIT industries.  He has been working with our Board and AHIMA staff during the year as well as giving these sessions to the delegates.  The session at today’s team talk centered on Dialogue and Deliberation - a critical component in decision making especially in such a large and diverse group as ours.

One of the changes that occurred as we have been working on how best to accomplish our goals was the decision to have a Speaker of the House work with the delegates.  Susan Parker was elected to that position by our members - she presented a tentative plan by having the delegates form task groups to work on issues which would then be presented to the Board for implementation.

If you’d like to have more detail on Winter Team Talks, all the presentation power points (with all the dialog) can be found on the AHIMA web site under the Community of Practices: State Leaders & House of Delegates Category: Team Talks.

Monna Nabers (Delegate), Christie Ferri (Delegate), Jacqueline Stanfield (Committee Chair), Alicia Thompson (Community College of Baltimore County Student), Patty Sheridan (AHIMA President), Dina Smoker (MdHIMA President), Tasha Green (Delegate), Sarah Allinson (Committee Chair), Tiffany Edwards (Member)

Take a look at more photos from Winter Team Talks and Hill Day 2012.

Join us for the MdHIMA Annual Meeting!

The Maryland Health Information Management Association
presents the

82nd MdHIMA Annual Meeting

Racing to the Future of Health Information

Baltimore Convention Center
Baltimore, MD
May 3-4, 2012

Click here to register.

ICD-10-CM/PCS Update
Department of Health and Human Services has proposed a one-year delay for the final compliance date for ICD-10-CM/PCS for October 1, 2014. Check out AHIMA’s E-Alert for more details.

The Minute Mentor

Last month’s edition I started an inquiry into how the PPE process for students is working, how it could work smoother, and a request for ideas on out-of-the box sites for accomplishing this very valuable rite of passage for up and coming HIM professionals.  I received some good ideas and an affirmation of what the major hurdle really is.  Hopefully, we are on our way to assessing and tweaking the system.
Linda Metro, RHIA, pointed out that many of the projects and initiatives like ICD-10, CDI, RAC and MIC audits, monitoring HAC’s and POAs, EMRs, and Meaningful Use seem to have a tighter rein on managers and supervisors energy and focus.  Ms. Metro’s organization is frequently asked from various programs throughout the year if they can take on a student.  As with many organizations, after accepting all the students they can successfully take, they have to turn others away. 
I will admit replies were few, but that’s what really shed a light on what the biggest hurdle is – Time.  Those that are and can be incredible mentors are the same people who are putting their talents to use in their very full every day routines; as they are continuously being stretched to incorporate even more duties to their schedules.  HIM is gaining more arms than a starfish on steroids and the basics of mentoring the newest fledglings of the flock are being inadvertently pushed further and further down the to-do list.  Everyone I have talked to about this issue, really and truly wants to take in as many students as they can, but they just haven’t invented the 30 hour day yet.  Maybe, perhaps, we need to change our mindset on how a PPE should look and who should be responsible for providing the whole experience. 
One idea that was given to me is to have a listing available in the members section of our website with the School/Program and number of anticipated or needed PPE placements.  This would allow everyone to see what the need is and maybe encourage all our members to look into providing a PPE opportunity.  Another thought was to have a coalition of several sites that could each provide certain aspects of the PPE.   All of the assignments would be covered, just not all in one facility.  Maybe a quick update can be made at each QBM to let everyone know what the needs are. 
Maybe a few of you feel that you really don’t have time to entertain a student for a semester, let me be the first to squash the notion that a facilitator is responsible for “entertaining” the student.  Students come with pre-determined assignments and deadlines.  They just need your help in finding the right people and areas of the facility in which to complete the assignments, many of which are observation based. Speaking with some of my fellow alumni, they didn’t expect to be entertained, but simply to be treated professionally and respectfully.  Speaking from my own experience, I think I learned the most when I was able to just soak in how the “real world” worked and what it looked like in comparison to my text books and lectures.  Practicing some of my novice skills or discussing the ins and outs of the department helped to encourage me and strengthen my confidence in knowing that I did actually learn something and could hold a somewhat intelligent conversation with someone in the field.  It also was the capstone to my decision in choosing a career in HIM.
I’d like to keep the conversation going.  Please send in any anecdotes or bits of wisdom you’d like to share about your own PPE experience or one’s you’ve facilitated to
Until next time.
Laura Hoot, RHIT

RHIA/RHIT Study Sessions

If you are interested in studying with your fellow HIM colleagues please contact Moses Asiedu for details.

Welcome New MdHIMA Members!

MdHIMA welcomes the new and transfer members into our state association! We look forward to seeing you at the upcoming events and welcome your active participation.  Please feel free to contact any of the Board members if you are interested in joining a committee or if you have questions or need information. Again, welcome!

Adria Graziano Katherine Fowler
Alanda M Nance Kathy Fox
Alexia Ferguson, MA, MHA, MBA Kim Vandine
Alicia Thomas Kimberly D Taylor
Alisha Parker Krystal M Shreve, CCA
Amanda Hunte, CPC, MSHCA, MBA Lashonda Atkinson
Angelena Eaddy Linette Hoyle
April Anderson Madeline Luht
Aquilla McKeever Margaret Hunter, PMP
Ayodeji Aladejebi Margaret Lyman
Barbara Terrell Mary Gagnon
Betty Clark Melanie Griffiths
Beverly Campbell, CRT Menbere Belayneh
Brian Luthers, BSHA Michelle I Grant, CPC,CCP-P
Caleb Odiyo Michelle R. Watson, CCS
Caren Wu Mohammed A.Q. Sikdar, CCS
Charlita Tyler Monique K Burnett, CPC, MBA
Chelsea N Cave Nancy A Mellott
Chenell Fossett Nancy Gomez
Connie Morris, MSN, CRNP, FNP-BC Nichole Saunders
Cynthia Kershner, RHIT Olusinbo Famure
David Diamond Otis Holston
Diana Sonnenberg, CPC Pamela R Carter
Donna Drummond, CPC Patricia A. Wooten, CPC
Donna J Wagner, CCS Princess John
Emelia Annum Quiana Baxter
Fana Gebremedhin Rachael Jones-Hazell
Farah Ransom Rakeeda S Wellman
Fatmata Kanu Ramatulai Sesay
Gloria J Francis Ray G Maier
Guyane Massiah Robin Martin
Helen M Farlow Sabrina Taylor
Ingrid Ngassa Sean Weiss
Jacqueline A Lipscomb Sharonne Sobers, CPC
Jamal A Philip, CCS Shawnta T Connor
James C McFarlane Sherri James, RN
Jennifer Quinn Sonja M Goss, CPC,CPC-H
Joanne Ching, RN Stephanie D Johnson
John Comeford Jr. Stephanie Wilson
Juanita Weddington Susmitha Amballa
Karen C. Fowlkes, CCS Vanessa Childs
Karen Doyle, RN Vida S Moreira
Karen McGuire Virginia Randle, CPC
Kasey M Hutchinson, CPC William E Barton, PhD

Dates to Remember

April 16-17, 2012 - 2012 ICD-10 Summit: Strategies for a Successful ICD-10-CM/PCS Transition - Baltimore Hilton

May 3-4, 2012 - MdHIMA Annual Meeting - Racing to the Future of Health Information - Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, M

May 10, 2012 -
MdHIMA Data Quality Committee Meeting – 1:30–3:30, Harbor Hospital Conference Room B
May 16–17, 2012 - AHIMA Academy for ICD-10 CM/PCS - REGISTRATION CLOSED - Tremont Plaza Hotel Baltimore
June 20–21, 2012 - AHIMA Academy for ICD-10 CM Only - Hyatt Regency Baltimore

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