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Footprints Newsletter - May 2015

Inside This Issue:

President's Message

Hello my fellow NCHIMA friends and colleagues! If you were unable to attend the NCHIMA 65th Annual Meeting in Greensboro, NC, then you missed out! This was one of our best meetings to date thanks to Eve Ellen Mandler and the Program Committee. I would like to take this moment and thank the following volunteers who made this meeting special: Lindsay Ervin, Amy Crisson, Wanda Cranford, Kathy Terry, Melissa Ward, Jennifer Holland and members of the Coding Roundtable Committee: Sarah Shaver Laird and Krystal Haynes. Our new Executive Director, Ralph Morrison, was unable to attend this meeting due to a conflict but he was essential in assisting the Program Committee and the Governance Team to ensure that we had a successful meeting. We had over 230 attendees with over 50 student members and close to 30 vendors and offered 25 CEU’s! I personally heard nothing but positive comments from the attendees on how great the agenda and speakers were this year. We encourage all attendees to complete the online evaluations for all speakers and to provide us with feedback so that we can incorporate those suggestions into our future meetings. I would also like to thank Dr. Garry Huff for all of his support this year to NCHIMA by allowing me to volunteer my time and by sponsoring the President’s Reception. I believe a good time was had by all this year!  

This has certainly been an exciting year for change for NCHIMA. The Governance Team provided our members with a very impressive “year in review” presentation at the NCHIMA Business Meeting on Wednesday, April 22nd. NCHIMA is required to submit an annual report to AHIMA by June 30th and we will share that report with our members by publishing it on our new website. The Governance Team approved new bylaws that incorporate the roles and responsibilities of the Executive Director and that will also be posted to our website within the next few weeks.

I would like to take this moment and thank all of the volunteers who supported NCHIMA another year.  Without the volunteers, the vendors, and the corporate sponsors, NCHIMA would not be a successful CSA. I am so proud to be a part of such a great group of HIM leaders and colleagues who are passionate about our profession and keeping our association strong. NCHIMA will be in great hands in July as the new Governance Team is led by Valerie Dobson, incoming President, and Sharon Easterling, incoming President Elect. I look forward to seeing what great things will be accomplished next year and seeing you all at the 66th annual meeting at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville NC!

Jolene Jarrell, RHIA, CCS
NCHIMA President 2014-2105

AHIMA Hill Day Update

2015 Leadership and Advocacy Symposium
Lisa Walters and I had the honor and privilege of representing NCHIMA at Hill Day this year in Washington, DC in March. More than 200 Delegates and Volunteers descended on Capitol Hill for this event. 

On Monday, AHIMA held the 2015 Leadership and Advocacy Symposium. The day began with an AHIMA Strategic Update by Cassi Birnbaum, the President of AHIMA. Cassi reviewed the strategic initiatives for 2015 as they related to the specific CSA’s initiatives.

Christopher Boone, PhD, Executive Director for the Health Data Consortium (HDC), gave us an update on the initiatives of the HDC as it relates to health data. He explained that health data plays a pivotal role in achieving goals of lower costs, improved quality and improved patient outcomes. The HDC is addressing the key barriers to the full utilization of health data. Christopher led a discussion on pathways to unleash the power of open health data. Recently proposed federal initiatives and changing reimbursement business models may advance the use of health data and remove barriers to improving patient health.

AHIMA’s EVP of Operations and COO, Deborah Green, RHIA, MBA, did a nice job providing an update on the progress of Information Governance (IG). This is a huge initiative for AHIMA, one not being taken lightly. Last year, AHIMA published the IG Principles for Healthcare and most recently, The Joint Commission recommended the use of the AHIMA IG Principles for Health IT planning, implementation and evaluation. Further AHIMA is holding a summit in November to further these efforts. The “Information Governance: The Value Proposition”, A Thought Leadership Summit is being held on November 12-13, 2015 in Chicago. According to Deborah, “this summit will explore new and innovative ways to gain maximum value from health data and information through IG. Gain a new vision of IG as an effective tool to address both emerging and long-standing issues preventing organizations from employing data and information as an asset, to enable improvements in care quality; reduce costs; and allow organizations to thrive in a changing environment. For more information, visit!

A lively engaging discussion followed Deborah’s IG update with regard to the HIM Profession and who should have ownership of the IG initiative in the healthcare community! The next thing we knew, we all heard a comment from a mike in the middle of the room say, “Needless to say, it would be a health information management professional! It would be you!” We all turned around and it was none other than Lynne Thomas Gordon, AHIMA’s Executive Director! So, another exciting avenue for the HIM professional to venture into!

Margarita Valdez, AHIMA’s Congressional Director in Washington, DC, gave us an update on the success of the ICD-10 Grassroots Campaign and reviewed the upcoming activities for Hill Day on Tuesday. We were given packets with information as it related to the profession, AHIMA and our talking points with the legislators. There were two primary talking points we were advocating:
  1. No ICD-10 Delay!
    1. $6.8 Billion was spent last year industry-wide because of the delay.
      1. Systems rework
      2. Colleges – Students – Retraining
      3. Policy Updates
    2. This year, it will cost Medicare $20 million, alone.
    3. CMS Testing was a success!
      1. 3% Rejection Rate –  Primarily due to clerical errors on 1-10 Claims
    4. ICD-9-CM is out of date and running out of space for new codes
    5. Without ICD-10-CM/PCS, the U.S. investment in EHR’s and health data exchange will be greatly diminished.
  2. Adopt an Unique Patient Identifier for the Health Information Exchange
    1. Frequent mismatch between patients and their clinical data is serious and a growing safety issue.
    2. A 2008 Rand study found that 8-14% of all health records have patient mismatch errors.
    3. Absence of uniform data elements result in duplicate records, incomplete and fragmented information, increased fraud, waste and abuse.
    4. Uniform data elements is absolutely essential to obtaining the full benefits of health information technology and to ensuring patient safety and privacy.
Prior to attending Hill Day, NCHIMA prepared a CSA Fact Sheet so that we could share our component state association’s information with our North Carolina legislators. We were each assigned to meet with various legislators in our state. AHIMA’s staff had made appointments for us with designated times in their offices. It was a very well planned out event.

By: Kozie V. Phibbs, MS, RHIA
NCHIMA 1st Year Delegate – Strategic Planning

HIMSS15 Convention Update

Approximately 40,000 healthcare technology professionals ascended on McCormick Place, April 12-16, 2015. It is the largest event that I attend every year and the booths in the exhibit hall seem to get bigger and bigger every year! 

There was no shortage of activities throughout the week either. With those activities are customarily big announcements: “CMS lays out vision for Stage 3 Meaningful Use.” If Robert Anthony had his choice, “It wouldn’t be called the Stage 3 meaningful use regulation,” he said at HIMSS15 on Monday. “It would be called the ‘meaningful use for everyone’ regulation.” 

"Even though we’re talking about Stage 3", said Anthony, deputy director of the quality measurement and health assessment group at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), "what we’re really talking about is what everybody will be doing – or we’re proposing that everyone will do – in 2018 and beyond."

Essentially CMS heard loud and clear that the framework for meaningful use for Stage 1 and Stage 2 was fairly complex and somewhat burdensome. Some of it was related to workflow issues because of the vast amount of what needed to measured and reported on. With Stage 3, said Anthony, “the goal was to become simpler, to get to something that was sustainable for future achievement, to focus on areas that were priorities for us as an agency, but also for us as healthcare providers and consumers: promoting health information exchange and focusing on improved outcomes.” Part of that is streamlining, eventually synchronizing on a single stage. Simplification would include moving from more than 20 objectives to a core of “eight that everyone should do, with some internal flexibility,” he said.

The Measures for Stage 3’s eight advanced use objectives:
  1. Protect electronic health information
  2. e-prescribing
  3. Clinical decision support
  4. Computerized provider order entry
  5. Patient electronic access to their data
  6. Coordination of care through patient engagement
  7. Health information exchange
  8. Public health reporting
All of them are about the movement of information to support improved healthcare.
Health organizations will have the option to report in Stage 3 criteria in 2017. They’ll be required to do so beginning in 2018, regardless of prior participation/stage of meaningful use.

By: Kozie V. Phibbs, MS, RHIA

NCHIMA Awards 2015

Each year, NCHIMA recognizes and honor’s outstanding members and volunteers within our state. Those recognized are individuals who have made a difference in the HIM profession by exemplifying the professional image of the Association and who have made significant contributions to the health information profession.

Spotlight Award – This award is given to recognize and honor outstanding members of NCHIMA who advance specific projects or initiatives that promote the interests and leadership position of NCHIMA or in the HIM Profession. This award was established in 1997.

2015 Recipients – Eve-Ellen Mandler, Vice-President/Annual Meeting Program Chair and Amanda Fox, Coordinator, Western Mountain Region

Special Regional Member – This award was established in 1995 to recognize and honor outstanding members of NCHIMA who exemplify volunteerism at the regional/sectional level upon which the association is dependent.

2015 Recipient – Susan Belanger, Treasurer, Western Foothills Region

PRISM (Volunteer of the Year) – This award was established in 1995 to recognize and honor an outstanding member of NCHIMA who exemplifies the spirit of volunteerism upon which the association is dependent.

2015 Recipient – Heather Watson, Treasurer

Mary Beth Hurst Award – Established in 1994 to recognize members of NCHIMA who have made a significant contribution to the profession by having a positive effect on others through dependable and consistent performance and whose contributions may be overshadowed because of personal humility and/or modesty.

2015 Recipient – Bobbie Murphy, Webmaster

FOSTER AWARD – The Foster Award was established in 2013 in honor of Jean T. Foster who was the state’s first advocacy liaison to partner with NCHICA. This award was established to recognize HIM professionals in NC that advocate for HIM Representation with other key stakeholders in NC. Participation is recognized as an active NCHIMA member in other state associations “fostering” advocacy, collaboration and partnership with other state associations for the advancement of Health Information.  Participation may include active membership, speaker, task force member, board member, matrix member. Etc. This award is given to an individual this year who has demonstrated knowledgeable, effective and proactive interaction with other NC State Associations and agencies for the purpose of building and growing the CSA’s advocacy operations and effectiveness within North Carolina. 

2015 Recipient – Lee Ford, NCHIMA Past-President

DISTINGUISHED MEMBER AWARD –  Established in 1984 to recognize and honor an outstanding member of NCHIMA who best exemplifies the professional image of the Association and has made significant contributions in promoting the profession through visionary leadership in key proactive areas.

2015 Recipient – Jolene Jarrell, NCHIMA President

Congratulations to each of our award recipients this year. On behalf of our membership, I thank you for your contributions to our association, our state and the HIM profession.

NCHIMA Newly Credentialed Professionals

Feb 01 2015 – May 15 2015


Jennifer Burleson 2/27/2015 CCA 
Joyce Gilman 4/1/2015 CCA 
Sandra Hilliard 5/8/2015 CCA 
Jaymie Hooley 5/4/2015 CCA 
Ymelda Lewis 4/27/2015 CCA 
Kathryn Riker 2/5/2015 CCA 
Sharon Royal 3/27/2015 CCA 
Cindy Wilkes 4/20/2015 CCA


Erin Blanton 2/14/2015 CCS
Karen Bugielski 4/3/2015 CCS
Donna Carrick 2/28/2015 CCS
Jennifer Dunst 5/8/2015 CCS
Claire Finley 3/16/2015 CCS 
Cynthia Fultz 4/25/2015 CCSC
Piper Galullo 2/19/2015 CCS
Melissa Hendry 2/28/2015 CCS 
Hirenkumar Italia 5/12/2015 CCS 
Lakeish Jones 2/21/2015 CCS 
Barbara Lancaster 2/5/2015 CCS 
Heather Lawson 3/12/2015 CCS 
Tamala Lewis 3/27/2015 CCS 
Pamela Mock 3/4/2015 CCS 
Esmeralda Ordonez 3/28/2015 CCS 
Heather Pickler 3/28/2015 CCS 
Courtney Presnell 3/7/2015 CCS 
Cassandra Shope 4/17/2015 CCS 
Deanna Warner 3/28/2015 CCS 
Jennifer Wychock 5/14/2015 CCS


Jordan Breidinger 3/12/2015 RHIA 
Denise Martin 3/7/2015 RHIA


Shannon Darity 3/26/2015 RHIT
Catherine Dockery 3/28/2015 RHIT 
Kelsey Ferguson 2/20/2015 RHIT 
Martha Harrington 2/5/2015 RHIT 
Dominic Joseph 3/12/2015 RHIT 
Barbara Kelly 4/29/2015 RHIT 
Everine Lafond-Favieres 3/26/2015 RHIT 
Kristie Lynch 4/1/2015 RHIT 
Britainy McDorman 4/11/2015 RHIT 
Donna Miller 2/12/2015 RHIT 
Wendy Miller 4/2/2015 RHIT
Nicky Smyre 2/16/2015 RHIT
Rejeana Stephens 2/28/2015 RHIT 
Heather Sullivan 3/24/2015 RHIT 
Julia Thomas 3/7/2015 RHIT 
Chelsea Waters 2/7/2015 RHIT


Angela Buchanan 2/25/2015 CCS-P 
Linda McGoldrick 5/2/2015 CCS-P


Allison Goland-Schlussel 5/6/2015 CDIP 
Kimberly Harrison 3/2/2015 CDIP 
Hirenkumar Italia 3/23/2015 CDIP 
Deborah Johnson 2/28/2015 CDIP 
Mary May 2/6/2015 CDIP 
Rose Vespi 4/20/2015 CDIP
Thomas Wylam 3/19/2015 CDIP
Bobbie and Val - Mary Beth Hurst Award 2015
Distinguished Member Award 2015
Eve-Ellen Mandler Spotlight Award
Heather and Val - PRISM Award 2015
Installation of Officers
Jolene Distinguished Member Award 2015
Lee Ford Foster Award 2015
President handing over gavel 2015
President's Speech
Valerie and Sharon President and President-Elect 2015-2016
Valerie President Elect's Speech

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