Why choose home birth?
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October 2014 Home Birth Handbook Newsletter

Why did you choose home birth? This is one of my favorite questions to ask women as I collect interviews for The Home Birth Handbook: Practical Advice, Inspiration, and Everything Else You Need to Know When Planning a Home Birth. Here are answers from some of the women I’ve had the opportunity to interview so far:
"I felt like if I went to the hospital my power would be taken away, my voice would not be heard. I had a home birth because I wanted to feel my power through the experience."
"My twin pregnancy would have been considered high risk at the birth center. I felt like I was being fast tracked to a C- section due to hospital policies."
"The first time I heard of home birth, it seemed to me to be totally normal. I was just like, "That’s what I would do." I was drawn to the naturalness of it and the spirituality of it."
"I had my first baby in a hospital, and there was a lot of intervention, including an unnecessary induction. About a year after that, I learned there are alternatives to hospital birth. When I was pregnant with my second child, my daughter was diagnosed with leukemia, and I realized the hospital is a place for sick people and this is not where I want to be if I want to have a happy, healthy newborn coming into the world."
"I hate hospitals."

"My mother had given birth to my younger brother at home. She’s always been an advocate for natural birth and home birth. I felt like I wanted to have a home birth but my husband wasn’t entirely convinced the first time around. The birth ended up being really stressful. Because my son wasn't full term, the nurses wanted to take him away from me and do all these standard tests. With my second I started to have anxiety attacks around 28 weeks. I was like, ‘I can’t go back to the hospital.'  I made my husband watch "The Business of Being Born" because I didn’t know what else do to. He was sold, so at 36 weeks we switched to a home birth midwife."

In June, I gave birth to a healthy 9 lb. 6 oz. baby girl at home. This experience was awesome. You can my birth story here. While my second home birth reaffirmed my enthusiasm for home birth, adding a newborn to our household made it very difficult (read: impossible!) for me to work on the book. Life is settling back into a rhythm and I am elated  to report that I am back at it again (that is, with big-time support from my husband).
I am still conducting interviews with home birth moms, midwives, doulas, and partners. My goal is to talk to at least one person in every state. If you know anyone outside of Rhode Island, Maine, Colorado, Michigan, or Illinois who might be interested in chatting with me, please feel free to pass on contact information:
I am so grateful for your support of the creation of The Home Birth Handbook.

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