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Summer School on Leadership and Governance in a Multilevel Europe: Empowering the Local Level

Barcelona, 6-10 June 2016  • Find out more

Poor local-level government administrative skills has been detected by the European Commission as one of the main reasons for poor absorption of EU funds. 

Barcelona is hosting a comprehensive summer school programme which will give its participants the ability to react to today’s challenges by enhancing their leadership skills and by giving them the capacity to effectively deploy EU funds. The course, delivered against a backdrop of multilevel governance and the Commission’s new programming period, is focused around the four main principles of good governance: administrative capacity building; citizen engagement and better communication; transparency and accountability; and working in partnership with key stakeholders.


Summer School on EU Economic Integration and Local & Regional Development

Barcelona, 27 June - 1 July 2016 • Find out more

Over the course of this Summer School the main aspects and challenges of economic integration, the aftermath of the financial crisis, and regional and urban development strategies will be discussed and analysed using real life business cases. 

Additionally, the way in which territories can steer their own economic destiny and boost growth through dedicated policies and drivers, while at the same time enhancing territorial cohesion and making smart use of the available EU supportive resources will be illustrated. This will be achieved again by using examples – in particular, results-orientated good practices that make use of different EU funds. This practical and interactive programme will conclude with an examination of seven steps to achieve public management excellence as a basis for territories’ competitiveness and success.


Summer School on EU Law and its Implementation

Luxembourg, 27 June - 8 July 2016 • Find out more

Join colleagues from EU Institutions and national administration from all over Europe for this two-week course which is divided into three parts:

The course first provides a comprehensive overview of the constitutional organisation of the European Union, including the fundamental principles on which the Union is funded (5 days). Secondly, it offers an overview of specific policy areas (2 days). Lastly, it a) introduces a practical overview of the implementation of EU law at the EU level (comitology) and by the Member States and the consequences thereof for the EU Member States in terms of administrative capacities and human resources and b) updates participants on current development affecting the EU today (3 days).


Managing the EU Policy Cycle: A Comprehensive 4-Day Course on EU Decision-Making in Practice

Maastricht, 5-8 July 2016  • Find out more

This year’s summer edition of EIPA’s regular course on the EU policy cycle will bring you up to date on the implementation of the Better Regulation package introduced by the Juncker Commission in 2015, including the new inter-institutional agreement negotiated in late 2015 as well as on other issues in inter-institutional relations which will affect the work of all those concerned with EU affairs.



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