Follow-up Seminar
Starting Implementation of the Home Affairs Funds
Organisational and Procedural Challenges–Best Practices
Maastricht, 2-3 February 2015


European Institute of
Public Administration

Following up on the policy dialogues and the adoption of the legal framework (Regulations establishing the Funds and Implementing and Delegating Acts), the national programmes are being assessed or approved by the Commission. They offer the legal basis for the national expenditure according to the specified priorities. 

This two-day advanced seminar will particularly focus on the processes, procedures, structures, tools and mechanisms required in section 6 of the National Programme (Implementing Regulation No 802/2014 establishing models for national programmes) and in the implementation reports (Implementing Regulation No 799/2014 establishing models for annual and final implementation reports). In particular, special attention will be granted to: a) the challenges in setting and composing monitoring committees; b) arrangements and difficulties in the context of monitoring and evaluation processes; c) mechanisms and actions which ensure coordination and complementarity with other EU funding programmes; and d) methodologies as regards publicity and partnership building.

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