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March Story -  Brother Spring

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developing stories in the certificate puppetry training 

New Certificate Puppetry Training Begins June 28 - July 10
Santa Cruz, CA location!  
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'Old Gnome Through The Year'
12 Adventures - One For Each Month Of The Year
plus Needle-Felting Instructions for Making Old Gnome Table Puppet!
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Time to order 'Spring Tales' for Early Childhood
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Wonderful Spring Finger Puppet Kit
Mama Birds and Babies in a Nest
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New - Certificate Puppetry Training 2014/15
West Coast 
Location Santa Cruz, CA
Part one (of 3) begins June 28 - July 10
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In the puppet training we begin with the simple finger puppet,
bringing artistry and therapeutic insights into each project.

Event  Highlights !!! Coming Soon

March 29,30  Tucson, AZ, Regional Workshop
Therapeutic Puppetry Tool Box - Protection Stories
and the Sense of Well Being (Life) 
Open to All!
Information available HERE  All Welcome!
Contact for info.

April 12,13 Kelowna BC
Regional ECE Puppetry Workshop

Theme Mother Earth and bulb babies 
 The Art of the Rod Puppet Workshop     All Welcome

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Events for March, April, May

March  14-16   Language - Building our Humanness
Speech Development and Puppetry -
A LifeWays California Retreat Workshop - FULL

March 29,30 - Tucson AZ   Regional ECE Workshop
Therapeutic Puppetry Tool Box - Protection Stories
and the Sense of Well Being (Life)
Open to All!

contact for information

April 12,13- Kelowna BC  Regional ECE Workshop
Mother Earth and bulb babies Rod Puppet
Parent school morning Workshop too!

April  22-26   Keene, NH  Part 2 Certificate Puppetry Training
Therapeutic Theme - FULL

May 3,4  Minneapolis MINN - Regional ECE Puppet Workshop
Therapeutic Tools of the Trade - Protection Stories
Parent school morning Workshop too!

May 8,9,10  - Milwaukee WI - ECE Regional Workshop
The Wise Grandmother Rod Puppet - A LifeWays
Deepening Weekend - all welcome
Contact: Mary -

Planning Ahead Events Summer

June 2014  - Alaska Regional ECE puppetry workshop
a 5 day immersion in puppet theater for early childhood

June 28 - July 10 New Series Begins
Certificate Puppetry Training 

Santa Cruz, CA -  Part 1 - Theme pedagogical puppetry

July 24 - August 5  -  Certificate Puppetry Training Part 3
Keene NH - FULL

theme  - Artistic Puppetry Fairy Tales and Marionette Theater

for information and registration.

(Keep your eye on this monthly newsletter, as I will be adding new workshops
and weekend courses)

March Story - Brother Spring
generously adapted from an Ojibwe Legend

Father Winter sat in his snow castle down by a frozen stream.
It had been a long, snowy, cold winter, but now the air was 
not as cold, and the fire in the fire pit was low.  He was very old 
and quite tired.  He had worked hard all winter.  He had had many 
adventures blowing cold, ice, and snow over the lands near and far.

Father Winter sat and remembered all the beauty of snowflakes 
twinkling in the sunlight and moon light of the past cold months.  
He closed his eyes for a moment, and fell asleep.

He was awakened by a knock on the door.  It was a young man,
handsome, with rosy cheeks and sparkling eyes.  It was Brother 

'Ah, dear friend,' said Father Winter.  'At last you have come.  I 
am ready to rest.'

Brother Spring smiled and walked out into the last of winter.  He
breathed warmth over the land.  Snow melted and grass became green.  
Flowers began to grow in the green grassy meadows and along the
woodland paths.

Father Winter watched and said, 'when I breathe over the world, snow 
covers the earth, leaves fall from trees, birds fly to far away lands, and 
animals hide from the cold.  People wear coats and hats and boots.
Mittens cover their hands to keep them warm.

Brother Spring laughed and shook his blonde curly hair.  'When I
walk the pathways, warm rain falls softly on the earth, flowers lift their
heads to drink, grass and moss grow thick, and leaves return to the trees.'

'Spring is coming,
Spring is coming!'

Brother Spring sang out the news.

Birds returned from the south lands, icy streams melted and the waters

Nature rejoiced!

And people opened their windows, and came outside to feel the warm
sun on their faces.  'It is time to garden', they said to one another.  
Children ran and played in the fields.

The two friends shared their tales of wonder.  And as they did, the sun
rose warmer in the sky.  

'It is time for me to  say goodbye dear Brother Spring,' said Father Winter 
with a deep bow.  He walked along the bubbling stream, over the meadows
and into the woods, returning to his place of rest.  Next winter he would return

'Good bye Father Winter, good bye!' called out Brother Spring. 'Springtime
is here to stay!'

Brother Spring set off to do his work, to welcome spring all over the land.  
Everywhere he walked flowers bloomed, birds sang, and little bunnies 
hopped in the meadows.

the end

Thank you all for your support!

I love to hear from each and everyone of you, please feel free to contact me anytime
with questions about my courses, suggestions, ideas, and of course anything puppets!

Best Wishes,

Suzanne Down
Juniper Tree School of Story and Puppetry Arts



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