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JUNE Story - An Elfin Land
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Announcing:  NEW
Summer Tales for Young Children

A collection of sweet and delightful stories for 
early childhood - this book completes the four 
seasons of resource books we offer!  Yay!

$20 plus post - CLICK HERE TO ORDER

The Art of the Finger Puppet

This wonderful and practical resource book
for early childhood teachers and parents has over 80
patterns for animal finger puppets, instructions, poem stories
for each animal, and presentation ideas for each poem.  There  are forest, pond, and farm section with wonderful summertime possibilities especially when you make baby animals to go with the mamas.  Cows and calf, pig and piglet, bird and baby bird, etc.  Super beginner and advanced puppet resource!
$25 plus post  CLICK HERE to order!

Old Gnome Through The Year - 12 Delightful Monthly Tales  for 3-8 yrs.  Old Gnome is busy this summer:  June - Old Gnome's Full Moon Fairy Ring, July - Old Gnome and the Starfish,  August - Old Gnome's Fishing Pond. - $20 plus post - includes instructions for making the Old Gnome puppet


Summer Trainings - JOIN US!

Southwest Regional 5 day Puppetry Boot Camp!
an intensive very practical puppetry course !!! Professional Development Credit Available

June 24-28  2016  held in Boulder CO

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The Certificate Puppetry Training Course - Boulder, CO - Going Deeper!
Our 21st group!  this in-depth training begins July 11-22 2016

Taking Applications Now
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July 1-4 San Francisco 
'A Year of Writing' - Walkabout Tales Group California
Our Final Gathering!!

June 11 'A Year of Writing' Walkabout Tales Regional Colorado Group - ongoing

walkabout writing children's stories at the lake

Coming in September 2016
New Series Begins - Colorado Regional Walkabout Tales - A Year of Writing Children's Tales Inspired by Nature

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a poem story for summer

I went walking one summer day,
What did I see along the way?
A wee little elf who called 'follow me',
Right to the door at the base of a tree.
Lo and behold I turned very small,
And through that door was a room so tall,
With stairs that spiraled up to the top.
I started to climb but the elf said 'Stop'!
'Promise to never tell what you see,
This is the home where the tree elves be'.
I nodded my promise so seriously,
Together we climbed up mysteriously.
A room at the top had candles galore,
Elves were a'dancing on a corkwood floor.
They sang hurray for the summer day,
Tree elves ready for their work and play.
I watched with my head, my heart, and my hand,
This most wondrous world of the good elfin land.
Never again did I see such a sight,
and I kept that secret with all my might!


(written as a warm up exercise from our Walkabout Tales group)




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